The Fellowship of the Child

He knew she was the daughter of the greatest evil known to Middle Earth. He knew that by marching her to her death, he would be saving the lives of millions. Is that why he has fallen so in love with her?

I only own Ruya, the daughter of Sauron. all other characters to their rightful owners! This is a legolasXoc fanfiction! Do not hate! Please read, rate, comment, and enjoy :)


6. Battle of the Watchtower

The following morning, Strider led the group out of Bree and into the windswept moors of Midgewater. Ruya traveled up front with Strider, holding tightly onto Frodo's hand. Merry and Pippin followed a few feet behind them, trudging through the waist deep water. And then, farther back, was Sam leading Strider's scrawny brown pony, Bill.

Frodo listened as Ruya began to speak Elven with Strider, who answered just a fluently. He guessed they were having a casual conversation by their tones, and were mostly complaining about the hundreds of bugs buzzing about their heads. Merry and Pippin were less than pleased about the insects' choice in a meal.

"What do they eat," Merry scowled, slapping at his face, "when they can't get Hobbit?"

Strider merely smirked as he led them out of the water and onto a small island with apple trees. Frodo released Ruya's hand and went back to help Sam with Bill. The Elf stopped beside the man, allowing the Hobbits to catch their breath.

"How much longer until we reach Rivendell," she asked in Elven, "this place makes me nervous."

"Three or four days," he glanced back as the Hobbits began to pull off their bags, "five or six if we keep stopping like this."

Ruya crossed her arms, "They're not used to all this walking, Strider. They'd be working in their gardens back in the Shire. Either that or-"

The man's turned towards the sound of pots being removed from the bags, "Gentlemen! We do not stop until nightfall."

Pippin paused, straightening up to cross his arms, "What about breakfast?"

"We've already had it."

"We've had one, yes," Pippin smirked, "what about second breakfast?"

Blinking in surprise, Strider turned back towards the She-Elf who merely shrugged and rolled her eyes. Saying nothing, the pair disappeared into the small grove of apple trees.

Merry frowned, "I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip."

The smallest Hobbit watched in shock as his friends began to pack up once more.

"What about eleventes? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He's knows about them, doesn't he?"

Hoisting his bag onto his back, Merry gave him a perplexed look, "I wouldn't count on it."

Suddenly, an apple came flying out of the trees. Merry caught it with a look of surprise. Smirking, he took a bite and began to walk on. Pippin, who watched the scene unfold in disbelief, gave a startled yelp as another apple hit his forehead.



By the time the sun began to set, the group left the moors and found themselves in the rugged countryside of the Weatherhills. Grateful for the lack of bugs, there was much less complaining to go around (aside from Pippin's problem with the lack of food stops). Ruya stuck close to Strider's side, talking with him in Elven. Frodo wasn't sure why, but the simple thought of not knowing what they were saying made him uneasy. He could tell that Ruya was happy to finally converse with someone in her native tongue; however, the memory of her speaking Black Speech was still fresh in his mind. And with Elven being similar to it in many ways, he feared she'd become the red eyed daughter of Sauron once more.

"There," he was pulled from his thoughts when Strider pointed to a half collapsed tower in the distance, "it was once the great watchtower of Amon Sul. We shall rest there tonight."

At the sound of rest, the Hobbits picked up their pace. Keeping up with their taller comrades for the rest of the way, they collapsed into the dirt upon reaching their destination. Pulling the bags off their backs, Frodo and Sam began to remove Bill's burdens. The gentle pony didn't move as numerous bags were lifted from his heavy saddle. Pulling a long bag from the pony's back, Strider laid it upon the ground and opened it. Inside were four short swords.

"These are for you," he said, passing them out, "keep them close. And stay here while I have a look around. Ruya," the Elf met his gaze, "will you accompany me?"

Frodo watched with unease as she followed the man. Never before had he and Ruya been separated. From the first day he met her, she was always at his side; watching, smiling, protecting. Now she ran off with a complete stranger. True, he had helped them, but Frodo felt like there was something important the man was hiding from them. He just couldn't put his finger on it.


The sun had gone down by the time the watchtower was once again in Ruya's sight. She and Strider had scouted the surrounding area for any signs of danger, and had also successfully hunted a large deer. As they walked back, their kill strung over Strider's shoulder, they spoke in Elven. Ruya's heart soared with joy at the ability to speak her native tongue. And this man had been taught well. 

