The Daughter of Sauron

He knew she was the daughter of the greatest evil known to Middle Earth. He knew that by marching her to her death, he would be saving the lives of millions. Is that why he has fallen so in love with her?

I only own Ruya, the daughter of Sauron. all other characters to their rightful owners! This is a legolasXoc fanfiction! Do not hate! Please read, rate, comment, and enjoy :)


2. The Party

Like any other peaceful day in the Shire, the sun was bright and the sky was clear. Frodo sat against a tree, a book in his hand and Ruya asleep next to him. At least, he THOUGHT she was asleep. The instant the two of them heard a horse and cart approaching, they sprang to their feet. It was then they heard the humming from an old man. Smirking at the young Hobbit, Ruya allowed her hand to slip into his and they took off running.

Ruya and Frodo had taken to holding hands just moments after Bilbo had brought her home. To them, it didn't mean anything special; however, Frodo could not explain why he felt the need to hold onto the elf-girl. Bilbo had often said it wasn't proper for a young lad to hold the hand of a girl he didn't intend to marry one day. Frodo would then laugh and say he and Ruya were special friends, just not THAT kind of special.

The music grew as the pair leaped over logs and ducked beneath low branches. Once they were in sight of the road, they saw what they had been waiting for; an old cart filled to the brim with fireworks being pulled by an aging brown pony. In the driver's seat was a withering man wearing all gray. His hat was very large and pointed at the top, his beard was equally gray, if not grayer, and a long staff sat next to him on the seat.

Releasing Ruya's hand, Frodo crossed his arms, "You're late."

The cart was stopped and the wizard glared at the two from beneath his hat.

"A wizard is NEVER late, Frodo Baggins," he said sternly, "nor is he early. He arrives PRECISELY when he means to."

The trio remained silent until Frodo began to smile, causing everyone to fall into laughter.

"It's wonderful to see you, Gandalf!," Frodo exclaimed as he and Ruya leaped into the cart, tackling the old wizard.

"We thought you weren't going to make it.," Ruya added as she buried her nose in the man's beard.

Gandalf chuckled as he looked the two of them dead in the eyes, "You two didn't think I would miss your Uncle Bilbo's birthday, now did you?"

The old pony whinnied and began moving again, clattering past Hobbits working in the fields. As they past the town square, they could see dozens of the townspeople setting up for Bilbo's grand birthday party.

"Ah," Gandalf sighed, "the long awaited party. So how is the old rascal? I hear the party is going to be one of Special Magnificence."

"Oh, you know Bilbo," Frodo smirked, "He's got the whole place in an uproar."

"That should please him."

"Half the Shire's been invited," Ruya chuckled, "and the rest of the are turning up anyways."

The trio laughed before Frodo fell silent, "He's up to something."

"Oh really," Gandalf asked, adverting his gaze.

"All right, keep your secrets," Frodo broke into a smile again, "But I KNOW you have something to do with it."

"Good gracious me?," Gandalf looked at the Hobbit in shock.

"Before you came along, we Bagginses were very well thought of," Frodo pressed, "never had any adventures or did anything unexpected."

"If you are referring to the incident with the dragon, I was barely involved," the wizard then noticed Frodo's look of skepticism, "all I did was give your Uncle a little nudge out of the door."

Frodo gazed over at Ruya, who sat on the other side of Gandalf, "Is that true?"

"How should I know," the elf giggled, "I didn't join their little adventure until the Misty Mountains."

"Well, whatever you did, Gandalf, you've been officially labelled a disturber of the peace."

"Oh really?," the wizard didn't look at all shocked; in fact, he seemed a little proud of himself.

Suddenly, a group of small Hobbitlings noticed Gandalf's firework cart.

"Gandalf," they cried out in joy and raced after him, "Gandalf! Fireworks, Gandalf! Please!"

Ignoring their shrill cries, Gandalf kept the cart moving. The children stopped at the edge of their property, dejected and hanging their heads in disappointment. Suddenly, the back of the cart erupted in color as small fireworks were sent sailing over the cheering Hobbitlings' heads. Frodo and Ruya smiled at each other while Gandalf chuckled.

Pulling the cart to a stop in front of Bag End, the Elf and Hobbit jumped off and once again joined hands. Gandalf watched this action with a heavy heart. If Frodo knew the truth about Ruya and her destiny, he'd be devastated.

"Gandalf," his voice broke the wizard's thought, "I'm glad your back."

"So am I, my dear boy. So am I."

"C'mon Frodo," Ruya gently tugged at his hand, "let's go help everyone set up for tonight."


Another of Gandalf's magnificent fireworks lit up the night air as the hundreds of Hobbits danced, ate, and talked with one another. Ruya pulled Gandalf away from his fireworks as a new tune began to play. Seeing as how she was the tallest one in the whole village, it was nice to dance with someone her own size. As she and the wizard twirled around and around, she caught sight of Frodo shoving Sam into the arms of Rosie Cotton. She joined his laughter and allowed Gandalf to lift her into the arm for a split second before gently setting her down.

"Ruya," he said softly and stopped, "I have something for you."

From his pocket, he took out a necklace with a circular gem. The gem was a dark teal color, almost black, and was warm to the touch.

