The Daughter of Sauron

He knew she was the daughter of the greatest evil known to Middle Earth. He knew that by marching her to her death, he would be saving the lives of millions. Is that why he has fallen so in love with her?

I only own Ruya, the daughter of Sauron. all other characters to their rightful owners! This is a legolasXoc fanfiction! Do not hate! Please read, rate, comment, and enjoy :)


4. Stay Off the Road

Frodo tossed Ruya another shirt, which she stuffed hastily into the already bulging travel bag. Gandalf, meanwhile, was in the kitchen packing as much food as he thought would last them.

"You must leave," he instructed, returning to them in the living area, "and leave quickly. Get out of the Shire."

"Where will we go," the Hobbit asked fearfully, "is there anywhere she can be safe?"

"Head to the village of Bree," the wizard instructed, "I will meet you there. At the Inn of the Prancing Pony."

"Are you sure it'll be safe there," Ruya finally spoke, "Gandalf?"

The old man gave her the same worried look, placing a gentle hand on her shaking shoulder, "I do not know, my dear. I don't have any answers. I must go and see the head of my Order. He is both wise and powerful. Trust me," he smiled at the pair, "he'll know what to do."

Finding courage in her friend's words, Ruya turned to Frodo, "You'll have to leave the name Baggins behind you."

"She is right. That name is not safe outside the Shire," as Gandalf helped Frodo into his coat he added, "and you must stay off the road."

"We can cut across country easy enough," Frodo said as he grabbed his walking stick, turning towards the Elf as she sheathed a long sword she had found among Bilbo's collection, "right, Ruya?"

Gandalf chuckled, staring at them with a mixed look of pride and astonishment, "Hobbits truly are such amazing creatures, Frodo Baggins. You can learn all there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you."

Suddenly, the sound of branches snapping outside the window caused them all to freeze. Gandalf and Ruya prepared themselves for a fight while Frodo was forced down to the ground. As the wizard inched towards the window she stood over Frodo, not daring to leave him unprotected. When the bushes rustled again, Gandalf thrust his staff into it.


Smirking, Ruya sheathed her blade and helped Frodo to his feet as the tall man pulled in a familiar Hobbit.

"Confound it all, Samwise Gamgee," he roared, "have you been eavesdropping?"

Stammering, the blonde answered, "I haven't been dropping no eaves sir. Honest! I was just trimming the grass there under the window there, if you follow me."

Ruya placed her hands on her hips, still smirking, "A little late for trimming the hedges, don't you think Sam?"

Sam sighed, relaxing. After all, nobody could force themselves to lie to sweet Ruya.

"I heard raised voices-"

"What did you hear," Gandalf scowled, "SPEAK!"

"N-nothing important," the Hobbit then caught Ruya's disbelieving look, "that is...I heard a good deal about a child and a dark lord. And something about the end of the world. But please, Mr. Gandalf sir, don't hurt me. Don't turn me into anything...unnatural."

"No," the wizard shared a smirk with Ruya and Frodo, "perhaps not. I've thought of a better use for you."


"Come along, Samwise! Keep up!"

The two Hobbits struggled to match the long strides of the Elf and wizard as he led them through the fields away from the Shire. Sam, outfitted in his own traveling gear, carried another bag full of supplies. He panted as he slowly began to fall behind again.

"Be careful, all of you," Gandalf instructed, making some last moment adjustments to his horse's saddle, "the enemy has spies everywhere...birds...beasts," he glanced back towards Sam, "Ruya, would you please?"

Nodding, the Elf left Frodo and left to lighten her friend's load.

"Frodo," the Hobbit glanced at him in surprise as he pulled him close to whisper in his ear, "never kiss her lips. For, when you do, the agents of the dark lord are drawn to her power. Always remember, Frodo, that Ruya's darkness is trying to return to her father. She wants to be found."

With a shaky breath, Frodo nodded and stood back as Gandalf mounted his horse. Without so much as a goodbye, the wizard spurred the creature into action and had disappeared in a matter of moments.


Ruya tossed in her sleep, breathing heavily as images of Gandalf being thrown about a room by a white wizard flashed across her mind. Frodo and Sam, who had awoken early due to her moans, prepared breakfast.

"It's been four days already," Frodo said, "and we're not even out of the Shire yet."

"All that's left is to pass through Farmer Maggot's crops," Sam reassured him, glancing over at the still restless Elf, "should we wake her? Sounds like a pretty bad dream."

