Dont let me go dont let those demons win

It's been years since I've last felt happy about me self . I walked into my bathroom and shocked to see a girl standing in front of me. She looked sad, scared and broken. Scars covered her arms and you can practically see her struggle through her life. I soon came to realization, that girl was me


15. Chapter 14 the girl of the scars

Guys lets go out the the shops 
Come on I will tell you later 
No at least tell me Niall
Okay come over 
Liam got up from where he was sitting and went to Niall."tell me." The blond hair boy got closer and told him gels doesn't have any clothes. She just has a small wardrobe and she thinks were not her friends.that blond boy backs away and looks straight at the brown haired boy,Come on let's make her fell we like her that we do care come on lili please .okay Niall lets go get her. Angela's, gels , and Angie's were screamed every were.but when they got to the room were they were heading.they were not waiting to see what was there 

:.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:Angela's prov:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:
Ni just left I think to tell the boys about going shopping. I'm going  to take this time to change .i put my pants and short sleeve.but when I was going to put on my cardigan I say all the boys. No,no not yet I didn't want them to know .the first thing I do is try to cover my arms .i couldn't take it I started to cry the only people that thought that I was normal,there going to leave me.
G-Gels come here 
No ,I can't get more attached to you I can't .i can't take that ,I..especially when your going to leave me for what you have seen, I just can't. 
No, Angela were not going to leave were going to help you let's see them 
No ,Liam you are , i know you are ,every one dose they leave the broken girl. But I know you won't love the girl with the scars that's why I never said anything.
Liam started to hug me I couldn't take this I just need to be alone with some one , I need to talk to some one. 'Angela if you want you can talk to me or any of the boys.' "Li can I ,like r-right now,please." 'Yes, guys can you leave for a few .'  Niall got closer and hold my face he went down and kissed me. Gels I love you ,even if your the girl with the scares I still love you.and he just walked out .the boys stood there shocked ,like me . 
W-we should leave. We will be down in a min lads .okay see you. Angela what do you want to talk to. Lili can I tell you something. Keep on going love. What just happened?

:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:Liam's prov-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:
  What just happened?
I think Niall just told you his feelings. Can I tell you something els? You can tell me anything.okay ,I think I like Ni back the same way he does to me.but why don't you tell him, he feels the same way for you . I'm scared . Don't be he will take care of you, you know that when the first time we were going to come they didn't let us he wanted to punch a wall. Really lili . Yes but I know that right know he's sad and upset because you do this.i said holding her arm is their any more. Y-yes let me see can i go put some shorts.
Okay. She went got her some shorts and went to the loo. She came out and she had tears. Don't cry Angie , it's going to be okay. I just can't do this please don't make me. Yes you can,I just need to see how bad it is,okay .Okay. She started to show me her thighs. I couldn't take it I started to tear . Liam no don't cry,I'm going to stop I'm going to just for all of y'all.
You do need to stop Angela you need to stop if you every feel like doing this  just come to me, you can trust me okay. Okay . Niall might want to see them to ,and the rest of the. Guys. It's okay I will learn how to live with it, but you really think I should tell Ni I like him back. It would make him feel good because you feel the same way. I'm going to tell him. Okay let's go down.okay I got my arm an put it around her shoulder, and walked out the door she didn't change that made me so proud because she's no t trying to hide them no more.
Both of them went down the stairs and got to the room the boys were at.

/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/Niall's pov/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
What did I just do. Why did I kiss her.what if she doesn't feel he same.and why would she do that to herself.i couldn't take it I was crying . Why would she do this to herself. Why would gels have gone throw to do this.i need to se if theirs any more I need to see.
Nialler come out 
No zayn just leave me alone 
No niall open this door 
Ni can you open the door 
Gels it's gels her sweet voice I can't look at her now . At least not now.
Please Ni I need to talk to you.please.
I got out of the tub (Yes I'm in the loo or the rest room have it your way. ) and open the door. She got in closed the door.
Ni can I tell you some thing.
I um you would still like the girl with the scars 
Because I would like the boy with the ocean blue eyes to
She didn't mean me right.
You would 
I got up from we're i was and kissed her it felt good ,nice, special. I wish this as never over put I caught up she's wearing shorts I have never seen her in shorts.
Niall I want to show you something
Okay show me.she got up and lifted her shorts so I could se her thighs they were filled with scars. Gels.come here.she just couldn't take it she has showed me and maybe Liam .i guess it's to much for her . Ni. Yes love are we still going shopping? I don't know want to I really don't care but its been i long day in the same house the same four walls lets at least go some were I can't stand being in this house. But why if its your home. I can't tell you just yet, I'm so sorry that's one of me biggest secrets. It's okay ,when you ready. Want to leave come on. Before we walk out the restroom I gave her a kiss which she responded I just Need to make her my girlfriend. We walk out to see all the lads sitting outside were all of you listening . In a way. Do you want to go out still yeah let's get out of here. But can I first change. But why you look beautiful. It Liam help or just tell them I can't do it again .Again! Yes again. Guys Angela has some more on h-her thighs
What. No. Annie. Zayn was the first on to hug her and said can you show us. She just nodded her head, and lifted the shorts . Harry just gave out he fail on he's knees. Louis just teared up. Zayn was upset he hugged Angela and cried a bit but not as much as Louis. 

'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' Harry's pov.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'          
My knees just gave out someone can't be that hurt can or can they.i just. Couldn't see the reason why I couldn't see how much hurt Niall and Liam could I do ,ow I can now i will help but first I need to let all of this out. I started to crying until I felt some one it was Angela she just hugged me."don't cry Im going to stop but I need y'all to be strong." I couldn't I just hugged her and she hugged me back. Ann can you please promise me something.   Anything. Will you stop . I'm going to try. Really.  I said looking up at her for the first time. yes but I want you to stop crying. Okay I said wiping the tears of my face a standing up. Lou was t still crying I mean sobbing  and  Zayn he just tearing up again. I started to walk over to Lou but Angela told me she would get him she just got right be said him and starting to whisper into his ear. I don't know what she was told him but he stopped you could just hear  his hiccups

._._._._._._._._Louis pov _._._._._._._._._.
 I could not believe it Angela . Why Angela ,she's to sweet quiet girl. How come did she have to go throw this. I never wanted this to happen. Why would her parents not notices. And talking about her parents were are they. I was still cry well sobbing, until Angela came and said dont cry I'm know you and everyone wants me to stop so I'm going to stop just for you and the rest,okay. Okay but promise me that you will tell me anything. O-okay  she started to hug me ,she grabbed zayn and said group hug but someone stopped us, her parents.  

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