Dont let me go dont let those demons win

It's been years since I've last felt happy about me self . I walked into my bathroom and shocked to see a girl standing in front of me. She looked sad, scared and broken. Scars covered her arms and you can practically see her struggle through her life. I soon came to realization, that girl was me


10. Chapter 9 the call part 2

Angela's prov  
I was waiting out side with my art panting it wasnt to big nor to small 
But kids were screaming at me
Hay who are you waiting for 
I bet a hundred for no one 
Hay worthless bitch 
Why so lonely brick 
Hay are you waiting for your freinds o wait she dosent have any 
I was just waiting till they get here I hope they come. Soon I'm to tired from the beating I got this morning so I sat down.but I was just to. Beaten up and I think I fell asleep 

Liam's prov :"
Niall stay calm were almost there just a few 
No come on cant we go any faster 
Zayn harry calm him down,hold on to him
NO!NO!dont you dare hold me down lads 
We won't niall if you just stay still okay 
Okay zayn because I like you and  you asked nicely

*Few mins later*
Hey niall were did she say she was going be 
in the entrance why because I don't see her 
Wait theirs a girl in the entrance 

Niall's prov 
Wait theirs a girl in the entrance  that's was I all I could say before I was out of the door of the car. It was her lying down in the ground asleep why I painting and her face was red not of the hotness but from something else I think they did it again 
Hay guys it's her 
All of the started to run over 
Niall what happen to her I heard from Louis and zayn 
She gets beaten everyday by her bullies 
Wake her up so we could get her some were safe harry told me 
Gels gels wake up its me niall
She started to wake up but she looked scared like she thought I ,we were her bully's 
Ni it's you she hugged me I didn't think she was so relieved to see me 
It's me gels its me 
She got up and as surprised to see the rest of the boys with me 
Hay guys that's when she got a little scared agin  
Angela why were you sleeping in the entrance of your school Louis was asking her
I got beaten up agin I was to tired so I sat down and that's when I fell asleep I guess
Come here let's take you home 
NO!please don't 
Why not were going to take you to your parents harry and zayn said at the same time
No please 
Come on gels I will take you
Angels prov 
O-okay an guys thanks for caring so much I fell so loved 
You welcome all together they said 
Hay gels why is there a big painting  
O the painting  a -um art class 
It's really god but why  so dark and only  at the end  theres light 
It's because um because um  I was getting reallysd  nerves should I tell them the truth or a lie 
Might as well tell the the truth 
 B-because The girl In the  painting  she's walking in the woods everything was dark but at the end she could see light.The  girl looked broken .you  I know who that was it was me everything  thats in the drawing  until  Niall  and you guys came  ,and every thing turn out much better than what I could have been.all of you are really special to me because you the only friends I have .
When I finished they gave me group a hug  and the first on to be there was niall 
I love him not only do I know him from the band but I know him in person 
 Gels lets take You home okay  we're do you live just a  block a way not that far 
Okay come on get in the car 
No I can walk its alright 
No come on 
Let me help you with the painting zayn was being so nice, all of them actually 
No it's aright 
No come on I will help you  he helped me with my painting I got in the car and spend the rest of ride in peace 






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