Suddenly, Ruya sat up with a scream, "The Nine!"


Leaping to her feet, she began to pack as quickly as she could.

"Put out that fire," she instructed harshly, "we need to!"

The boys obeyed, confused as they were.

"What's the matter, Ruya," Sam asked, pouring water over the fire, "who are the Nine?"

"Servants of Sauron," the name sent a shiver down each Hobbit's spine, "disguised as riders in black. My father has sent them after me. We must hurry! They've already crossed the River Isen in Midsummer's Eve."

Not bothering to ask her how she knew that, the boys merely obeyed. Once everything was packed, the trio sprinted towards the edge of the Shire. A large cornfield stood between them and the border, along with a sour Hobbit known simply as Farmer Maggot and his two large hounds. Ruya fell behind, making sure to keep both Hobbits within shouting distance. As they entered the corn, Frodo began to pull ahead. Suddenly, Sam stopped to catch his breath. Not prepared for the sudden roadblock, Ruya didn't have time to dodge Sam nor stop behind him. Instead, she crashed and sent the both of them sprawling on the ground.

Groaning, the pair stood up and dusted themselves off. Sam then looked at Ruya and stared to chuckle. Within moments, the pair was laughing wholeheartedly. Turning, Sam then noticed that Frodo had disappeared. Instantly he gazed around in fear.

"Mr. Frodo? Frodo!"

Just then the Hobbit appeared once again, out of breath but otherwise fine. Ruya smiled and slipped her hand into his as Sam gave a breath of relief.

"I thought I'd lost you."

"What are you talking about?"

"Just something that Gandalf said," he answered, embarrassed, "don't you dare lose him, Samwise Gamgee."

Ruya and Frodo shared a smirk before turning to walk again.

"Sam, we're still in the Shire. What could possibly happen?"

Before the blonde Hobbit could remind him that they had the Nine on their tail, a dark figure burst through the corn and knocked Frodo and Ruya to the ground. A second later, another figure collided with Sam.

"Frodo," a familiar voice said cheerfully, "Merry! It's Frodo and Ruya!"

"Hello Frodo," Merry smiled widely, "Ruya!"

"What's the meaning of this," Sam scowled, pushing Merry off him and helping Frodo to his feet, "what are you two doing way out here?"

As Ruya dusted herself off once again, she noticed a variety of vegetables scattered everywhere.

"You little scoundrels," she scowled, "you've been in Farmer Maggot's crop again, haven't you?"

Before either Hobbit could answer her, the bay of hounds could be heard a few yards away along with angry shouts of said farmer.

"Oh fantastic," the Elf sighed, pushing Sam and Frodo into action, "look what you buffoons have done now!"

Pippin and Merry grabbed as many vegetables as they could carry before following the trio.

"I don't know why he's so upset," Merry said, "it's only a couple of carrots."

"And some cabbages," Pippin added, "and those three bags of potatoes we lifted last week! Oh, and the mushrooms from the week before-"

"Yes Pippin," his friend sighed, "my point is, he's clearly overreacting!"

Before Ruya could threaten the Hobbit with how she planned on overreacting when they were safe, the ground disappeared from under her. With a startled yelp, she found herself sliding down a grassy bank onto the dark, wooded road below. Grunts and groans of pain told her that the boys were right behind her. Getting up, she helped Frodo free himself from the pile of Hobbits.

"Whew," Merry said, relieved as he stared at the pile of horse droppings just inches from his face, "that was close."

"I think I've broken something," Frodo turned towards Merry with concern, only to frown when he pulled out a broken carrot, "oh."

Sam, still annoyed by the fact that he was forced to run twice this morning, pushed Merry off him and sat up, "Trust a Brandybuck and a Took!"

"What," Merry smirked, "that was just a detour! You know, a shortcut!"

"Shortcut to what?"


Sure enough, a large patch of edible mushrooms lay a few feet from the group. Sam, Merry, and Pippin scrambled to their feet as they hurried to stuff their bags. Frodo, meanwhile, watched as Ruya gazed up and down the road with a fearful eye.

Turning to the others, he said, "Maybe we should get off the road."

Ignoring him, his friends continued to grab as many mushrooms as they could. Ruya stood in the center of the road, shivering as the wind suddenly picked up. Her eyes widened as the path seemed to fly towards her. Suddenly a long wail, like the cry of an evil and lonely creature, broke the silence of the forest surrounding the road.

