The Fellowship of the Child

He knew she was the daughter of the greatest evil known to Middle Earth. He knew that by marching her to her death, he would be saving the lives of millions. Is that why he has fallen so in love with her?

I only own Ruya, the daughter of Sauron. all other characters to their rightful owners! This is a legolasXoc fanfiction! Do not hate! Please read, rate, comment, and enjoy :)


3. The Start of a Journey

Ruya sat back in the corner of the room, watching the old wizard who sat staring into the fire. His gaze was deep, like he was searching a vault of memories in the back of his mind. Every once in a while, he would mutter something too low for her to hear. Suddenly, Frodo burst into the small home, calling out for his uncle. After a second of looking at Ruya's tired expressions and Gandalf's far off look, he was able to guess what had happened.

"He's gone isn't he," he asked as the elf appeared at his side, sliding her hand into his, "he talked so long about leaving. I didn't think he'd actually do it."

When the wizard didn't answer (still focused on his muttering), Ruya laid her free hand gently on his shoulder, "Gandalf?"

His eyes lost their glaze as he focused on the two figures beside him.

He gave a small smile, "Bilbo has gone to stay with the elves. He's left you Bag End, Frodo; along with all his possessions. He'd also like you to watch out for Ruya."

Even with his heavy heart, Frodo managed to share a smile with his beloved elf. Releasing his hand, she wrapped a long arm around his tiny shoulders and held him close to her side.

"Be sure to keep her within the Shire," Gandalf arose and grabbed his staff, "I must go."

"Where are you going," Frodo broke away from Ruya to chase after the wizard, "you've only just arrived! I don't understand."

"Neither do I, my boy," he stopped to throw a worried glance at Ruya before whispering in Frodo's ear, "Keep her secret...keep her safe."

And with that, he was gone leaving Frodo standing in the empty doorway.


Gandalf's strange behavior left Ruya unsettled for most of the following week. One night, she and Frodo decided to join Sam, Merry, and Pippin at the Green Dragon. As the group entered, the four hobbits immediately rushed to the bar while the elf sat at a table amongst a group of elderly Boffins and Tooks. They were griping about Bilbo's little stunt. Laying her head on the table, Ruya soon fell fast asleep listening to Merry and Pippin's singing.


"Ruya," the elf's eyes snapped open and she sat up, grabbing the hand on her shoulder, "easy there, tiger. We're heading home."

Giving Frodo a shy smile, she got to her feet and grabbed his hand. Sam joined them as they exited the pub and made their way down the road. Upon reaching Bag End, the two said good bye to their friend before heading inside.

The moment they entered their home, however, Ruya pulled Frodo protectively behind her. the Hobbit peered around in horror at the scattered papers and emptied trunks and drawers. The elf slunk forward, grabbing a nearby sword that had been knocked off its stand. With a firm look, Ruya told Frodo to stay where he was until she returned for him. As she disappeared into the shadows, he gazed around in fear. His breathing was slow and quick as his eyes searched every inch of darkness.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed his shoulder roughly and pulled him into a large chest. As he screamed in fright, another hand wrapped itself around his tiny torso. Foul breath filled his nose as a familiar voice spoke-

"Is she secret? Is she safe?"

Frodo wiggled out of Gandalf's grasp as Ruya came at him with a war cry. Never before had Frodo seen the she-elf so angry. Hellfire danced in her eyes as she swung the blade at the frail old wizard. Her piercing golden eyes faded into a dark cloud of red and fangs grew from her tooth-line. Strange words spilled from her mouth, causing the wizard to shrink in fear and the shadows in the room to grow at the same time. The words, though he did not understand them, made Frodo shiver in a fear he had never before experienced. He hugged himself and squeezed his eyes shut, praying the tears that threatened him would not reveal themselves.


The scream started deep down in his stomach, making him think he would hurl, and shot up through his throat and out his mouth. The elf stopped dead in her tracks, the blade hovering just centimeters above Gandalf's face. Her eyes returned to gold and her fangs disappeared. She stopped speaking and breathed heavily, staring at the sword she held in utter horror. Flinching, she dropped it and backed into a corner, where she began to hug herself and rock back and forth on her heels. Gandalf, who had also pulled himself from his madness, slowly arose to his feet; however, his eyes were still alert and wild.

Rushing to the elf's side, Frodo wrapped his arms around her and allowed her to cry into his shoulder. The wizard said nothing, but began building a fire. The instant the flames were roaring he turned to Ruya and held out his hand.

