The Fellowship of the Child

He knew she was the daughter of the greatest evil known to Middle Earth. He knew that by marching her to her death, he would be saving the lives of millions. Is that why he has fallen so in love with her?

I only own Ruya, the daughter of Sauron. all other characters to their rightful owners! This is a legolasXoc fanfiction! Do not hate! Please read, rate, comment, and enjoy :)


10. The Mines of Moria

Night had long since descended upon the world as the Fellowship walked along the far shore of a large lake. The gloomy waters seemed bottomless as it sat in the shadow of the great looming cliff hovering just above them. Frodo walked hand in hand with Ruya, having not released her since their little skirmish with Boromir earlier that same day. Even now, with the Gondorian walking ahead of them beside Gandalf, the Hobbit was on edge. The man sent his nerves flying in different directions, the thoughts occupying his head leaving him to fear for his beloved elf.

Suddenly, Gimli gave a gasp, "The Gates of Moria."

Ruya glanced ahead to where he was staring. Footing was treacherous over the narrow strip of green and greasy stones. Gandalf reached forward to lay his hand upon a large area of smooth rock which stood between two trees. Slowly, faint lines began to appear like slender veins of luminous silver running through the stone.

"Itidin," Gandalf smiled, "it mirrors only starlight and moonlight."

Turning, Gandalf waved his hand and the dark clouds which had covered the full moon's glow seemed to race away. As the moon climbed over the mountains the lines became bolder and clearer, forming a beautiful glowing arch of interlacing letters and symbols. The writing gave off a faint hum and a welcoming warmth. Ruya shared a smile with Frodo, pulling him in front of her so she could wrap a pair of protective arms around his shoulders.

"Gandalf," Sam stepped closer, "what's all those strange words say?"

"They're elvish, Samwise," the wizard explained, "it reads "The door of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter."

"What does that mean," Merry asked, tilting his head in confusion, "can't we just open it?"

"It's quite simple," Gandalf said, "if you are a friend, you speak the password and the doors will open."

Pippin watched in awe as the gray wizard placed the head of his staff upon the door and spoke in a booming voice which echoed against the walls of the cliff.

"Annon edhellen, edro hi ammen!"

A sudden gust tore across the lake, blanketing Frodo in cold. The Hobbit shivered, giving Ruya a grateful smile as she wrapped him in her cloak. Gandalf waited patiently, yet the doors remained shut.

"Well that didn't work," Pippin sighed, "what do we do now?"

"Ram your head against it, Peregrine Took," the wizard snapped, "perhaps then it shall open."

Falling silent, the young Hobbit clung to the she-elf in surprise. She always had a nasty habit of pampering the tiniest boy. Ruya wrapped an arm around his shoulders, sending Gandalf a glare.


For over an hour, Gandalf sat before the door muttering one spell after the next in attempts to get it open. Ruya had left Frodo to sit beside him as she helped Aragorn unsaddle Bill the pony. Sam stood next to them, patting the animal's nose with affection.

"Mines are no place for a pony," Aragorn sighed, "even one so brave as Bill."

"Bye Bill."

"Don't worry Sam," the man smiled as he pulled the blanket from the horse's back, "he knows the way home."

As the pony turned to walk back down the path they had come, Ruya felt a pair of eyes on her. It was not Boromir, however, who gazed longingly at her. She turned sharply to see a pale shadow slink behind a boulder. Kneeling down, she sharpened her gaze as she attempted to catch another glimpse of their tag-along. And then, from around the boulder, peered a round hairless head bearing a pair of large golden eyes.

"No," she whispered, shaking her head, "no."


Legolas' touch caused her to jump back in surprise, a small cry of fear leaving her lips as she fell on her rear. The Fellowship turned towards her in surprise. Breathing heavily, she turned to gaze at her lover. Legolas knelt beside her, laying a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"What is it? What did you see?"

She glanced back at the boulder. Legolas followed her gaze, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"Nothing," she finally breathed, "just my imagination."

