A fictional story about a girl who meets up with Nicki Minaj not just for chilling and talking....


1. www.seemenow.com

I stopped at my locker after school. There was a piece of paper wedged between the door. I slipped it out, expecting a letter from a secret admirer, or something like that. But it was only a website scribbled in my best friend, Jaqulyn, handwriting. Mercedes check out this website. You make an account, and if someone thinks your cute, they'll contact you. Keep in mind these someone's are FAMOUS!! The website is www.seemenow.com. Jaqulyn has a thing with being contacted by the famous. This is like the fourth note that she's given me. None of the previous ones worked. I shook my head. Jaqulyn and I were both Juniors in high school. I wonder when she'll give these stupid things up. I thought to myself. I closed my locker door, and headed outside to my car. My mom bought me a Mercedes Benz and everybody at my school thinks it's funny to shout 'Mercedes! Can I take a ride in your Mercedes?' I swear, I thought to myself, people at my school need to grow up. I opened the car door, threw all my stuff on the passenger seat, got in, buckled up, and took off with the music on full blast.

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