Love is stronger than fear (dramione)

The War is over and the golden trio are on their way back to Hogwarts to re-do their seventh year since they did not get to complete it, and the golden trio and their friends are not the only ones to return to Hogwarts, (ex) death eater Draco Malfoy also retire and gets the spot of Head Boy which is terrible news for Hermione since she got the spot of Head Girl. When they arrive at Hogwarts they soon find out they have to share a common room which not only upset Draco and Hermione but makes Ron seriously jealous, even though he broke up with Hermione to go back to Lavendar Brown. When one of them develop feeling for the other will i tend in smile and love or tears and hate. Rumors start to go around that the Dark Lord ay rise again which puts fear into everyone. Will Draco and Hermione be able to express their feeling for each other or will the fear or being seen with a death eater during this time of panic ruin anything the could possibly have ….


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : 

Hermione’s POV: 

“Oh no, this can’t be happening” I said to myself as I looked at the note in front of me “Whats wrong Mione?” Ginny asked “I have to go to a cabin on the train for the head boy and head girl” I said with a frown. Obliviously Ginny did not know who the head boy was because I had not told her it was Draco who had gotten the position of head boy. There was still a good 3 hours left of the train ride and I did NOT want to have to spend that long with Malfoy. “Why don’t you look exited about this Mione?” Ginny had a confused look on her face as she asked me this, “Because I know who the head boy is and I really don’t want to spend the rest of the ride in a cabin with him.” I ended with a frown again like last time. “Wait, you knew who it was and didn’t tell me… WHY… WHEN DID YOU FIND OUT… and most importantly WHO?!!?!” She started yelling and it brought everyone else’s attention to me waiting for me to answer to Ginny’s questions. I cleared my throat and spoke “Yes I knew, I didn’t tell you because you would go ballistic, I found out when I went to go walk around before and the head boy this year is … its.. umm it.. theheadboyismalfoy” I rushed the end of it. “What was that last part Hermione” Luna asked me, I cleared my throat again and said “It may or may not be Malfoy” I quickly looked away waiting for the riot from my friends to come but it didn’t. Well thats what I thought, when I looked back up everyone looked very confused, until Ron spoke up and broke the silence, “How the bloody hell did Malfoy of al people a bloody death eater, get the position of head boy at Hogwarts, how does that work!!!” Thats what started it, the whole cabin of friends started going off about how unfair and stupid it was that Malfoy had gotten head boy. I thought to myself that it would be Harry but he said he didn’t want to because he wanted a stress free year for once and same thing happened with Ron, but I never would have guessed that Professor McGonagall would have picked Malfoy as head boy, I would have thought she would have chose Neville or some one like him. I came back to reality and out of my thought to only hear my friends all still going crazy about the news. 


I knew nobody was going to stop soon so I grabbed my big bag, and put the book I was reading in my little bag, stood up and walked to of the cabin and headed towards the end of the train. I reached the last compartment of the train and opened the sliding door to see a whole room, not little individual cabins but one huge room, it had a huge sofa couch at the very end and two on the sides, a space to put our luggage, a mini fridge with sodas, drinks and some lollies in it and many more things that would take way too long to list. I grabbed my late bag and slung my small one over my shoulder and walked over to the area for our bags and place them down, after grabbing my book from my small bag. I went over to the couch which was placed at the end of the room and sat down with my legs curled up to my chest and opened my book to where I was up to. It had been about 5 minuets since I had gotten to the room when I heard the sliding door open and when I looked up from my book I saw a pleasantly surprised Malfoy looking around the room, until his gaze dropped to me, when it did his smile kinda of dropped. He nodded as a hello to me and picked up his bangs and placed them next to mine. I put my head back down and continued to  read as I heard a small door opening, when I looked up from my book I saw Malfoy opening the mini-fridge. As if he could feel me looking he turned his head and looked straight at me, “Did you want anything from it Granger?” I was shocked that it sounded like an offer to get me something but he would probably reply with something like ‘well get it yourself then’ or ‘why should I get anything for you, filthy mudblood’ so I shook my head not expecting a response “Well it says help yourself on it so… yeah” I was taken aback by the fact that he continued to talk to me, but once again I simply nodded and continued to read my book. 


It had been about an hour since Malfoy and myself came into this room and it was the definition of awkward, everything was silent until I heard a knocking, well more like pecking at the window, Malfoy clearly heard it too because he turned his head toward the window it was coming from. We both got up from the couched we were sitting on and went over the the empty couch, which is where the window that had the pecking on it had came from. Once we got there we just stood, after a while I had enough of just standing and stepped forward and pulled the curtains that covered the window open, revealing a grey owl with a note attached to its foot. I opened the window only to have the owl swoop into the room knocking both me and Malfoy down, which ended up with me on the floor and Malfoy on top of my holding himself up by his hands which were either side of my body and his knees which were either side of my legs. “Sorry” I heard him mumble quietly as he pushed himself up, allowing my to sit up, just before I saw a hand in front of me, not realising what I was doing I grabbed and was pulled up by it. It took me a second before realising Malfoy just helped me up and apologised both in the same 5 minuets. I walked over to where the grey owl was now sitting, I took the small note off its ankle and it flew off almost immediately. 




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