The Fellowship of the Child

He knew she was the daughter of the greatest evil known to Middle Earth. He knew that by marching her to her death, he would be saving the lives of millions. Is that why he has fallen so in love with her?

I only own Ruya, the daughter of Sauron. all other characters to their rightful owners! This is a legolasXoc fanfiction! Do not hate! Please read, rate, comment, and enjoy :)


12. The Balrog

"This way!"

The Fellowship raced back out into the Dwarrowdelf Chamber, led by the light coming from Gandalf's staff. Frodo kept his hand interlocked tightly with Ruya's, fearing he'd lose her should he let go. Merry and Pippin ran alongside the pair while Sam trailed behind with Gimli and Boromir. Legolas and Aragorn ran ahead, their bows armed and ready for whatever should approach from the darkness. Pippin gave a cry of fright as the pillars of the chamber suddenly became covered in black masses of goblins. They scurried down from holes in the ceiling like a swarm of cockroaches, their armor and chitters filling the cavern with an almost drone-like sound.

As the Fellowship slowly realized they had been surrounded, the taller members and Gimli quickly formed a protective circle around the Hobbits. Ruya could feel Frodo clinging tightly to her cloak, his hands trembling violently as he peered around her at the grotesque faces which smiled and sneered at him. Ruya could feel both Boromir and Legolas step closer to her as she readied her blade. Pippin gave a terrified whimper, stepping closer to Gandalf. Ruya gazed about her in terror,her gaze locking with Legolas'. As the prince watched, he shivered as red slowly began to tint the edges of her eyes.

Before he could warn her, however, the cavern shook with the sound of a deafening roar. The crimson in the she-elf's eyes vanished within seconds only to be replaced by utter terror as she turned to share a glance with Gandalf. Sam turned to gaze in confused terror at the pale light illuminating the far doorway. Another roar filled the cavern, causing the goblins to screech in terror before turning to scramble as fast as they could back up the pillars and vanish into the large holes they had previously poured from. Gimli watched the scene before him with an amused smile.

The clanging of armor and the chatter of the disgusting creatures faded away to silence. Then, like the steady rumble of thunder, heavy footsteps approached the hall at an agonizingly slow rate. Frodo clung to Ruya's right arm while Pippin occupied her left.

Boromir took a cautious step towards Gandalf before whispering, "What is this new devilry?"

"A Balrog," the wizard replied grimly, "a demon of the ancient world."

And there, from within the darkness of the far archway, a huge shadow wreathed in fire fell across the hall. Another roar shattered what little silence remained, causing Pippin to grip Ruya tighter.

"This foe is beyond any of you," Gandalf said, turning to run in the opposite direction, "run! Quickly!"

"Come Pippin," Ruya soothed, urging the halflings into motion, "run Frodo! Sam?"

"I'm here."

"Where's Merry?"

"I've got him," Legolas shouted, his hand tightly gripping the tallest Hobbit's wrist, "keep moving!"

The Fellowship crossed the remainder of the hall and began to one by one vanish into a small tunnel. Gandalf stood by the doorway, urging them all inside. The last to approach it was Ruya and Frodo. Pippin dived into the tunnel, quickly clinging onto Boromir. Frodo froze as he turned to glance behind him.

It was unreal.

It was terrifying.

It was the stuff of nightmares.

The great creature stood at least forty feet tall. The scale covered torso, legs, and arms seemed draconian in appearance. Two spiraled horns framed a long, fang-filled snout as well as a pair of glistening eyes that seemed to bear the very fire which coated the creatures skin. Frodo took in the giant pair of leathery wings upon the creature's back as well as the thick tail it dragged behind it. Gandalf quickly moved to stand before the Hobbit and Ruya, raising his staff and sword together. The Balrog snarled before opening its jaws to release a cry that resembled the roars of a wildfire.

"Go," Gandalf's shout broke the demon's spell of terror over the pair, "quickly!"

Ruya gathered Frodo in her arms and charged into the tunnel, Gandalf right behind her. The wizard didn't need to glance back to feel the heat from the Balrog's flame covered arm as it attempted to reach in and grab him. The beast came short, however, giving a snarl of frustration before vanished back within the hall.

Aragorn led the Fellowship into a seemingly empty shaft covered wall to wall with dizzying staircases (many of which lay in shambles). He stood aside to take a head count as his companions passed him. he gave a sigh of relief as Ruya and Frodo hurried past him. Gandalf stopped beside him, leaning on his staff and breathing heavily. The ranger laid a gentle hand on his shoulder, glancing at him with worry.

