The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


14. Attacked

I wake up to see Pal gone I look around "Pal where are you?!" Then I hear foot steps I growl"who is there" and I load a arrow in my bow "show your self!"

Jaws comes out of the water holding Pal "Hello Mew" he smirks.

I growl loudly  "who are you  let Pal go!"

"Why should I?"

I growl  louder "because I will shoot this arrow at you if you don't"

"Do that!"

I growl a lot louder "I will!!!" I aim the arrow at Jaws then  I release the arrow it hit Jaws but nothing happens no sound of pain or anything?!

Jaws laughs "Is that the best you  can do even Flame does better than that!!" I growl even louder "where is Flame?!!!"

Jaws laughs "somewhere you will never find him!"

 "Don't worry about me save flame!!" "

"But Pal!!!" 

"Just do it Mew!!"

Jaws smirks " you will have to get past me first". Jaws thinks to him self the plan is working just as we planed now to go easy on her.

"Ok Jaws  you ready or  are you just going to let me past?!"Jaws puts out his tail I jump over it and run off to save Flame I keep thinking to myself Pal will be ok I need to save Flame I jump over some logs "Flame I'm coming don't worry!" I think to myself    were could he be maybe under ground I dig as fast as I can but it is getting near when I should to sleep I cover the hole with leaves so no one sees it I curl up in a bush and sigh "stay safe Pal stay strong I will save you too!" I sigh again and think to myself I need to get to sleep I yawn and fall asleep meanwhile Pal is put in a trap in a cave I am being watched and it starts to rain for no reason the bush gets wet I wake up and "oh crud!" I run in to a tree but the tree turns black "whoa!?" I fall out of the tree on to the floor I shiver"this is nnnnnnot nonnnormal rain!" I feel myself getting weaker I shiver more and howl for help. I hide in a log and shiver more the log turns black "oh no!" I start breathing heavily I run in to a log covered by a bush and fall alsleep again. 

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