The Fellowship of the Child

He knew she was the daughter of the greatest evil known to Middle Earth. He knew that by marching her to her death, he would be saving the lives of millions. Is that why he has fallen so in love with her?

I only own Ruya, the daughter of Sauron. all other characters to their rightful owners! This is a legolasXoc fanfiction! Do not hate! Please read, rate, comment, and enjoy :)


11. Drums In The Deep

After an hour of walking, the Fellowship found themselves out of the tight tunnel and into a black and empty space. Frodo clung to Ruya's arm, causing her to gently lower Pippin to the ground or risk dropping him. The shortest Hobbit, finally waking from his slumber only to find himself in a never ending darkness, quickly grasped Ruya's free arm. The elf could feel Merry grabbing the back of her cloak while Sam clutched Frodo's arm.

"Let me risk a little more light," Gandalf said, tapping the head of his staff, "there we are."

The shadows shrank away from the sudden brightness, revealing a vast roof far above the heads of the Fellowship. Frodo gasped in amazement, his grip on Ruya easing to a gentle touch. The roof was held up by pillars hew of stone, beautifully detailed designs carved into the smoothed marble depicting tales of Dwarves fighting dragons and goblins. And as Ruya turned, her eyes caught sight of a familiar group carved into the stone. She left the group of Hobbits, who watched her closely as she approached the pillar and ran her hand along the stout faces.

"Dwalin," she whispered, catching the rest of the Fellowship's attention, "Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur," her slender fingers rested on the slimmest Dwarf, her nail tracing his crisp jawline, "Thorin."

"The Dwarves you and Bilbo traveled with," Frodo said, reached out to grasp her hand, "right?"

She nodded, "They were very good friends of mine."

Legolas approached her, gently wrapping his arm around her trembling shoulders. She rested her head against his, grateful for the closeness.

"Behold," Gandalf's voice caused the trio to turn back to their group, "the great realm and Dwarf city of Dwarrowdelf!"

Frodo and Legolas returned to the group, Ruya trailing behind after one last look at the carving. The group followed Gandalf as he led them along the wall towards another set of stairs on the far side of the chasm. As they passed by a wooden door, Ruya noticed it had been smashed open. The timbers were riddled with black arrows, multiple goblins corpses lay around the entrance.

Gimli, who had been walking behind the she-elf, peered around her to see why she had slowed down, "Oh!"

The Dwarf ran off ahead, resulting in Gandalf calling out his name. Ruya dashed on ahead, hoping to catch up with the young Dwarven warrior. They ran into another vast empty chamber, this one lit by a narrow shaft of sunlight pouring in through a hole in the ceiling. The light bathed an inscription on the stone table which sat in the center of the room. Or, at least, Ruya thought it was a table. The single oblong block stood about four feet high, topped with a great white slab of stone. The she-elf glanced about the room as the rest of the Fellowship poured in. Corpses and skeletons, goblin and dwarf alike, lay in giant piles about the room. A single stone well sat in the far corner, a large Dwarf skeleton balancing precariously on the edge.

"No," Gimli's soft sob caused her to turn and watch as he fell to a single knee before the stone table, "oh no."

Boromir joined the Dwarf, laying a single comforting hand on his shoulder as Gandalf wiped the dust away from the inscription.

"Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria," the wizard sighed, causing Gimli to release a short wail of agony, "he is dead then. It is as I feared."

Ruya's eyes watered as she fell upon the stone, surprising everyone with her sobs. Balin, she remembered, had been the oldest Dwarf traveling with her and the others to the Lonely Mountain. He had been wise and kind, always ready to regale her with Dwarven history.

"No," she wept, "he can't be gone!"

"Aye lass," Gimli left Boromir's side, gently pulling the elf into a firm embrace, "I know how you feel."

"Oh Balin," she sobbed with a smirk, "you old fool. You had to go and be right, didn't you? Always had to be the smartest Dwarf in the room."

"Only because he usually was," Gimli nodded with a tearful smile, "wasn't much that geezer didn't know."

She nodded, "He always told me I'd outlive him," her lip trembled as she shook her head, "why couldn't you be wrong, just once, Balin?"

Gandalf, who had been watching the pair, noticed the corpse of what appeared to be a Dwarven priest leaning against the tomb. In his hands was a thick book, the cover rotting and slashed with what appeared to be blood splattered across the front of it. Picking it up, Merry watched as a few of the pages cracked and broke as he opened to the last entry.

