Caught Like a Fly (Ronnie Radke)

Charlie is a 23 year old with a big problem. She's in love with her best friend Ronnie. Ronnie is in love with a girl already. Will he stay with her or fall for Charlie?


1. Sink or Swim

I walked onto the stage with Ronnie. He smiled and continued to tell me about how was gonna be playing there that night. He had just gotten out of prison, released an album, and now playing his first show.

That was two years ago in 2011. 

Now Ronnie is as big as he wanted to be. He has a new album, million of fans, and the bad one was he never wanted me around anymore. It was because of his girlfriend Marie. She hated me. 

I walked into the tour bus that Andy was in. I saw him playing video games and I walked over to him. I brushed the pink hair out my eyes. He stood up and wrapped his arms around me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. Yes, I was dating Andy Biersack.

"Hey baby girl," He said kissing my neck. I giggled softly. I pulled away and looked outside for the boys. They were nowhere to be seen. I smiled and pulled Andy on the couch with me. He got the idea and started kissing me roughly. I pulled at the bottom of his Avenge Sevenfold shirt. He pulled away and pulled it off, breathing quite heavily. I noticed he was listening to Sleeping with Sirens DejaVu. Perfect. Andy started kissing me again. 

"HOLY SHIT ANDY IS TRYING TO FUCK CHAR CHAR!" I heard a familiar voice. Andy pulled away quicker than I could say to get off. I looked to see Ronnie. Cmon now! 

"Ronnie?" I said to him standing up and fixing my hair. 

"Hey Charlie," he said waving nervously. 

"Why the fuck are you here, Ronald?" I said angry, "I thought that bitch did't want you near me?"  That bitch is Marie. 

"I didn't know you'd  be her, but I knew your boyfriend would be!" The bitch said coming in the bus. I clenched my teeth. 

" I don't want you near my boyfriend! You'll steal him from me too! You whore!" I nearly yelled. 

"I don't want your ugly ass boyfriend!"

"Hey I'm right here! Also, I got more than your boyfriend!"  Andy chimed in. 

"Hey dude!" Ronnie yelled at him. Soon everyone was yelling at each other. I had enough of them already. 

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" I screamed. I took the pocket knife out off my purse and pointed it at Marie.  They started to walk out, "It's sink or swim Ronnie, and you just sunk in her power. I will not do it anymore! Until you and her are done, we will not be friends!" They got out and I slammed the door shut and locked it.

"Holy shit babe! I've never seen you that angry! That was hot!" Andy said. I rolled my eyes and got a monster out from the mini fridge. I sat on the couch and drank it. Andy sat and wrapped his arm around me. 

"Baby, I'm not in the mood anymore," I said. He nodded.

"That's okay baby girl. We can just sit here and talk." 


"Tell me why you get so mad when he's around," Andy said curiously. 

"We used to be such good friends and that he's dating her it's like I'm not even important anymore. When I was 13 he was always there for me when my parents were fighting. He was my best friend and I wish he would drop her and understand that I need him in my life," I felt the tears fall down my cheeks. Andy wiped them away and kissed my cheek. 

"My poor baby. I know how he was there when you did drugs," he said sternly. I nodded. Yes, Ronnie and I did drugs together when he was 20 and I was 13. That was almost ten years ago though. 

"I miss him, Andrew," I cried. 

"I know Charlie," he whispered. I closed my eyes and cried. I miss my best friend. 

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