"Where did you learn Elven," she asked, "who was your teacher?"

Strider sighed, readjusting his grip on the doe's leg, "My mother. She taught me all about her people ever since I was little."

Ruya paused, staring at him with surprise, "You are an Elandili?!"

He smiled, "No one has called me that for a long time."

Before she could ask another question, a small flickering light caught her attention.

"Oh, those fools," she exclaimed, causing Strider to turn in surprise, "what were they thinking?"

Suddenly, a long shriek tore through the quiet of the night. Ruya froze, sharing a look of utter fear with him. Dropping their kill, the man ran as fast as he could towards the watchtower. The She-Elf, however, easily passed him. He marveled at her grace and speed, almost envious. She soon left him behind, coming upon the watchtower within minutes. Climbing the stairs, she could feel the air become cold. They were already there.

Fear coursed through her veins. The Hobbits couldn't fight; they didn't know how. Sure, Sam and Merry might be able to hold their own for a while, but Frodo and Pippin would be slaughtered. Thought of Frodo lying bleeding on the ground urged her faster. Coming to the top of the watchtower, Ruya faced the backs of five Wraiths. They approached the terrified Hobbits, swords drawn. She met Frodo's relieved gaze as she drew her own sword.

"Oi," the robed figures turned towards her, "Nadorhuanrim! Caela ie'lle!"*

Turning their attention away from the halflings, the five figures moved slowly towards the She-Elf. She readied herself for battle, knowing full well they outnumbered and outmatched her.

"No," Frodo raced forward with his sword, "Ruya! Run!"

The group watched, as though in slow motion, as the Hobbit's sword was knocked from his startled fingers. The Wraith then pulled a dagger from beneath its robes, sinking the blade deep into the boy's shoulder.


"Mr. Frodo!"

The hobbit screamed in pain, falling backwards until he hit the ground. The wound felt cold, yet it still burned like fire. He found it hard to breathe and his vision blurred. His hearing, however, remained intact. So intact, in fact, that he heard the rush of Black Speech pouring from a now red eyed Ruya's mouth.

Sam, Merry, and Pippin watched in horror as their friend stormed up to the closest Wraith. Her hand shot forward, grabbing whatever hid beneath the hood. The Wraiths backed off while the one she held sunk to its knees and grabbed her wrist with its hands.

"Death cannot save you," she said, her voice slightly warped and her eyes glowing, "you will return, and shall continue to do so until I've had my fill of your screams. Now...DIE!"

And with that, the Wraith gave a shriek as a tremendous pressure filled its head. The cry was cut off, however, as a great crunch filled the air. The creature's arms fell limply to its side. The Elf released it, pulling out her blood covered hand. The Hobbits felt themselves go cold. Never before had they seen their precious Ruya like this.

Then, as quickly as it happened, it ended. Ruya's eyes faded back to gold as she lost her ability to stand. Groaning, she began to crawl towards Frodo. The Hobbit reached towards her, whimpering. Laying down beside him, she pulled his shivering body close to her chest. The Wraiths stepped closer, reaching for the She-Elf. Covering Frodo with her own body, Ruya knew she didn't have the energy to fight them off any longer. She felt the other three Hobbits throw themselves on her, shielding her from the cold fingers of her father's minions. Tears welled at the edges of her eyes, causing her to close them. 

Suddenly, a great battle cry made the creatures freeze in their tracks. Strider leaped towards them, sword in one hand and torch in the other. The dark beings were spread apart by his swinging blade, making them easy targets. Fearful of the fire he carried, the Wraiths fled.

The Hobbits backed away, trying to look at Frodo's wound. When Sam tried to pull the Elf away, he found her unconscious.

"Strider," the large Hobbit called, "help him!"

As the man approached, he picked up the knife with disgust, "He's been stabbed by a Morgul blade."

Throwing the weapon aside, he gently touched around the wound. Frodo gasped in pain, giving a sharp cry.

"Do something!"

"This is beyond my skill to heal," he said, nodding to Sam, "carry him. We need to get to Rivendell."

Merry helped Sam pick Frodo up while Strider gently threw Ruya over his shoulder.

"But we're six days from Rivendell," Pippin said fearfully, "he'll never make it."

Reaching Bill, Strider laid Ruya across his back and then hung Frodo beside her. Taking the pony's reigns, he led the group on as fast as they could towards Rivendell, the house of Elrond.

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