"Lead them on Aragorn," Gandalf said, motioning towards a shape in the distance, "the bridge is near."

The dark haired man turned to gaze in the direction his friend pointed. Sure enough, there was the bridge of Khazad-dum; their only way out of Moria. Behind them, Aragorn could hear the enraged cry of the Balrog; and it sounded extremely close.

Drawing his sword, Aragorn made a move to dash back into the tunnel only to be shoved back by Gandalf.

"Do as I say," the wizard snarled, "swords are no more use here."

Though he wanted nothing more than to go back and buy his friends some time, the ranger knew Gandalf was right. Returning to the rest of the Fellowship, they followed the staircases. Merry stuck close to Sam's side as they continued their progress. Suddenly something whistled past his head, vanishing into the chasms below. He yelped in surprise, turning to notice multiple shadows along the far wall; the goblins were back with bows and arrows, trying to pick off the Fellowship.

Aragorn and Legolas knocked their own arrows and sent them flying at their enemies. Frodo tried his best to ignore the dying squeals of the goblins as Ruya led him along the stairs. The she-elf covered his head with her arm in attempts to shield it from the stray arrows. Suddenly, he felt himself crash into Pippin and Boromir as they froze in front of them.

"What's going on?"

"The bridge is out," Pippin cried out in fright, "we can't get across!"

Peering around the pair, Frodo gave a small whimper. The stairs had long since crumbled away, leaving a large gap between them and their salvation. Legolas paused his attack on the goblins to slowly make his way to the front with Gandalf. After a moment's evaluation, the elf nimbly leaped across the gap landing safely on the other side.

He turned back to the Fellowship with a childish smile, waving the wizard over, "Gandalf!"

Nodding, the gray wizard leaped across the chasm into the elf's awaiting arms.

"All right," Boromir gasped, wrapping a firm hand around Sam and Merry's torsos, "hold on tightly little ones."

The Hobbits obeyed, Sam giving a small cry of terror as he felt the ground vanish beneath him for a few short moments. Pippin stood next, the tiny boy shivering violently.

"Ready Pippin," Ruya asked as she released Frodo to move forward, "It's your turn."

"No," he said quickly as she gathered him up in her arms, "I'm not ready! I'm not-AHHH!"

Giving the Hobbit a little toss, the she-elf giggled as he landed safely in Boromir's awaiting arms. Taking a deep breath, she leaped into the air. Just as she landed in Legolas' arms, a searing pain hit her left thigh. She screamed in pain, glancing down at the crude arrow protruding from her skin.

"Ruya," Frodo's cry of fright cut her to her core, "Ruya!"

"I'm okay Frodo," she said with a smile, "it's okay."

With a grunt she yanked the arrow out, breathing heavily as the wound closed itself. Picking herself up, she turned to give Frodo another reassuring smile.

"Come on Gimli," she waved, "your turn!"

Aragorn made a move to pick up the Dwarf, who quickly slapped his hands away, "Nobody tosses a Dwarf!"

The stout warrior leaped forward with a grunt, landing heavily on the other side. Unfortunately, as he attempted to regain his balance, the rock beneath him crumbled causing him to lean backwards. Ruya grabbed the first thing she could; which happened to be the Dwarf's long whiskers.

"Not the beard!"

Pulling her friend to safety, Ruya turned in time to see more of the stairs crumble away. Aragorn wrapped a firm arm around Frodo's shoulders, guiding him backwards. The stairs behind the pair, however, also vanished. Now the two stood on a single, thin pillar of stairs which leaned with every tiny weight shift.

"Lean back," Frodo obeyed Aragorn as he felt the pillar move with him, "now forward!"

Shoving the Hobbit forward, Aragorn held him up by the back of his shirt. The pillar began to ease forward, the rest of the Fellowship moving back. As the pillar came crashing into the remaining stairs, Aragorn and Frodo leaped into the awaiting arms of Ruya and Legolas.

"Quickly," Gandalf shouted as another roar sounded deep within Moria, "to the bridge!"

The Fellowship obeyed, running as fast as they could along the remaining stairs to a slender bridge made of stone. The Hobbits crossed first, Ruya and Legolas directly behind them. Gimli's slow lumber caused Boromir's pace to drop to a steady jog, earning a hevy pant from the Gondorian. Gandalf shoved Aragorn forward, stopping in the middle of the bridge. The wizard turned, staff in one hand and sword in the other, as a familiar shadow wreathed in flames approached the bridge seemingly from nowhere.

"You cannot pass!"

