The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


13. Adopting and water ninjas plan starts working

"so Pal where is the pet shop?"

"It's just over here come on" we walk through the  door but someone comes up to me and says "Mum look a uppie can I have it please" I think oh crud Pal nudges me "just walk away or turn human Mew."

"But I can't can I?"

Pal sighs and nods "you should be able to by now all real wolves can."

I sigh "if  you think so" I turn human I'm wearing a fire mask,my backpack,black and white hoodie and I have brown hair but I'm holding my arrows  so I quickly get out a book.

 "ok  your a baby human  still bad just don't act cute!"

I nod and walk up to the puffle shop owner and say in  baby penguin talk "mister can I adopt this uffle tanks" (mister can I adopt this puffle thanks in human/wolf talk.)

 "sure that would be 800 coins". Pal quickly hands me the money then we talk for a bit about how to care for Pal meanwhile the Water Ninjas are tracking us down!

Dark Flood says "ugh she has ecaped Hunter keep a eye on her!"

Hunter nods "yes sir I will get my pet crocodile Jaws to watch her so we can do the plan."

 Water Sensei says "ok rember the plan no one is there so let's begin". They sneak into the fire dojo and flood it!

 "Ok that's part one of the plan now we just need to wait".

Back at the pet shop "ok tanks for the help" (tanks is thanks) we  then run out of the pet shop to the forest and turn back I get my

 arrows back out and smile "that was easy" then I  Hug Pal. Pal smiles "I love you Mew."

"I love you too Pal" "it's night time now Pal lets get some sleep" I curl up and Pal sleeps next to me.

Meanwhile Hunter says "found her you know what to do Jaws".

Jaws smiles "lets kill a Wolf and a Puffle!" 

"Good job Jaws now attack them in there sleep they should be asleep by now."

Jaws laughs "I will" then walks to the forest.

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