"Get off the road," she barked, making every Hobbit jump in surprise, "now!"

Grabbing Frodo's hand, the Elf practically dragged him farther down the bank to hide behind a large, moss covered log. With a protective arm over his chest, Ruya's hand flew to the hilt of her blade. Sam, Merry, and Pippin all fell into line beside Frodo, still fighting over the treats they had found.

Then, like the hand of death, the air became sickeningly cold. The steady sound of large hooves drew closer to the group. By now, the three mushroom-minded Hobbits fell silent and still as a low snarl came from just above. Moving his head slowly, Frodo glanced behind him through a hole in the log. At first, he could see nothing; then, a menacing hoof belonging to a large, but thin black horse appeared. The horse, from what Frodo could tell from the hoof, was grungy and stained with what appeared to be blood. Large globs of saliva and foam dripped near the hole, followed by a heavy snorting. Then, with a heavy thud, a boot adorned in black armor landed beside the hoof. Startled, Frodo's head snapped back forward and he closed his eyes in fear.

Ruya felt her heart begin to race as a shadow loomed over them. The Wraith had not seen them, for it began to sniff about. It's face remained hidden within the black cloak, its head darting from side to side like a bird of prey. Slowly, the Elf made a move to unsheathe her weapon. Suddenly, Sam reached over and grasped her wrist, careful not to alert the creature just above them. The sniffing began to increase, as though the Wraith caught onto something. Thinking fast, Merry quickly tossed the bag of mushrooms as far as he could. The moment it rustled the branches, the dark rider gave a shriek and darted to its horse with terrifying speed. The steed gave a few growls and grunts before racing off into the trees.

Rising to their feet, the group began to run as fast as they could.

"What was that," Pippin asked fearfully, "Ru?"

Instead of answering, Ruya merely shared a look of fear with Frodo and grabbed his hand.


By the time night had fallen, the group was still trying to lose the Wraith within the trees. After tricking it once again, they paused to catch their breath while Frodo kept a lookout.

Sam glanced up at him, wiping away the sweat that had formed despite the night's cool air, "Anything?"


Sighing with annoyance, Pippin stood up, "What is going on?"

"That black rider was looking for something," Merry cast an accusing glance towards the Elf, "or someone...Ruya?"

Before she could explain, Frodo gave a soft cry, "Get down!"

Hiding in bushes or behind trees, the group watched as the silhouette of the rider appeared against the rising moon. The horse circled in frustration, it's eyes giving off a faint red glow. After gazing around, the rider turned and headed in the opposite direction.

Merry turned towards Ruya, expecting answers, "I must leave the Shire. Frodo, Sam, and I must get to Bree."

After seeing how scared the trio was, Merry nodded with a look of sudden realization, "Buckleberry Ferry! Follow me!"

As the group broke cover, a shriek tore through the air. Another rider, who had been searching close by, burst out of the trees towards them.

"It's another one," Pippin screamed, grabbing Merry's wrist to pull him out of the horse's way, "This way!"

As the smaller creatures scattered around it, the Wraith's gaze fell upon the one it sought out. Ruya could feel the smirk appear beneath the hood as the horse leaped towards her. Dodging, she ran in a different direction from the boys. Leading the Wraith deeper into the forest, she found it easy to dodge the trunks of trees and leap over logs. The rider's large horse, however, had trouble. After it fell behind, Ruya made a sharp turn and began to head for the docks.

As she neared, she could see all the boys safely on the ferry.

"Ruya," Frodo screamed, pointing, "look out!"

She didn't have to turn to know another Wraith followed closely behind her. Up ahead, she could see Sam and Merry untying the ropes while Pippin and Frodo grabbed the poles. Though her legs and chest burned, Ruya forced herself to run faster as the boys pushed off. Approaching the end of the dock, she jumped for all she was worth. Landing safely on the large raft, her momentum gave it the shove it needed to put just enough distance between the dock and them. The Wraith's horse skidded to a stop, snorting. It's rider gave an anguishing wail of anger and frustration. 

Merry and Sam turned to grab two more poles so as to help Frodo and Pippin row. Getting to her feet, Ruya stood tall and proud as she gazed at the Wraith. The boys paused to watch in slight horror as she answered the dark creature's cry with a similar one of her own. The horse reared in fear, turning and galloping back onto the road to join up with the other Wraiths who had just arrived.

"Where is the nearest crossroads?"

"Twenty miles downriver," Merry answered, "we should be there in a few hours."

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