What Makes You Beautiful

Riley Summers is your everyday overweight girl, who thinks looking like a model is the only way to be beautiful. In her pursuit of realizing her dream, she comes to terms with her blind belief of magazine covers and the truth behind what makes you beautiful. [Cover by Lucy Style]


4. 3. The Worst Day


I was in my seat, watching the students fill in to the classroom. They talked about things that I had no interest in.

“Rave and Janette hooked up in the Spring Valley resort!”

“I heard she’s pregnant!”

“Rave is known for his Casanova ways...”

“Why does he have to be so dreamy?”

So, Rave and Janette were the talk of the day. By tomorrow, a new thing would be circulating. I never understood what the importance of such meaningless gossip was.

I saw the teacher enter, perhaps I was the only one because no one stopped to pause his or her chatter for him.

“Okay, guys,” Mr. Ross cleared his throat, “Back to your seats.”

In a minute, the class was organised.

“Good morning,” he wished and began taking attendance.

There was a knock on the classroom door.  Mr. Ross excused himself and spoke to someone in hurried whispers. Once again, I was the only one to notice that. The class had resumed their chatter as soon as Mr. Ross was out.

I sat on the farthest end of the classroom, right by the window. No one sat near me. It felt as if there was some invisible barrier. So the only empty seats were seats next to me.

Mr. Ross entered and cleared his throat. He cleared his throat a lot.

“We have a new student,” he announced, “Mister Jensen, please enter.”

As soon as the student entered, there was silence followed by series of gasps.

“Oh my God, just look at him!”

“He is so hot, isn’t he?”

“Wow! We are lucky to have him in our class.”

“Looks like a jerk.”

“He’s an ass.”

When my eyes took sight of the student, I gasped too.

It was the guy I had met earlier.

“Kyle, please,” he told Mr. Ross, “Just Kyle will do.”

“Okay, Kyle, then,” Mr. Ross laughed and addressing us he said, “He has come all the way from Spring Valley. He is new to Paragon Valley and of course, new to this school. He has joined in the middle of the year, so be nice to him. Go take your place,” a pause as he glanced around the classroom, “next to Riley. She is nice and will help you with your work.”

Kyle looked at me and in the instant, he saw my face, he frowned.

“Actually, Riley,” Mr. Ross began and I knew what was to come, I dreaded it, “why don’t you show him around? You are nice and you have been here since Elementary school. Since, he will be sitting next to you, you have to help him with class work and clarify every doubt he has. Is that okay?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but my voice refused to come out. I nodded slowly.

“But, Mister Ross,” Georgina wailed, “I have no problem in showing him around at all. I would be glad to. As an honorary member of the President’s club, I would in fact be-”

Mr. Ross sighed and asked, “What is the rule, Georgina?”

“No, if’s and but’s in your class,” she murmured.

“You know!” he exclaimed. “Don’t make me remind you every time.”

“Why is Mr Ross so nice to Humpty?”

“Don’t worry, G. He won’t be able to stand her.”

I tuned out the chatter and curled myself up inwards.

My eyes were fixated on the table when he had stopped in front of my desk.

“Mr. Teacher,” he called, “Can I sit in the front? I have a very good eyesight and I don’t want to spoil my eyes by looking at a thing I don’t want to.”

The class sniggered. This was annoying. He didn’t even know me and he already hates me? I didn’t even do anything. What was his problem?

“Look, G. He already hates her.”

“No one ever wants to be around Fatso.”

Mr. Ross seemed oblivious to what he meant.

“Yeah, sure,” he replied. “Sit wherever you want.”

Taking his seat in front of mine, he muttered, “I’m having the worst day of my life.”

Somewhat, I felt the same. Although everyday was worse, I never had to suffer insults from one person thrice in one day. I was the one having the worst day.


A/N: I know it's probably very vague and there seems to be no reason why he hates her. All will be revealed in good time. Do let me know your views on this.

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