The Fellowship of the Child

He knew she was the daughter of the greatest evil known to Middle Earth. He knew that by marching her to her death, he would be saving the lives of millions. Is that why he has fallen so in love with her?

I only own Ruya, the daughter of Sauron. all other characters to their rightful owners! This is a legolasXoc fanfiction! Do not hate! Please read, rate, comment, and enjoy :)


5. Bree

Abandoning the ferry at the crossroads, Ruya led the group of Hobbits through the forest as a steady rain began to pour. The moon began its descent when the lights of Bree greeted them. It was a quaint little village of stone and half timbered houses nestled in the side of a low, wooded hill. Surrounding the village was a thick hedge, and a great wooden gate blocking the entrance. Herding the Hobbits in front of her, the Elf led them to the gate and rapped her knuckles against the oak. After a few seconds, a small window opened to reveal a sour faced man with a sharp jawline.

He scowled at Ruya, "What do you want?"

"We're heading for the Prancing Pony," Frodo answered, surprising the gatekeeper (who didn't see him due to how short he was), "please let us in."

Slamming the window shut, the man opened the door and lifted a lantern so he could gaze at the entire group.

"Hobbits," he said in surprise, "four Hobbits! And a She-Elf. Shire folk, judging by your speech. What business brings you to Bree?"

"We wish to stay at the inn," Frodo answered firmly, "Our business is our own."

Slightly surprised by the Hobbit's tone, the Gatekeeper stood aside, "All right, young sir. I meant no offense. It's my job to ask questions after nightfall. There's talk of strange fold abroad. Can't be too careful."

Hurrying her friends along, Ruya avoided the curious stares of the Bree folk. Up ahead, she saw a large sign decorated with a horse. Beneath it, in fancy lettering, were the words Prancing Pony. Taking Frodo by the hand, she led the group into the warm building. As she helped the others unload their bags, Frodo approached the bar.

"Excuse me?"

The inn keeper, a thick man with an even thicker beard, leaned over the counter to gaze down at Frodo with friendly eyes and a warm smile.

"Well good evening, little master," he then caught sight of Ruya and the other Hobbits, "If you're seeking accommodations, we've got some nice, cozy Hobbit sized rooms available. And I can even bring in a mat for your lady friend there, Mr...."

Ruya froze, her gaze locking with Frodo's.

"Underhill," he stammered, "my name is Underhill."

The Elf glanced up at the inn keeper, noticing him staring at the young Hobbit with a keen eye, "Underhill?"

"We're friends of Gandalf the Gray," she said quickly, catching his attention, "can you tell him that we've arrived?"

Puzzled, the man's brow furrowed, "Gandalf? Gandalf?"

The group waited expectantly, becoming tense and scared. What if this man didn't know Gandalf? Did they come to the wrong inn? Perhaps Ruya had read the sign incorrectly.

"Oh yes, I remember," they each gave a sigh of relief, "elderly chap with a big, gray beard and a pointy hat," Frodo nodded happily, "not seen him for six months."

Ruya felt her blood run cold as another man cried out for more ale. The Hobbits huddled around her, unsure of what to do. 

"What do we do now," Sam asked with worry, "where's Gandalf?"

However, even the Elf didn't have an answer.


The group waited for many hours, sitting in one of the darker corners of the inn. Ruya kept curious glances away with fierce ones of her own. The inn itself wasn't a bad atmosphere. It was dimly lit, mostly from a blazing log fire in the corner. The crowd was a mixture of men, local Hobbits, and a few Dwarves. While Merry went up to the bar for some ale, the group tried to seem inconspicuous. Sam, however, couldn't help himself as he gazed around the room fearfully.

"He'll be here Sam," Frodo said, attempting to calm him, "he promised."

Suddenly, Merry joined them. In his hands was a cup bigger than any other the Hobbits had seen before. Pippin's eyes widened at the mere sight of it.

"What is that?!"

"This, my friend," the blonde Hobbit smirked triumphantly, "is a pint."

"It comes in pints?! I'm getting one!"

Ruya chuckled as the Hobbit rose unsteadily to his feet, "You've had a whole half already, Pip."

The young Hobbit, however, ignored her as he made his way to the bar. A few men turned and greeted him with laughter, helping him onto a tall stool. Ruya shook her head with a smirk. That Pippin certainly made friends easily enough.

"Ruya," she glanced over at Sam, noticing how tense he became, "that fellow's done nothing but stare at you since we've arrived."

Taking a deep breath, Ruya turned to stare at the man in the corner opposite of her. He sat alone, smoking a curiously carved pipe with a long stem. He peered at her from beneath a travel stained cowl, his glittering eyes unsettling her.

"Can you blame him," Merry asked with a hiccup, "our Ruya is quite the looker, ain't she?"

As the inn keeper passed, she laid a gentle hand on his arm to get his attention, "Excuse me, sir. That man in the corner...who is he?"

Taking a quick glance to see where she pointed, the man suddenly became very uneasy, "He's one of them Rangers. They're dangerous folk, they are, wandering the wilds. Now, what his right name is, I've never heard. But, around her, he's known as Strider."

With that, the man hurried off to man the bar. Ruya's gaze then traveled back towards the brooding stranger, locking her eyes with his.


they stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, neither moving much aside from Ruya taking a sip of ale or Strider taking a smoke. She knew, just by looking into his eyes, that he knew who and what she was. She glared, trying to mask her fear from the stranger.

Suddenly, "Baggins?"

Ruya and Frodo both turned towards the bar, where a drunk Pippin gossiped with the inn keeper and a few of the men.

