You don't have to read..

I just need somewhere that I can write about life and my parents won't find it.. They're ever so nosy


1. Basics

My two bffs are acting like I'm not there. They just go off together and talk about sports, and they know I hate sports. I don't even feel wanted there, with my 'friends'. 

The boy I like is flirting with me and my enemy. I just can't stand it. I want him for  myself. I know that sounds greedy though. I just want him to make up his mind. And I think he knows that I like him and everyone says he likes me back but why would he flirt with my enemy then? I just don't get why he can't pick.

The only friend I feel close too now is a girl that I only talk to at my horse riding stables. She's in my year too but her friends hate me. I don't feel like anyone wants me.

I talk to some friends in other countries by post but I accidently made them break up with their girlfriend. I said that I missed him because he dumped me for this girl and now I think he is in depression...


I am not suicidal but I do tear off the scabs on my cuts that i got on my leg from falling off my bike. 

My parents love me and I can tell that but they much rather my little brother. They give him then gifts and love. I get some too but not nearly as many as him.








Thank you for reading about my boring life...



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