Dont let me go dont let those demons win

It's been years since I've last felt happy about me self . I walked into my bathroom and shocked to see a girl standing in front of me. She looked sad, scared and broken. Scars covered her arms and you can practically see her struggle through her life. I soon came to realization, that girl was me


12. Chapter 11 We're going to see her

Harry's prov : 
It's been three months since we said we were going to check on Angela 
Three months!
We were going to check on her but they just didn't let us go out from London.
Niall didn't take it to we'll he started to scream ,acting like he known Angela for a along time but Liam he wanted to punch a wall Louis and zayn were clueless why they were acting like that but I did now why they were acting like they were I wanted to do something to but I didn't want to scare the other guys.i told them why they were acting like that that's when they understood why Niall and Liam were acting like they were .
Niall was the most affected but after that he felt a little better Liam has tried to contact Angela but she can't find her . It's like if she never existed .
We were in Liam's flat just seeing the Telly .
Hay guys we could just go with out them knowing.
Li-we should but in a way we should not 
And why is that so 
Li- we can't go without  bodyguards we will be hurt by then
We aren't so guys get ready were going to see Angela
Ni-we are we're going to se GELS !
Z-okay if we are why are we still siting down we should be packing right
L-yeah he has a point 
Everybody started to run out the door.getting the bags. Niall was the happiest one of all of us so was Liam I think they got so close not that i didn't but that day we went to pick her up she was so happy to be with us she told us that we were her only friends. That makes me feel bad that we couldn't stop from leaving. I could just see her face ,her only friends leaving her. 
Her only friends. We are or were her only I feel awful now, but were going to visit her and I'm going to give her a big hug.thats all I can think about is that were going to see her agin.



Niall's prov:
Harry and Liam were talking about leaving
But I just thinking why is gels not answering us . Why did we let her down .did I not the  best I could when I was there was it not enough for her. I don't know but it's to hard to be here when you left some one that needs your help in another place .
Liam is always the one to get worried so wee not going .
And I'm right he's just has good point  we can't  just go without  bodyguards we will be hurt by then.but harry keeps on that are not so guys get ready were going to see Angela.thats all I Need to scream we are we're going to see GELS !
Z-okay if we are why are we stil siting down we should be packing right
L-yeah he has a point  .thats al the other lads needed to say before I'm out the door running to my flat .
I going to see Angela . I'm going to go see gels!

    ~Two hours later~
We're hiding to the airport to bored our plane, an go see gels .i can't wait but it's going to be a long flighty.we got our bags and put some glasses and bennies and a lot of things to put on so we could go by and problem. We got on and are going to just go straight to Angela's house ,I don't care if its late I'm going to go see her.



Angela's prov :
 You son of a bitch, why are screaming open this door .
No I'm not your going to hurt me 
If you don't open this door I'm ,now open the door you bitch , right now 
and that's when I heard my "dad" leave . I don't know where's he is going but a few mins later in hear keys . Shit keys .  The keys dang it i forgot he has keys for every room.
He opens the door 
There you are now come and clean this place you call home 
no tell mom to do it 
No, now go or if not I'm going 
What I don't want what are going to 
And that's when he slaps me and I fall he's to strong you think I would hold on but I can't.he starts to kick me in my stomach and in some ribs.
Okay I will I'm sorry .i will just stop . I'm sorry 
That's all he needed to hear and he stops 
Okay now get up and go clean all of this house . Me and your mom are going to go out and be out tomorrow don't wait up on us okay . O and were not going to be here probably the rest of the week maybe but don't get your hopes up .
By the way  we love don't forget that.
 I won't .
Trust me I won't . If you did love me you pice of shit you would not leave me hear alone after you beat me up.and you wouldn't leave me  here for the rest of the week . But I'm good at lest I won't have to keep up with them .
I got up but it hurts to much 
Aaaaaahh I yell as I stand up. I start to go down stairs to clean the living room and the kitchen . It's not so bad I just going to sweep and mop that's it. I will do it tomorrow. But thought now I need to lay down and rest.
I just need to rest.



~Liam's prov:~  
 Everybody was asleep  I woke up  but we just had few mins before we land so why go to sleep if we're going to land in a few .
-:-:-In the intercom-:-:-
We are landing in five mins thank you for flying with us have a great afternoon .
-:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-:  -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-:  -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-:  -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-:  -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-:  -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:
Zayn wake up were getting of and going to see Angela 
Okay I'm up okay 
Okay it's aright zayn 
I walk over to Louis and harry 
Louis ,harry wake up its time to leave you can sleep later okay 
I don't wanna get up 
Come on harry Louis. Up 
Okay I will 
Louis Harry's up 
Okay I'm up 
No he's not Liam
 well he was but you were a sleep wake him up please 
Harry wake up I wanna play come on 
Okay Lou  I will 
He's up Liam 
Okay thanks louis 
You welcome 
Now Niall 
Niall come on wake up were here come on we're going to see gels 
Yes we're going to Angela 
Okay I'm up. 
Okay let's get ready 
Everybody just act cool okay 
Okay. Daddy !
Okay now lets get off board 
Hay niall do you remember we're Angela lives yes or no now come on 
Yes Okay okay hold on 
 come on niall we don't have all day 
I'm ready lets goo

-:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-: 

 Liam in the next block .Liam in the next block!
Okay niall .just stop were going okay 
Okay Liam I'm sorry 
It's there liam it's there okay 
Guys get of okay 
Get your bags were leaving 


Niall's prov : 
Before he even said get your bags I was out and running to her house I couldn't wait to see her I just can't 
NIALL WAIT .I would here but I would stop look back and felt bad so I got back to them and helped them .
Okay guys what 
Help us we can't get everything 
Okay Zaynie just because I love you 
Okay thank you for helping 
No it's okay I should've helped in the first place 
Liam lets go I want to see gels 
Okay let me pay the taxi. 
Now can we go yeah let's go and see Angela 
okay niall go knock 
Okay Louis 
-knock knock-


Angela's prov:
-knock knock-
Why can't they just let me sleep please 
-knock knock-
Again this better be important.
I sit up from the couch and stand to go answer the door please don't be my parents .please don't be them 
-knock knock-
"I'm coming I'm coming give me a min"
I just need a few it dosent help when you maybe have a broken ribs 
-knock knock-  
okay I'm here 
I open the door but I can't believe what I see and hear 

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