Caught Like a Fly (Ronnie Radke)

Charlie is a 23 year old with a big problem. She's in love with her best friend Ronnie. Ronnie is in love with a girl already. Will he stay with her or fall for Charlie?


3. Don't Mess with Ouija Boards or in This Case Andy Biersack (Charlie's POV)

I threw my popcorn at Ronnie and he turned on the movie. It was my favorite, Warm Bodies. He took the bowl from me, set it on the shelf, and tackle me into the bed, "Help I'm being crushed!" I yelled poking his belly. He giggled. He got off and sat on the bed. He pulled me onto his lap and leaned back against the wall. I was now high enough to reach the popcorn. I grabbed it and popped some in my mouth. 

"Can I have some, Char?" Ronnie asked smiling. I nodded and he grabbed some. I saw a figure out the corner of my eye. I turned my head to see a very angry Andy. Ronnie sat me next to him and got up, "Andy, it's not what it looks like!" He said putting his hands in front of Andy. I shook on the bed. I didn't want him to hit me again. 

"Charlie come back to the bus! Now!" Andy commanded. I obeyed and walked to him. Ronnie looked at me worried. I shrugged. Andy grabbed my arm and led me out the bus to his. When we got in he almost threw me next to the boys on the couch. I looked at the boys scared. Andy stormed off to the back

"What the fuck were you thinking Charlie? You know he can't control himself sometimes!" Jinxx yelled. 

"I don't know, maybe my best friend finally wanted me back in his life!" I said getting up and going the bunks. I saw Andy's and mine bunk curtain closed, "Andy?" I said.

"Go away, Charlotte," I didn't listen. I opened the curtain and climbed in. He tuned to face me," I told you to go away," his eyes were tear stained. He had been crying? 

"I will never go away when my Andybear needs cuddles," I said snuggling up to him. I kissed his neck softly.  

"Charlie, no we can't. They'll hear," he groaned. 

"I don't care, let them hear. I owe you this," I closed the curtain and sat up in the bunk. I let my hair out of its messy bun. Andy loved tugging at it. I climbed over top of him and kissed his neck again. He let out a low groan and let his hands explore my curves. His hands found their way to my ass and he gave it a squeezed. I gasped and he chuckled. Ronnie never made me this turned on, only Andy did. Maybe my feelings for Ronnie are just in my  head? 


I awoke up early the next morning. My naked body sprawled out on Andy's. I had my head nuzzled into his neck. I heard him snore lightly. I smiled and got out of bed. I threw on some Batman undies and Andy's Batman tee shirt. I walked out to the kitchen area and pulled out some pancake mix. I start to mix it together with some water, then pour it into the pan. I felt arms around my waist and a kiss on my head, "Hey beautiful," I heard Andy's deep voice. 

"Hey handsome, you hungry?" I asked flipping a pancake. 

"Starving, baby. Smells really good," he said sleepy. His voice was raspy and dry, but sexy. I giggled and got him a plate. I made him fresh, hot pancakes. I think four should be enough. Andy doesn't eat too much. He kissed my cheek before sitting at the table. The rest of the boys came out and got breakfast. I got my pancakes finally and sat at the table. Andy was finished but he sat with me anyways. He wrapped his arm around me as I ate. I put way too much syrup on my pancakes. Just the way I like them. CC did the same and smiled at me. We were like brother and sister. 

I finished eating and got up to shower.  I asked Andy if he wanted to join. He nodded and followed. I got in and Andy got in, wrapped his arms around my waist, and sat his chin on top of my head. We sat there for ten minutes, letting the hot water run down our bodies. I started to wash my body and Andy did the same. I rinsed off and washed my hair. I got out after rinsing and wrapped my body in a towel before pulling out my blowdryer. My pink hair looked almost purple when wet. I dried it and Andy came out in a towel. He grabbed his phone and took a picture of us kissing in our towels. He tweeted,  "Just got out the shower with my heart, She so beautiful when she has no makeup on and her hair is wet. I love you baby ;)" I seriously think I'm in love with this man. I'm sure my feelings for Ronnie were just in my head. 


Authors note

Extra long chapter todayyyy!! Will Ronnie and Charlie get together or will she stay with Andy? 

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