Gandalf's shout of rage caused the Fellowship to stop in their tracks, turning to watch this tall man face off against a beast of nightmares. Frodo's eyes widened in fear, as did Ruya's, as they watched the Balrog set a single foot upon the bridge.

As the creature gave a defiant roar, Frodo gave his own terror-filled cry, "Gandalf!"

"I am a servant of the secret fire, wielder of the flame of Anor," Gandalf declared, glaring up at the fearsome beast, "the dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udun!"

Ruya shrank back into Legolas' chest in fear as the Balrog rose to full height, extending its wings from wall to wall. The fire dancing across its skin seemed to glow passionately, the roar of the flames mixing with its own devilish cry.

Gandalf, however, was not impressed, "Go back to the shadow."

With an intimidating growl, the Balrog produced a steady stream of heat from its hip. Like a tongue of fire, the creature's whip-like weapon had many thongs of licking flames. The demon swung the whip about his head, the crack releasing a quick flash of burning light.

Gandalf stood precariously on the bridge, bringing his staff and sword together while raising them high above his head.


The echo from the wizard's cry was quickly overpowered by the sound of his staff slamming against the stone. A blinding sheet of white flame erupts from the tip of the staff, bathing the entire cavern in a gentle light. The brightness faded almost as soon as it appeared, leaving a slightly unnerved Balrog standing on the far side of the bridge.

The dark creature met the gaze of the wizard, who merely glared back at it. With a snort of annoyance, the Balrog charged forward with its whip raised high. Frodo screamed in terror as he watched the bridge crumble beneath the demon's feet, sending him hurtling down into the seemingly bottomless abyss. Ruya sighed with relief as her friend turned to begin making his way across the bridge towards him. His gentle eyes met hers, a small smile on his face.

It faded, however, as he felt a burning sensation grasp onto his ankle. The Balrog's whip pulled him onto his stomach, dragging him towards the edge of the bridge. The wizard grasped at whatever he could, his legs dangling beneath him as both his sword and his staff fell into the darkness below.

Ruya and Frodo both made a move to run towards him only to be held back by Boromir and Legolas.

"No," the Gondorian struggled with the tiny Hobbit, "no!"


Frodo's wail of agony cut through Ruya like a sword as she struggled to free herself from her lover's tight grip.

Gandalf struggled to pull himself back up onto the bridge only to find himself hanging on by his mere fingertips.

And as Ruya was finally able to wriggle out of the prince's grasp, he gazed at them with fierce eyes, "Fly, you fools!"

Ruya hurried as fast as she could to the wizard. Leaping onto her stomach, she slid with a single outstretched hand towards him. If she could just reach him, she'd surely be able to pull him back up to safety. Just as her fingers brushed against his, however, the wizard let go and fell into the abyss below.

Ruya's slide ended right on the edge of the bridge, her arm outstretched towards his slowly vanishing figure. As though the mere prayer would bring him floating back up to her. She could hear Frodo's excruciating cry of pain, as well as Legolas' cries out to her. She stayed put however, even as more goblin arrows sailed past her. It wasn't until she felt the strong hands of Aragorn did she slowly pull out of her stupor. The man led her back along the bridge and up some more stairs leading to a simple sin filled archway.

The Fellowship tumbled out of the Great Eastern Gate onto a grassy hillside. Normally, the Hobbits would have been thrilled to feel something other than stone beneath their feet. But as Sam, Merry, and Pippin fell sobbing to the ground, the grass might as well have been sand. Gimli sat with the Hobbits, tears slowly drenching his face. Boromir and Legolas shared a look of disbelief as Aragorn attempted to move the group along.

"Legolas," he called out, "get them up."

"Give them a moment," Boromir snapped, tears glinting in his own eyes, "for pity's sake."

"By nightfall this place will be swarming with Orcs," the ranger snarled back, though his own eyes were wet with despair, "we must reach the forests of Lothlorien. Get them up!"

Merry and Pippin sluggishly pulled themselves to their feet, leaning on a sobbing Gimli for support.

"On your feet Sam," Aragorn urged softly, "let's go."

Boromir turned, noticing two figures walking on ahead as though in a daze.

"Frodo," Aragorn called out, also taking notice of the pair, "Ruya!"

They pause, though Frodo was the only one to turn back and gaze at the ranger with a look of numb shock upon his devastated face. Ruya did not look back, nor did she truly see ahead of her. Her eyes were glazed over and her mouth hung slightly open, much like a corpse.

She had been right there.

She could have saved him.

If not for her existence...

Gandalf would still be alive.

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