Dont let me go dont let those demons win

It's been years since I've last felt happy about me self . I walked into my bathroom and shocked to see a girl standing in front of me. She looked sad, scared and broken. Scars covered her arms and you can practically see her struggle through her life. I soon came to realization, that girl was me


18. Chapter 17 let's talk

;-;-;-;-;-;Zayn's prov;-;-;-;-;
Why would they do that to her That's all he Was thinking he wasnt even paying attention to the movie. Why a question that every one would ask If they didnt know her. But the question is why would ñ tome Person protect her. Why would te the tu step up for her. He got of his Day dreaming uh um what.
Z all you alright . Yes im just thinking.well we could leave and go forma Walk in the park there is clase to here . There is?yes silly i Love here remeber.
O yeah sorry.come on then let me tell ni to tell the rest to not sorry Okay .okay.
She turn to ni and told them he look es at me and i told him would not let her go to stay calm and to not worry. Okay com Z lets go for a Walk .Wait let me put no my hoodie and glasses okayy .yeah 
They made there way out of the cinema and srtatred to Walk to the park they got there and its All alone That's good 
Why do you let them do this to you 
I cant stop it i cant tell none beca use they Will hurt me moré than they all ready do .
You cant stay quiet Ann 
You have to fight back tell them your not alone. 
I have but they know i dont have a home in school .
Ann loke at me i Will not stop till Your safe .it dosent mater If i have to take you back to lo don and live with me and the lads If not with me but niall or the others but your going to be safe.
Z can i tell you something first i need to finísima school i only have Two months and i could go im 18 so i can go and not be help back, dont Get to down im going to leave this Hell of a place . 
Really Ann you Want to leave
Yes i really do 
I have a Little bit of bad Newsweek 
And that is 
We have to leave and Get no tour agian 
Its Okay now i have. To Get finish with school but could You promise me something 
Any Thingy Ann 
Will you be here when i gradúate 
Of course love we will all be here okay 
Okay we said hugging each other 
No let's go to the hotel because I don't know we're to go yet. And I hope the lads know we're to go 
They will niall is with them so he has to know 
he knows because that's the one of the first places we talked 
Are you two going out 
Noo silly 
Then Why would he kiss you 
He likes you dosent he 
Do you to 
yes but Im scared he might hurt my feelings 
Why would he hurt you he wouldn't 
Okay but I'm still scared 
It's okay you will because the person that has been hurt so many times that when one person is nice he or she will be scared or tell them to leave just like you did when we first saw your scars 
Thanks z I love you 
I love you to bug now let's go in side 
We both talked till we got to the front desk 
Hay Mary 
Has the other boys came yeah I gave them there keys but Niall he said to give you an extra key for you 
Yeah that's the plan and here is the last key 
Thank you what floor is it 
It's the sixth floor 
Thank you 

*-*-*-*Angela's prov;*-*-*-*
And wha room is mine in Mary
Hay Angela 
Do like Niall 
Yes I really do 
We'll good luck I hope he feels the same 
Thanks but he dose 
Aww okay go on don't let him waiting but wait what are there names 
Okay this guy here is zayn . The guy other guy with blue eyes is Louis,the one with curly hair is Harry and the last guy is Liam and you know Niall so that's it 
Thanks Angela for the help no thak you for the rooms love you Mary 
lobe you to bug bye
o yeah bye 
and good luck
what the good luck Ann 
um she now's about no and me ooo Ann wants nini 
noo I don't 
o yes you do bug 
okay okay 
yes I win you ha
you little bug he said getting me in a hug I have never felt so much love .I'm so lucky to have all of them were here Ann come on I'm tiered I want to go to sleep 
okay come on what door did you get 
30 and you 
28 just like my birth date 
cool have a good one 
no come here love so o got closer to him and he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek 
good night I said giving him one to love you bug no go on I bet everyone is asleep
yeah I bet now 
I started to.walk my room 
niall was asleep he had a pillow between him and were I was going to.sleep.I got out some shorts and put them on and went to bed I got the pillow and on the ground and went to sleep 
so here it is I hope y'all enjoy just as I said love you all and can you please 
and tell a friend I don't care but I love all the persons that read this shit of a book bye love jaze

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