Dont let me go dont let those demons win

It's been years since I've last felt happy about me self . I walked into my bathroom and shocked to see a girl standing in front of me. She looked sad, scared and broken. Scars covered her arms and you can practically see her struggle through her life. I soon came to realization, that girl was me


7. Chapter 6 new people

I was just standing there right behind Niall i  couldn't move I was just to scared. I thought they were. Going to hurt me.  I started to hear  people getting closer and closer . Niall started to talk to the. 
Guys come on I want. You to meet her she's not like other girl.shes. Different come on. I don want her to keep waiting,i don't  want you to act weird or make  Angela uncomfortable.I heard that  i was going to meet all of them, but why would I feel uncomfortable with them I'm shy at first but once I trust you , you will never low what happen to that shy gurl. I was just sitting down when Niall came in with the rest of the guys 
'Angela I think you know who they are right ' 
I just nodded I don't want the to think I'm weird.
Okay so. I just want them to like me to be friends with me I don't care if there famous  their just like me .i just want some one to treat me like me to like me for once to not just all me names to hit me. I want someone to love me for me. May be today is a good day I will try not to be so weird. Niall Liam and harry left leaving me with zayn and Louis sitting down 
"H-hi I-I'm Angela or like niall like to call me gels" I was smiling I did fell scared around them I like the felling it good 
O hi Angela I'm zayn
Hi I'm Louis 
So you are the reason Niall  left so early zayn said "I-I-I think"

~~~~~~Liam's prov~~~~~~~~~~

  Okay so liam, and harry come I want you to help me with some thing,and Louis and zayn can you make company to Angela please 
"Yeah niall we will" both   Zayn and Louis said.


Okay niall I what do you want us to help you?
Um can you help me to um um trust in more.
You want her to trust you niall. Harry said 
Yes I do she's all alone she dosent have freinds I'm the only one that cares about her.the first time I met her she was hurt really bad she got beaten up during school .i asked her if I could help her. But she just told me to take her home. I just want her to know she's to alone that's why brought her here to get more friends, or to just for get what happens at school ,I just want hr to feel like or once."
Niall got finished I couldn't believe what I just heard did angel get more hurt than what she sould be or dose it only happen in school or at home to.


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