Giving a sigh, the prince pulled her into his arms and held her tightly. She curled into him, enjoying the feeling of his warmth against her body. With a single hand, he began to stroke her hair. She sighed and closed her eyes. A small smile soon played at her lips. She turned to gaze at him, noticing that he too had begun to smile. His hand traveled to her face, down her neck, and to the Doom Diamond which still hung around her throat. Reaching forward, she took his face in her hands and pulled him forward. Leaning him down, she planted a gentle kiss upon his brow.

Suddenly, a splash caused them to turn and watch as Merry and Pippin attempted to out-throw one another by tossing stones into the lake. Ruya watched them, noticing that the rings didn't seem to disappear. Rather they GREW in size. Sharing a look with the nearby Aragorn, she nodded in the Hobbits' direction. Giving her a nod in return, the ranger swooped forward to grasp Pippin's wrist as he arced back for another throw.

"Do not disturb the water."

Frodo, who had been sitting beside Gandalf, glanced up at the inscription once more. His brow knit together in confusion before he broke into a wide smile.

"It's a riddle," he exclaimed, "speak, friend, and enter. What's the Elvish word for friend?"

Giving a sigh, Gandalf spoke clearly, "Mellon."

The Hobbits gave a cry of surprise as the sound of stone scraping against stone abruptly shattered the silence. The doors slid apart to reveal a blackness deeper than the night and more chilling than the north wind. Ruya instinctively pulled the four halflings behind her, hand snapping towards her sword. The Fellowship crowded around one another as the doors stopped moving.

Chuckling, Gimli lead the way as he began talking of how his cousin would greet them warmly. Ruya made sure to keep all four Hobbits behind her, grateful when Aragorn flanked her right side. Something about this place set her on edge, he could tell. The same feeling sent a chill down the ranger's own spine.

The group cautiously ventured deeper into the darkness of Moria; a dank cavern with winding steps leading farther into the mountain. Almost at once, Ruya felt the walls of the cave closing in around her. She had not been inside a cave since her time with Gollum. Frodo glanced up and noticed the she-elf visibly shaking. Grabbing her free hand, he offered her his best smile which she returned gratefully.

Up ahead, Gimli continued to regale Legolas, "So, master elf, you will soon enjoy the fabled hospitality of the dwarves; roaring fires, malt beer, red meat right off the bone! This, my friend, is the home of my cousin, Balin. and they call this a mine," the Dwarf gave a roar of throaty laughter, "a mine!"

Gandalf gave the tip of his staff a gentle blow, causing it to illuminate the entire cavern in a gentle glow.

"This is no mine," Boromir's grave whisper caused Ruya to turn and notice his horror stricken face, "this is a tomb."

Before the she elf could scold him for being so melodramatic, something clattered against her foot. Glancing down, she gasped and stepped away from the skeleton of a Dwarven soldier. Frodo gave a startled cry, gripping the elf's arm in terror as he looked around to see the entire cavern floor covered in the skeletons of the dead. The corpses wore rusted armor, indicating that the battle which took place here had happened a long time ago, and were peppered with arrows and axes.

"No," Gimli gasped, moving from skeleton to skeleton in search of anything, "no! NO!"

Reaching forward, Legolas pulled a crude arrow from one of the rotting corpses, quickly throwing it away in disgust, "Goblins!"

The rest of the Fellowship drew their weapons as they backed away towards the entrance.

"We make for the Gap of Rohan," Boromir snapped, turning to send a glare Aragorn's way, "we should never have come here."

"Get back," the ranger shouted to the halflings, "get outside!"

Suddenly, Frodo grunted as he felt something yank him to the ground. Rolling onto his back, he had only a split second to register the sinuous tentacle that had wrapped around his ankle before he was pulled screaming towards the lake.

"Strider," Sam yelped, "Ruya!"