"We must move on," Legolas soothed as he knelt beside the grieving pair, "we cannot linger."

"They have taken the bridge and the second hall," the room fell eerily silent as Gandalf read out the priest's last words, "we have barred the gates, but cannot hold them for long...the ground shakes...drums in the deep...we cannot get out."

Pippin, who had been listening to the chilling words, backed away nervously. His shoulder nudged the Dwarf skeleton on the well, causing the armor to give a weak creak. The short Hobbit turned to inspect the arrow protruding from the corpse's chest.

"A shadow moves in the dark," Gandalf continued, not noticing his companion's curiosity, "Will no one save us?," the wizard glanced up, a grim fire in his eyes as he read the last line, "They are coming."

Suddenly, the group jumped as a loud clattering sound filled the air. Pippin, who had tried turning the arrow, stood in guilty silence and flinching at every echo the corpse made as it tumbled into the well followed closely by a large water bucket attached to a chain. The Hobbits fled to Ruya's side, breathing heavily as the echoing thunder of the crash faded away into the dark depths of Moria. Legolas and Aragorn shared a sigh of relief as silence once again returned to the mines. Boromir shook his head, giving an uneasy smirk of relief as he patted a chuckling Gimli's shoulder.

"Fool of a Took," Gandalf snarled, tossing the book onto the floor, "throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity!"

"Gandalf," Ruya scowled, embracing Pippin as he retreated into her chest, "surely that's too harsh."

"Oh don't coddle him, Ruya," the wizard rolled his eyes, "you'll just encourage this kind of behavior."

"He is just a boy, Gandalf," the she-elf smirked with a wink, "surely you are not so old you've forgotten what it was like to be a youth. Or were you born old?"

"I'll have you know that-"

The wizard paused as a deep rumble seemed to echo from within the well. Pippin dared to peek out from Ruya's arms, glancing towards the stone structure in the corner of the room. Another low rolling boom rose from the depths below, growing louder with each passing second.


It was as if the great caverns of Moria had been turned into one vast drum, sending shivers along the spines of the Fellowship. The Hobbits huddled around Ruya as horns began to blast nearby, answered by more horns deeper in the caverns. Frodo gasped as the unmistakable sounds of multiple footsteps filled the air. The steps were accompanied by a chorus of cries, mimicking the cries of the damned.

"Mr. Frodo!"

At Sam's gasp of fright, Frodo glanced down at his glowing belt. Or rather, his glowing blue sword.

Legolas noticed the blue aura giving a disgusted snarl, "Orcs!"

Boromir and Ruya sprinted towards the door while Aragorn warned the halflings to stay close to Gandalf. The Gondorian peered out the door, Ruya leaning near his shoulder in attempts to get a better look. Suddenly, movement caught her gaze giving her only a split second to pull Boromir's face out of the way before three arrows struck the wood he had been hovering over.

The pair quickly slammed the doors shut, the man turning towards her with shock, "They have a cave troll."

"Oh goodie," she sighed, turning to glance back towards a confused Aragorn and Legolas, "barricade the door!"

As she and the Gondorian held the doors shut, Aragorn and Legolas picked up weapon after weapon, lodging them into the door in attempts to keep it shut. Spears were leaned against the upper parts of the doors while axes had been sliced into the wood, the handles acting as the perfect wedges.

Behind the four, the Hobbits drew their blades, as did Gandalf. Gimli climbed onto Balin's tomb, readying his ax with a snarl.

"Let them come," he growled, "There is one Dwarf in Moria who still draws breath."

Falling back to form a line in front of the Hobbits, Legolas and Aragorn readied their bows. Ruya stood beside Boromir, for once glad of the man's presence. Outside the door, the Fellowship listened to the snarls and cries grow closer. Something slammed against the door, causing Pippin and Frodo to jump in fright. Axes began chipping away at the rotting wood, pig-like grunts sending shivers up Aragorn's spine. Slowly a hole began to appear in the door, Giving Legolas a perfect shot. He sent an arrow flying through, smirking at the pained squeal which greeted him. Aragorn fired as the elf knocked another arrow. Ruya readied her blade, fighting the feeling of excitement stirring deep within her. No. She would not lose control here.

