Dont let me go dont let those demons win

It's been years since I've last felt happy about me self . I walked into my bathroom and shocked to see a girl standing in front of me. She looked sad, scared and broken. Scars covered her arms and you can practically see her struggle through her life. I soon came to realization, that girl was me


11. Chapter 10. Why did you leave me

Okay I haven't done a Louis  zayn And harry and if I do there so short so up first zayn and then Louis and harry so yeah

Two weeks later :
Its been two weeks from when they got angel to her house 
The boys had a meeting that would make them leave with out a good bye
All the boysprov 
Ni-what we can't be leaving yet 
Li- why, do we have to leave to early 
Because we cancelled some of the concerts 
H,Lou&Z-we can't leave just yet 
Yes you can . back up because your leaving in an hour .were only giving you enough time to back your things
All of them- okay 
Back at the hotel   
Li-are all of you. Ready to go.
Yeah they all responded in a sad tune 
Don't be sad were going to meet other friends it's okay
Li-were s  niall 
H~He's getting his things why 
Li- no just we need to leave 
Z-I'll go get him

Niall prov 
 I'm ready 
Z-okay come on we are going to be late 
- At the air port -
Okay guys were leaving get on bored 
Everyone was just happy but I was happy in a way we are going home for a few weeks and pack on tour but I just feel likes something is missing but what I 

Zayn prov 
We all hot on bored but we all fell like were missing somthing I can tell that niall is th one ver thinking hat were missing 
I hope it's not to important but it has to be for niall too be so quite and all of us to be thinking the something as if we're forgetting something or someone 
Someone that rings a bell 
Angel we forgot to say Good bye no this can't we can't leave her 

 NIALL  I think I know what we forgot that's what got me out of my daydream zayn 
What zayn what do you think. It is 
It's angel we forgot its angel 
NO I-I-I did forget 

Louis prov 
Angela that's what we forgot I hope we can go back or something but they won't let us that easily why 
Niall were going to get her one wy or another okay were going t o 
We're going to act like thing is wrong and one at a time were going to meet a one of are homes okay 
So we can come over and meet her okay don't worry niall it's doing to be okay
 Okay Lou okay 

Harry prov 
So who are going o get through all family's ?wha are e going to tell them louis 
We're just going o tell them wer just for a break and were going back on tour 
Okay are all y'all  goo with that 
Yaeh all good 
Niall don't  ate it to hard on you it's going to be okay. She can make it through for two weeks just two so are family's dont think nothing is wrong oaky 
Okay harry but 
But nothing okay 
Liam can we meet at your house 
Yeah lads in two weeks see you there but not late nor to early 
Yeah got it guys 
Got it 

Angela s prov. 
it's been one day since they have left 
Niall nor the rest of the guys have talk to me I hope nothing has happened 
Well for me the luck is not one my side I'm in my room cleaning some wounds my parents made me its the week end so my bully's couldn't do it 
If you asking your self why I got hit 
It's because I was suppose to make dinner and I just didn't have time to do it my parents were working and I all ways have to make dinner before they come and today time just flew by and I couldn't make it I have the research project of Shakespeare I'm trying to get a good grade so I can pass and I just don't have time to deal with what they should be doing to me  I just can't . 
It has been three months since the boys said thy were going to come 
It's been three months three months since have talked to the guys 
That same week I got beaten by my "own parents" I found out that they had left Texas and went back to London . Now Im here sitting in my room screaming at the only poster I  own of the guys I love

You said I could trust you, you said I could talk to you any time I wanted but now you forgot about me all of  you were my only  friends but that was to good to be true it's a good thing I didn't tell you every thing I do like cut myself that my parents abuse me . Now you dont remember me .! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why why?WHY WHY DID I LET YOU HURT ME LIKE YOU DID WHY?WHY ARE DOING THIS TO ME WHYWHY? !!!!!!!  
    WHY did I let all of you get to my mind and  my heart my feelings now I'm all all alone.
Why why  


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