Caught Like a Fly (Ronnie Radke)

Charlie is a 23 year old with a big problem. She's in love with her best friend Ronnie. Ronnie is in love with a girl already. Will he stay with her or fall for Charlie?


4. Surprises await you (part 1)

"Hey ,Charlie baby?" Andy said as I started to get dressed. I turned to look at him and he pulled me close to him, " I'm so sorry for what I did last month... I couldn't control my anger because the thought of you leaving me for another man kills me. I really wish I didn't hit you. That days still haunts my dreams, but I promise I will never hurt you again, okay?" He whimpered softly and kissed my head.

"I forgive you, Andrew. I will always forgive you no matter what," I said looking up at him and kissing him softly. He kissed me back with love and passion. I loved this man nothing was gonna come between us. 

Last month while we were still on Warped tour, there was a guy from another band flirting with me. His name was Justin Hills and he had asked me out on a date, but Andy overheard before I could say I was with him. So as any protective boyfriend would do, he stormed over and cussed, Justin out. He then took me to the bus and we got into a huge fight over it. I had my fair share of things that were said and Andy got really mad and slapped me across the face. It scared me more than it hurt. I then proceeded to run out of the bus and into a crowd of fans to Ronnie's bus. Ronnie comforted me until, Andy found me. Andy took me into his arms and cried that he was sorry over and over. I forgave him because I love him. It was one the scariest days of my life. 

Now Andy and I are okay. We realized there needed to be separation between Justin and I. So there is. I smiled at him as we finished in the bathroom and walked out. I sat down as he did and crawled on his lap. The boys had already left to go somewhere sine it was their day off. I faced Andy and straddled him a bit, "Hi, babygirl," He said with smile, placing his forehead on mine. 

"Hi ,Andybear," I giggled softly as he placed his lips on mine gently. Our lips moved perfectly in sync and I melted into his arms. He was so sweet and gentle with me, I knew I loved this man. Ronnie could never replace what Andy and I have. 

"Hey ,Dragonfly?" Andy mumbled against my lips. 

"Yes my , White Rabbit?" I giggled and looked at him with a smile. 

"Do you wanna go somewhere with me?" He asked and I nodded. He smiled and picked me up," Alright baby, let's go shopping really quick and then we'll go. Sound good?" I nodded and smiled wider. He set me down and we put on our shoes and I grabbed one of his leather jackets that I loved. It was a little chilly outside even though it was summer. We walked out of the bus and went to the nearest Mall. 

When we got there we immediately went into Hottopic for me. I got a pretty dress some new combats. Andy got some new jeans and a couple band tees. We then went to a couple other stores and left. 

When we got back Andy had me change into the new dress and he changed into a short sleeve dress shirt and dress pants with a pair of dress boots. I put on some white heels and did my hair all pretty, "Where are we going baby?" I asked as he got me into a taxi.

"You'll see baby."

(The dress she got)


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