Suddenly, the doors burst open bringing with it a flood of twenty goblins. Legolas releases another arrow, the thin piece of wood slicing through the skull of the closest beast only to lodge itself into the head of the goblin behind it. Aragorn followed suit, dropping his bow after his arrow buried itself in the throat of a squealing creature. Boromir and Ruya leaped forward with great battle cries. the Gondorian neatly slicing the head off a particularly fat goblin. Movement caused him to duck in order to dodge a battleaxe swinging at his head. Before he could straighten up he felt Ruya roll along his shoulder blades, her boot connecting with the throat of the ax-wielding goblin. The pair jumped back-to-back quickly gathering a pile of bodies around them as they slowly turned to defend all sides.

As the last of the goblins nearest them fell to Boromir's sword, Ruya froze as a giant grunt filled the air. Two goblins yanked on a chain which was connected to a thick metal collar around the throat of a lumbering creature. The cave troll was as tall as two Aragorns, it's light gray skin resembling leather and a pair of small beady black eyes which locked onto Gimli. Ruya gasped, stumbling a little bit into Boromir's arms. Normally, the Gondorian would have been overjoyed at the feeling of the woman in his arms. Yet the sight of the cave troll lifting its giant stone club sent his anxiety into overdrive.

"Gimli," Ruya's cry of fright brought him back to reality, "watch out!"

The Dwarf nimbly jumped out of the way as the club crushed Balin's tomb. With an enraged cry, Gimli swiped at the creature with his ax. The sharp blade sliced open the large troll's arm, sending a wave of dark green blood splattering to the floor. As Gimli went in for another strike, his boot slipped in the liquid. Ruya gasped as she watched the Dwarf fall onto his back, his weapon falling from his fingers. Boromir dashed forward, grabbing the beast's chain leash and tugging at it. Aragorn joined him, Ruya keeping them safe from the multiple goblins as they pulled the cave troll (who had lifted his foot in attempts to stomp on the helpless Dwarf) away from Gimli.

The troll turned around to glare at his new opponents. Aragorn rushed off to avoid a confrontation, leaving a startled Boromir left alone with a chain leash wrapped around his forearm. Ruya watched in horror as the Gondorian was flung against the far wall. His sword fell from his fingers, skittering out of his reach.


The man slowly pulled himself to his elbows as a goblin bore down upon him with a snarl. He glanced up at it in horror, backing away as fast as he could. The goblin roared as it raised its dagger. Boromir shielded his face, sending one last prayer up to the gods. Suddenly his sword came flying through the air, cutting into the now squealing goblin's throat. As the creature fell dead beside him, the Gondorian turned to send a thankful nod to Ruya, who stood frozen in mid-throw.

She turned to parry a goblin's blade, swiftly kicking the creature back before driving the tip of her sword into its gut. The cave troll's roar caused her to glance up in time to watch Legolas leap over the chain leash which was being lashed in his direction like a whip. The troll tried to raise his aim, only to snort in annoyance as the elf ducked beneath his attack. This time, he brought the chain down from above, hoping to catch Legolas off guard. Quickly realizing the creature's plan, the nimble man jumped to one side. Stumbling over the loose stones, Legolas leaned against one of the room's thick pillars in attempts to catch his balance. The troll once again swung the chain at him. The metal wound its way around the stone, causing Legolas to once again jump over it. The momentum caused the chain to wrap around itself, effectively tethering the troll to the pillar. Running along the length of the chain, Legolas climbed onto the troll's back. He knocked an arrow and fired it point blank at the top of the creature's skull. The wood, however, merely splintered and shattered upon contact with the thick leathery skin. Gasping in surprise, Legolas quickly hopped off the troll's back and onto the ground below. Ruya rushed to his side just as the troll gave a hard yank on his chain. The link connecting the leath to the collar snapped, freeing the large creature once more.

On the far side of the room, Sam stood against two goblins armed with his sword and a frying pan. The grotesque creatures seemed to laugh at him before the shorter of the two rushed forward with its sword raised. Giving a yelp of surprise, Sam sidestepped the goblin's attack and slammed the pan against the side of its skull. There was an audible CRACK before it fell dead to the ground. Sam had only a second to register that he had won before the second goblin came at him. Parrying the blow with his sword, he gave the frying pan another mighty swing. Like the first goblin, this one fell to the ground as its skull was cracked open.