"Gandalf," Ruya's eyes widened in shock, "my necklace! I lost it in the Dragon's lair. How did you-"

"It is not that hard to find a Doom Diamond amongst Dragon's gold," the wizard smiled as he fastened the clip around the Elf's throat, "I found it a month ago when I went to visit the Dwarves."

Ruya hugged him, "Thank you so much, Gandalf!"

Suddenly, a nearby tent shot up into the air and two Hobbits fell flat on their backs, their faces covered in ash. While the Hobbits ran from the DragonWork, Ruya yanked the two to their feet and dragged them to Gandalf.

"It was all in good fun, Ruya," the shorter Hobbit whined, "steady on!"

"Let go, Ru," the Hobbit with golden hair tried his best to pull away, "can't you people take a joke?"

"Meridoc Brandybuck," Gandalf scowled, "and Peregrin Took...I might have known."


Ruya took a seat between Frodo and Sam, slipping her fingers into his once more, as Bilbo got on stage to answer the call for a speech.

"My dear Bagginses and Boffins," he began, earning himself cheers from the families, "Tooks and Brandybucks," more cheers, "Grubbs, Chubbs, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles, and Proudfoots."

"ProudFEET!," someone in the audience shouted, earning a fit of laughter from everyone.

"Today is my 111th birthday," the cheering couldn't get any louder, "Alas, eleventy-one years is simply too short a time to spend with such admirable Hobbits. I don't know half of you as well as I would like, and I like less than half of you as well as you deserve."

Not many people clapped, wondering if that was even a compliment.

"I have things to do," Bilbo said softly, "I've put this off for far too long."

Smiling down at Ruya, he held out his hand.


"Ruya," his grin became wider as he noticed her Doom Diamond, "will you grant the birthday boy his wish?"

"And what wish would that be?"

"A simple kiss on the cheek," the old Hobbit's eyes twinkled, "from a beautiful Elf."

Ruya smiled and got to her feet. Joining Bilbo, she leaned down and closed her eyes. Suddenly, just as her lips were about to touch his withering cheek, he turned his head and slapped his lips against hers. Ruya leaped back in horror, but it was too late. The whole town became an uproar as Bilbo and Ruya disappeared. Gandalf's look of shock was easy to see and Frodo looked like he was about feint.

Grabbing Ruya's hand, Bilbo led her back to Bag End. Once inside, she forced his lips against her own once more.

"Bilbo," she snapped, trying to control her anger, "you promised me years ago that you'd never do that again!"

"Oh come now Ruya. It was worth it."

"Was I the only one who saw Frodo's face," the Elf challenged, "he was terrified, Bilbo."

Ignoring her, Bilbo began packing his bag. As he entered the living room with Ruya close behind, he grabbed his walking stick.

"I suppose you think that was terribly clever.," said a figure beside the fireplace.

"Oh come on, Gandalf," Bilbo recovered from his shock, "did you see their faces?"

"There are many forms of magic, Bilbo Baggins, and NONE of them should be used lightly."

"It was just a bit of fun," Bilbo sighed, "oh you're probably right. As usual," he resumed packing, "you will keep an eye on Frodo, will you?"

"Two eyes," Gandalf agreed, "as often as I can spare them."

"I'm leaving everything to him."

"And Ruya," the Elf glanced at the wizard, "are you letting her stay here with him as well?"

The Hobbit froze and looked at her, taking her hand in his, "Why shouldn't I keep her?"

"I think you should leave Ruya behind, Bilbo," Gandalf said softly, "Is that so hard?"

"Well no," he paused, "and yes. Now that it comes to it, I don't feel like parting with her. She's mine! I found her! She came to me!"

Wrapping his arms tightly around her shoulders, Bilbo held Ruya close.

"There's no need to be angry-"

"Well, if I'm angry, then it's your fault!," Gandalf froze as the Hobbit began stroking her hair, "She's mine. My own. My precious."

Ruya froze in fear and shock, "Precious? I've been called that before, but not by YOU, Bilbo."

"I think that you've cared for this girl quite long enough.," Gandalf said.

By now, Bilbo's entire self had changed as he glared up at the wizard, "YOU WANT HER FOR YOURSELF!"

"BILBO BAGGINS," Gandalf's rage erupted as his shadow seemed to fill the room, "Do not take me for some conjuror of cheap tricks," Bilbo released Ruya and cowered before him, "I am NOT trying to rob you!"

Ruya laid a gentle hand on the wizard's shoulder, causing him to regain his self-control.

"I'm trying to help you.," he finished.

Erupting into tears, Bilbo ran up to Gandalf and hugged him. Ruya took a few steps back, allowing the friends to embrace.

"All these years we have been friends. Trust me as you once did," Gandalf looked Bilbo square in the eye, "Let her go."

"You're right, Gandalf. Ruya must stay with Frodo," grabbing his bag and stick, Bilbo opened the front door and paused, "I just thought of an ending for my book...'And he lived happily ever after, to the end of his days.'"

"I'm sure you will, my friend," Gandalf smiled and wrapped a strong arm around Ruya's shoulders, "goodbye, Bilbo."

"Goodbye Gandalf," the Hobbit smiled at the she-Elf, "Take care of Frodo, Ruya."

"I will Bilbo. I promise.

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