"Child," he said softly, "your arm."

She gazed up at him with understanding and allowed him to lead her to the fireplace. With a brief nodd, he thrust her arm into the coals.

"what do you think you're doing," Frodo yelled, "Have you gone mad?"

When the wizard nor the elf did not answer, Frodo then realized that she wasn't even screaming. Ruya held her arm in the fire as though it was water, allowing the flames to lick her fingers. Her skin did not burn nor peel away to reveal the bone beneath it. After a few moments, Gandalf pulled her out and turned to the shocked Hobbit next to him.

"Take her arm, Frodo," he added, "it is all right."

Cautiously, Frodo wrapped his fingers around the warmed skin and gazed at it.

"What do you see?"

"Nothing," he answered, "I see nothing."

Gandalf turned to release a sigh of relief. Perhaps he was wrong and the time was not now.

"Wait," the wizard froze as the Hobbit spoke once more, "there are markings on her arm. It's some form of elvish. I can't read it."

"There are few who can," Ruya finally spoke, her voice grim and her eyes dead, "it is the language of Mordor, which must not be uttered here."

Frodo gazed at her in terror and disbelief, "Mordor?"

"In common tongue," Gandalf added, turning to face them, "it says "One child to rule them all. One child to find them. One child to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.""


Gandalf, Frodo, and Ruya sat at the kitchen table. The hobbit and elf girl had once again joined hands as they watched Gandalf light a pipe and take a deep inhale.

Finally, he spoke, "She is the One Child. Forged by the dark lord, Sauron, in the fires of Mount Doom...and taken by Isildur from the hand of Sauron himself."

Frodo stared between his two companions, stunned, before turning to Ruya with a quiet realization, "Bilbo found you in Gollum's cave."

She nodded as Gandalf continued, "For sixty years, Ruya remained quiet in Bilbo's keeping; her aura prolonging his life, delaying old age...but no longer, Frodo. Evil is stirring in Mordor. The evil within Ruya has awakened. She has heard her father's call."

"But he was destroyed," the hobbit insisted, "Sauron was destroyed."

Suddenly, Ruya's eyes became red once more and her fangs appeared. As though possessed, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she tilted her head towards the ceiling. A fleeting, low whisper of Black Speech tumbled from her mouth before her hand grasped the Doom Diamond hanging around her neck. She returned to normal and leaned against Frodo, who stroked her hair gently.

"No, Frodo," Gandalf shook his head sadly, "The spirit of Sauron has endured. His life force is bound to his daughter and she survived. Sauron has returned. His Orcs have multiplied...his fortress Barad-dur is rebuilt in the lands of Mordor. Sauron needs only Ruya's untapped power to cover all the lands in darkness. He is seeking her, seeking her, all his thought is bent on her. For though she is good and kind, the darkness within Ruya yearns above all else to return to her father: they are one, the dark lord and his daughter."

"Alright," the hobbit leaped to his feet, dragging the elf into the living room, "We keep her hidden. We don't let her beyond the boundaries of the Shire. No one else knows she is here, do they?"

Gandalf shifted uncomfortably, sharing a look with the elf.

"Do they, Gandalf?"

"There is one other who knew that Bilbo had found Ruya," the wizard admitted, "I looked everywhere for the creature Gollum...but the enemy found him first. I don't know how long they tortured him, but amidst the endless screams and babble, they discerned two words."

"Shire," Ruya gasped, horrified, "Baggins...but that will lead them here!"

Suddenly, Frodo thrusts Ruya's arm towards the wizard, "Take her, Gandalf! Take her!"

"No, Frodo..."

"You must take her!"

"You cannot offer me this girl."

"I begging you to keep her safe!"

"Don't," Gandalf snapped, "tempt me, Frodo!"

The hobbit gazed at him in alarm, drawing the elf back to his side.

Gandalf gave a patient sigh, "I dare not take her...not even to keep her safe."

Frodo stared at him in confusion, not noticing the tears that had begun to fall from the elf's eyes.

Gandalf smiled warmly and wiped away the water tracks with his sleeve, "Understand, Frodo...I would use Ruya's power from a desire to do good...but through me, she would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine...even if she doesn't mean to."

"But she cannot stay in the Shire!"

"No, no she can't."

Frodo swallowed the fear overwhelming him, putting on the bravest face he could manage as he gave Ruya's hand a gentle squeeze.

"What must I do?"

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