The she-elf leaped into action, Aragorn and Boromir directly behind her. The three warriors slashed at the cruel limb, easily severing and pulling the young Hobbit to safety. The water fell silent before twenty more tentacles erupted from the lake and slapped Frodo's rescuers away. The Hobbit was lifted up into the air, hovering over the churning waters.

"Ruya," he screamed, reaching for his sword only to have a slimy tentacle restrain his arm, "Aragorn!"

Down below Aragorn, Ruya, and Boromir continued to slice through the multiple limbs in attempts to free their young friend while Legolas stood on the shore firing arrows. Gimli, who couldn't swim, kept the rest of the Hobbits out of reach while Gandalf kept a fearful eye on Frodo.

Suddenly, the lake bubbled as a grotesque face emerged from the depths below Frodo. He screamed as he watched a large mouth open to reveal what was certainly death.

Ruya noticed a large, glowing yellow eye gazing at Frodo intently, "Legolas!"

The prince quickly noticed what she pointed to, knocking an arrow and letting it fly. The creature hissed in pain, diving back beneath the water. Aragorn gave the tentacle holding Frodo one final swipe. The Hobbit fell from its grasp directly into Boromir's awaiting arms.

"Into the mines," Gandalf screamed, leading the way back into the darkness, "quickly!"

"Ruya," Legolas reached for her, quickly taking her hand, "come on!"

Suddenly, Boromir cried out in fear as he felt a tentacle wrap around his ankle, "Legolas!"

Releasing the she-elf's hand, the prince knocked another arrow mid-turn and let it sail into the already wounded eye. Writhing in pain, the creature released its prey. Aragorn and Boromir joined the group as they gathered in the front cavern of Moria.

Crumbling caused Frodo to glance over Boromir's broad shoulder to watch in horror as the doorway became covered in tentacles. The creature attempted to use the stone to pull itself forward. The doors, weakened by the ages, suddenly gave way beneath the creature's weight.

"Get back," Aragorn ordered, pushing the group farther away from the collapsing doors, "back!"

The Fellowship huddled together as the last of the stone crumbled on top of the squid-like creature, sealing the doorway and encasing them in complete darkness. Ruya clutched Legolas' chest tightly as the air became deathly silent. All around, she heard panting and shaky breaths.

"We now have but one choice," everyone squinted as the tip of Gandalf's light glowed once again, casting an ominous shadow over the wizard's face, "we must face the long dark or Moria," he turned and proceeded to lead the group towards a set of nearby stairs, "be on your guard. There are older and fouler things than Orcs in the deep places of the world."

Ruya felt multiple hands grab her arms and glanced down with a smile at the shivering Hobbits which crowded around her. Returning her gaze in front of her, she noticed Legolas giving her a smirk to which she stuck her tongue out at him.

"Quietly now," Gandalf spoke softly as he led them across a precarious bridge which hung over a seemingly endless mine shaft, "It's a four day journey to the other side. Let us hope that our presence will go unnoticed."


By the time the Fellowship reached their final day in Moria, all four Hobbits longed for sunlight once more. They never strayed too far from Ruya or Aragorn's sides, though Frodo had been brave enough to venture up with Gandalf from time to time. The dark haired Hobbit walked alongside the wizard as the group entered a Dwarven burial chamber. Sam couldn't help but grab Ruya's elbow as he gazed about at the ransacked graves. Skeletons had been thrown every which way and goblin graffiti had been crudely scrawled on the stone monuments in a dry, red liquid.

"Ruya," Sam gently pulled her down to whisper in her ear, sending a worried glance Gimli's way, "what's that on the stone?"

She frowned, her gaze softening, "Dwarf blood."

Noticing the Hobbit's shiver, the she-elf draped her arm around his shoulders and gave him a gentle squeeze. The area certainly gave off a sinister air. Sam glanced up at her with a grateful smile, leaning into her side as the Fellowship pressed onward. They hurried through the chamber in hopes of leaving the disturbing sight behind them as quickly as possible. The next hall, however, split into three separate passages. Each one vanished into a dark tunnel, and none looked inviting. Gandalf paused in front of the split, frowning deeply as his brows furrowed together in thought.

