What Makes You Beautiful

Riley Summers is your everyday overweight girl, who thinks looking like a model is the only way to be beautiful. In her pursuit of realizing her dream, she comes to terms with her blind belief of magazine covers and the truth behind what makes you beautiful. [Cover by Lucy Style]


2. 1. Let's Meet Riley Summers


Hi. My name is Riley Summers.

You might get the impression that I’m one of those cool bikini-wearing girls at the beach during the summers or those who have tons of friends to shop with and make silly jokes with. Yeah, my mom and dad would have wanted me to be one of them.

Sadly, I disappoint them. I’m nothing they could have imagined when they made love to each other in Tokyo and created me. It’s no wonder they don’t let me stay with them. I make a bad impression on everyone.

I wish I could say that I at least looked pretty or hot or had a thin body, but I can’t because I don’t.

I’m Riley Summers, a 16 year old over-weight girl.

No, you didn’t just enter Over-Weight Anonymous.

You just entered into a story-telling session.

I’m the story-teller, I’m the subject and you, my people, are the listeners.

I will tell it to anyone who wants to hear.

I will share it to those who want to listen.

I will tell you my story.

A story that would change my life.

Hopefully, change your beliefs on what beauty really is.

So, let’s start from the very beginning.

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