Dont let me go dont let those demons win

It's been years since I've last felt happy about me self . I walked into my bathroom and shocked to see a girl standing in front of me. She looked sad, scared and broken. Scars covered her arms and you can practically see her struggle through her life. I soon came to realization, that girl was me


1. Intro not chapter 1 :p


Hi I'm Angela I'm 17 years old and I'm in the twelfth. I cut . I'm fat . I'm ugly . I'm worthless . I'm me .Everyone tHinkd I'm the ne who is always happy but n the inside , im dying . I've been abused my wole life. I've bien bullied for since the third grade and I've been cutting since the 7th grade .Iwant it to be normal again like it was in the past few years I use to have a best friend but we grew apart . Now The only persons that helped, helps me get through this they don't know me an there are five boys . They're Niall,Liam,Louis,Harry, Zayn. Yeah I know it's corny but I love them . To they might be gay ugly worthless but to me there m hero's. they will always have apiece of my heart just for them



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