Ruya shivered as she heard him murmur, "I have no memory of this place."


For many hours, the group sat in nervous silence while Gandalf tried to remember the way out of Moria. He couldn't risk leading them on until he was positive of the way. After all, one wrong turn could have them wandering through the dark for days. Months, possibly. And time was something they were running out of.

Frodo lay on the ground, his head nestled comfortably in Ruya's lap while she herself leaned against Legolas. A faint sound caught his attention, however, causing him to sit up and glance down the tunnel behind them. He could hear Merry and Pippin whispering quietly among themselves, resulting in Pippin's need for food. Ignoring them, the dark haired Hobbit searched the darkness for anything out of the ordinary. Just as he was about to turn away, a large flash of pale skin caught his eyes. He gasped and scrambled to Gandalf's side, his eyes drowning in fear.

"There's something down there," he whispered to the wizard, "something's following us!"

Much to his surprise, Gandalf didn't seem the least bit worried as he softly replied, "It's Gollum."

Frodo's fear only increased as the name tumbled off his friend's lips. Gollum; the creature who had held his beloved Ruya captive underground for over five hundred years. He could still recall the countless nights she woke up crying, clinging to him after crawling into his bed. The dark still terrified her, as did the thought of being underground. There were even times when she felt that she simply had to get out of Bag End and into the open air.


Gandalf nodded with a sigh though he did not tear his gaze from the tunnels before him, "He's been following us for three days."

"Is that what Ruya saw by the lake," Frodo asked, though he was quite sure he already knew the answer, "he escaped the dungeons of Barad-Dur?!"

"Escaped," Gandalf slowly turned to gaze at his young companion, "or was set loose."

The pair each sent a worried glance in the direction of their elven friend. She had fallen asleep on Legolas' shoulder with Merry and Pippin slowly nodding off on her legs. She lay a single hand on each of their shoulders, hoping to comfort them into a gentle slumber.

"And now Ruya's energy has drawn him here," Gandalf continued as a wave of sadness crashed over Frodo, "he will never be rid of his need for it. He hates and loves Ruya just as much as he hates and loves himself. Smeagol's life is a sad story."

Frodo, who had been glaring in the direction of a pair of malicious eyes, snapped his head back in Gandalf's direction.

"Yes," Gandalf nodded, "Smeagol, he was once called. Before he found Ruya asleep at the bottom of the river. Before her aura drove him mad."

"It's a pity Bilbo didn't kill him when he had the chance."

"Pity," Gandalf's eyebrows met in the center of his head as he sent Frodo a disbelieving gaze, "it was pity that stayed Bilbo's hand. Many that live often deserve death, and some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them Frodo?"

The Hobbit frowned, choosing not to answer. Instead,he glanced behind the group into the tunnel as Gollum disappeared into a side passage.

"Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment...even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before this is over. The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many."

Frodo sighed, feeling a heavy weight press against his heart as he softly said, "I wish she had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened."

"So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us," Frodo blinked as he turned back towards Gandalf's face, noticing the smallest hint of finality in his friend's voice, "There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the child of Sauron. In which case, you also were meant to guide her home...and that is an encouraging thought."

Frodo felt the beginning of a smile tug at the corners of his mouth, losing himself in Gandalf's gleaming eyes.

Suddenly, the wizard blinked in surprise, breaking into a wide smile, "Ah! It's that way!"

The Fellowship scrambled to their feet, Ruya gently rousing Merry and Pippin from their slumber.

"Come along, little ones," she soothed, lifting a still drowsy Pippin onto her back, "we're moving on."

Merry smiled brightly, "He's remembered?"

"No," Gandalf's chuckle caused Legolas to share a worried glance with Aragorn, "but the air doesn't smell so foul down here. If in doubt, young Meridoc, always follow your nose."

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