"Sure I know a Baggins," he pointed at Frodo, "he's over there! Frodo Baggins. He's my cousin."

Instantly, the Elf and Hobbit rushed towards the bar. Once he reached Pippin, Frodo grabbed him arm and attempted to pull him off the stool.


The drunk Hobbit, however, gave him a gentle shove, "Steady on, Frodo!"

Stumbling, Frodo spun around and found himself crashing into Ruya. Instinctively, she pulled him close to her chest so as to cushion his fall. Once her back hit the ground, Frodo's kept coming. The pair watched in fear as his lips collided with hers. The inn fell silent as the pair disappeared, and Strider shot to his feet as the crowd suddenly became an excited babble. Sam looked sick while Merry and Pippin instantly sobered up.

Frodo and Ruya, meanwhile, found themselves in another world. Everything was black and white, and there was a violent wind that continuously rushed past their ears.

"Where are we," Frodo whispered, grabbing Ruya's hand, "Ruya?"

The Elf didn't answer, however, as she stared in utter horror into the distance. Frodo followed her gaze and nearly feinted. Hovering towards them was a giant cat-like eye, wreathed in flame. He felt himself shaking violently, only to realize it was a terrified Ruya.

"My child," a deep, distorted voice came from within the flames, "come home, my child. There is no life here in the void. Only cold. Only death. Come home, Ruya. You cannot hide from me. I SEE YOU!

Grabbing Frodo roughly by the face, Ruya slammed her lips against his. As they materialized back into the inn, a pair of firm hands grabbed them by the shirt collars. Dragging them down the hall, Strider struggled to keep his hold on the larger Elf.

"You draw too much attention to yourself, Mr. Underhill," the voice beneath the cowl was grizzled and low, "come."

Approaching the Hobbits' room, the stranger threw them inside and closed the door behind him. Ruya hid Frodo behind her, drawing her sword.

"What do you want?"

"A little more caution from you, Princess of Mordor," she froze as he began to stare out the window, "that is no trinket you carry."

"I carry nothing," she snapped, "it is a gift."

"Indeed," Strider then began to snuff out the candles, "I can avoid being seen, if I wish. But to disappear entirely? That is a rare gift."

Frodo peered around Ruya, "Who are you?"

With a kind smirk, Strider knelt down before the pair, gazing at Frodo, "Are you frightened?"

After a moment, the Hobbit nodded.

"Not nearly frightened enough," the man stood up, returning his attention to Ruya, "I know what hunts you."

Suddenly, the door burst open, causing both Ruya and Strider to ready their swords. Sam led Merry and Pippin in, his fists balled and ready for a fight. Pippin carried an empty mug while Merry had armed himself with a bar stool. 

"Let them go," Sam barked, "or I'll have you, Longshanks!"

With a smirk, the Ranger sheathed his blade, "You have a stout heart, young Hobbit. But that alone will not save you. Frodo, you can no longer wait for the wizard."

Ruya sheathed her blade as well, taking a step closer to the man, "You mean-"

He nodded and shared a look of fear with her, "They're coming."


The She-Elf sat across from the man, sharpening her blade while he smoked once more from his odd looking pipe. They had moved all the Hobbits into the Ranger's room, leaving decoys in the Hobbit room for the Wraiths that were sure to come. As the four Hobbits fell into a deep sleep, the two sat in silence.

Now that his cowl was gone, Ruya could help but admire his long, dark brown hair and scruffled face. His eyes were a brilliant blue, glittering in the moonlight. His eyes then traveled from the window to her face.

"Why do you stare," he asked, smirking, "Do I interest you?"

"How do you know Gandalf" she whispered, causing him to pause, "why has he never told me about you?"

"There was no need," he explained, "I have known Gandalf nearly my whole life."

She sighed, putting down her blade so she could fiddle with her Doom Diamond.

"That stone," she locked eyes with Strider once again, "may I?"

Leaning forward, she allowed him to take the gem in his fingers. He stroked it, enjoyed the feeling of warmth radiating from it.

"A Doom Diamond?"

She nodded, "A gem you can only find in the mines beneath Mount Doom. I asked my father to make it for me. It was all I had ever asked of him."

"Why do you wear it?"

"To remind myself of where I come from," she frowned with sadness, turning her gaze to the moon, "and where I must return to. I am like the diamond. I appear to be beautiful and flawless, yet I come from darkness."

With a sigh, he released the gem, "You also have something else in common," she gave him a confused look, "you are both pure.Your father wanted to create the ultimate weapon, instead he created his greatest weakness. Ruya, you are nothing like your father. You are not dark. You are not evil."

Suddenly, a series of outraged screeches came from the Hobbits' room. Strider gave a smirk of triumph as they jumped out of bed. Outside, the Wraiths hurried back to mount their horses. 

"What are they," Frodo asked fearfully, "do you know?"

"They were once men," Strider answered grimly, watching the group ride off, "great kings of men. They were the Nine Eternal Children of Men."

"Like Ruya," Merry asked, "Sauron made them?"

"No," he shook his head, "no one knows who made the Eternal Children. But they were created to govern each race. But greed overtook the Children of Men. Sauron had promised them power. And, one by one, they fell into the darkness and are now Sauron's slaves. They are Nazgul; Ringwraiths, neither living nor dead. They feel Ruya's darkness, drawn to her evil. Drawn to the power of The One," he turned to share a look with the Elf, "they will never stop hunting you."

The Hobbits all turned to gaze at Ruya, who stood up and sheathed her sword.

"We must leave Bree," she said sternly, "Strider, will you lead us to Rivendell?"

"Rivendell," Sam tilted his head in confusion, "to the Elves?"

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