Dont let me go dont let those demons win

It's been years since I've last felt happy about me self . I walked into my bathroom and shocked to see a girl standing in front of me. She looked sad, scared and broken. Scars covered her arms and you can practically see her struggle through her life. I soon came to realization, that girl was me


14. Chapter 13 why

I woke up with Niall shaking me 
What do you want 
Wake up 
Ni leave me alone 
No you had me worried an Why do you have bruises on your rib cage ,and stomach.
  Y-You saw them 
Yes Angela!

Niall's prov :
Yes Angela! When I raised my voice she went  back a little.
Angel yes a saw them I'm sorry that a raised my voice but tell me how did you get them 
I can't tell you . I-I can't tell . Not you no one they will send me way .i can't take that chance I just can't  
Why can't you if you don't want to tell me tell me another time 
Okay Ni she got a bit closer and hugged me  thats when I got my hand around and just fold her . She needs to know we need to her to trust us we might have left but not with out thinking a bout her.  Come on let's wake up the rest 
 I  got harry an zany to wake up and she got louis and liam .Zaynie wake up Please 
No niall I'm sleepy 
Angela woke up 
She did!
Yes .wow that. Woke him up 
Harry wake up Angela woke up 
Yeah! What!when! were!
It's alright just wake them up 
Okay niall 
Okay come. On let's go down stairs while Angela wakes Louis and Liam 
Okay come on zaynie 
Okay Ni I'm going. hazz ?

:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:Angela's prov:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:
Liam can you wake up for me please 
That's all I'm saying .but bad Idea he just grabbed me and pulled me to the floor with them and made me turn around so I was between to of the boys that love to pieces .
But right now I don't like him.
Help me please !
That's when Lou turn around and stated hugging me too wow ant this get any more wired 
Help me !
I Heard foot steps coming thank god. When all the other guys go there they were saying what happened but do they really need me to say it the just started to laugh.
Help me I can't get out and it's hurting me Ni you now why pleas i can't take it there to much pain in my stomach and ribs please help me.
No wait niall not just yet let me take I picture 
No harry she just ant no more just let me  wake them up.
 hurry then but fast
Really Niall you going to let him take a picture . 
 he took it a ready 
 Come  on I can't take it Niall wake them up please Liam wake up  please you hurting me . That's when I started to cry it hurts to much I can't help it there's to much pressure on my ribs and stomach 
Louis Liam wake up your hurting her

 Liam's pov: (yes a Liam's yes now enjoy guys)     
I woken to someone screaming and another crying 
I'm a wake whats wrong !Angela what's wrong.
You were hugging me to hard it hurts all over please get Louis to wake up please there's to much pressure on me PLESE 
Louis wake up your hurting her please . I was shaking him until I Heard okay just stop 
What's wrong 
Just let go of gels louis 
your hurting her Lou now 
Okay  Angela I'm sorry 
I didn't mean to its alright Lou
No im sorry okay 
Angela why , what's wrong 
Nothing I'm just I'm tired and sore 
I'm sorry if you need we can leave 
  No li , no i mean Liam 
It's okay you can call me anything you want 

Guys were are you going to stay 
Um  we're going to stay , yeah Liam were are we going stay 
I don't now harry I don't know 
Um guys you could stay here for now I guess until you find we're to go 
Thanks Angie 
You welcome Liam 
Now lets see we're are we gong to sleep.
Um I only have to extra rooms so two and two and there's going to be one more person in one room I think 
Angela's prov :
Now lets see we're are we gong to sleep.
Um I only have to extra rooms so two and two and there's going to be one more person in one room I think. I hope they say something but I want Ni to sleep with me I'm to lonely in my room . I get Louis I here Liam yell . So harry who do you get Niall or Zayn well I guess I get zayn . Harry thankyou I just want to grab you and kiss you but I want ziall.*sad face* but I'm good with that. Why didn't you chose me harry I'm good at cuddling . No your messy . That's why . Okay you have a point ,but who I'm I going to sleep with. Um guys I could show you the rooms and the biggest gets Niall with y'all . Deal .deal!. But I don't want to sleep with them I want to sleep with you gels .
Ooh um Niall I don't know . Come on please .okay Ni you can sleep with me .
I heard a small   Yes from all of them . What's wrong with them. Okay guys lets show you the rooms .

Angela and the guys were seeing the rooms Liam an Louis got the first one . It had two beds one restroom and a closet . The second one had two beds and, one rest room with a walk in closet . They got down and got each bag and each one took there bags to there rooms . Angela got Niall's bags .
No gels leave that your going to get hurt more than you are 
No I'm not I fine .
no your not dont lie 
Okay Ni here take the bag okay 
Gels don't be mad I'm just doing it for a good reason 
It's okay Ni let me show you my room 
Okay come on show me 
Follow me then 
They both walked up the stairs passing each room of the lads, at he end of the hall was the room were they were going to sleep in . Angela open the door got in and Niall followed 
Gels there's just one bed. It's okay Niall I trust you . You do.yes silly . Okay so were do I put my things.oh um ,o you can put it in the closet I don't use it . Why gels don't you have clothes . No just in that small wardrobe right there i don't need much . But why . I don't need to impress any one just me . But what if you go out . No don't you remember I don't have friends just you and the others I think . No we are so were gong to take you  to buy clothes . No, no thAnk you I fine I don't need anything I'm fine . No were going and I don't take no for an answer okay . Sure but things that don't cast a lot of money .
No if you Want I'll buy it . No I don't need much .  


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