Sam smirked, "I think I'm getting the hang of this."

Gandalf pulled his sword from the carcass of a goblin just as Pippin's terrified cry reached his ears. He turned as the troll had turned its attention on Frodo, picking up a nearby spear.

Ruya and Aragorn gave gasps of fright as they cried out together, "Frodo!"

The troll smirked as it shoved the tip of the spear into Frodo's chest. Ruya felt something in her heart snap. Legolas took a startled step back as a dark energy seemed to pour from her. Her golden eyes faded once again to crimson as her hair seemed to hover around her head. Sam gasped as a black glow began to emanate from her skin.

"Ruya," Legolas reached out to touch her shoulder, "Ruya?"

The elf gasped in pain as a burning sensation filled his fingers. He stumbled backwards, watching in horror as Ruya took a single step towards the troll.

"Agh like ij ragaumn zajar, ukhe ukhall ukmiave gith avhouke nalkriuk evinaj dare ukavand before lav-li!"

Gandalf shivered as the Black Speech tumbled from her lips, catching the attention of the troll. The creature turned to face her, taking in her appearance before cowering in fear.

"Gith avhouke nalkriuk evinaj dare defausan lav-li ukhall periukh wiavhin avhe flameuk!"

The troll whimpered as she raised her hand. It grasped the sides of its head, a small drizzle of liquid pouring from its eyes and out its ears.

"Jiak caukav lat poshat, uko avhaav lat maausan ukuffas for gith eaverniavausan shal avhe piavuk ro avhe skator," Ruya screamed curling her fingers into a half-fist, "mat, lat woravhleukuk avhaumn!"

As her fingers collapsed upon themselves, Merry and Pippin shielded their eyes from the horrific sight of the troll's skull caving in on itself. Boromir and Gimli herded the Hobbits together, readying their weapons as Gandalf slowly approached the daughter of Sauron.

"Ruya," the wizard spoke in a firm, commanding tone, "get a hold of yourself."

The dark haired elf turned towards him with a glare, her crimson gaze sending shivers down his back.

"Frodo needs you now," he continued in a softer voice, "we all need you."

Something glinted in her eyes as Ruya gasped. She grabbed at her temples, groaning as her eyes slowly faded back to gold and her hair stopped floating about her shoulders. She gasped, breathing heavily as she crawled towards Frodo's limp form with tears in her eyes.

Boromir watched her scoop the halfling up in her arms. So this was why the council required someone to go with her. Surely if Ruya remained in that state for too long, she would fall to her father's influence. Then Middle Earth would surely be doomed.

"Frodo," her weak whimpers brought him back to the moment at hand as she sat rocking the Hobbit in her arms, "Frodo? Please come back!"

Gimli hung his head in sadness, jumping as the dark haired Hobbit suddenly gasped and began coughing.

"Oh," Ruya breathed a sigh of relief, pulling Frodo into a tight hug, "oh thank heavens."

"You should be dead," Aragorn said, smiling widely in disbelief, "that spear would have skewered a wild boar."

Gandalf gave a low chuckle, "I think there is more to this Hobbit then meets the eye."

Smiling, Frodo pulled his shirt aside to reveal a beautiful chain link vest woven tightly together with small silver links that glittered in the weak sunlight.

"Mithril," Gimli admired, "you are full of surprises, Master Baggins."

"But how," Ruya asked, "the only person I've ever known to have owned a Mithril vest was," she paused, her eyes glinting with happiness, "Bilbo."

Frodo nodded, "He gave it to me before we left Rivendell."

Sam helped Frodo to his feet while Boromir reached out to pull the she-elf to her feet.

"Thanks," he said with a soft smile, "for saving me back there."

"You would've done the same," she smiled back, faltered slightly when he refused to release her hand, "we must move on."

Pippin whimpered as more drums echoed along the caverns of Moria. Aragorn and Ruya shared a worried glance while Legolas turned to Gandalf.

The wizard picked up his hat, placing it upon his head once again, "We must hurry to the bridge of Khazad-dum!"



Phrase 1- "And like a raging fire, she shall smite all those who would dare stand before her!"

Phrase 2- "All those who would dare defy her shall perish within the flames!"

Phrase 3- "I cast you down, so that you may suffer for all eternity in the pits of the hell!"

Phrase 4- "Die, you worthless thing!"

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