Love is stronger than fear (dramione)

The War is over and the golden trio are on their way back to Hogwarts to re-do their seventh year since they did not get to complete it, and the golden trio and their friends are not the only ones to return to Hogwarts, (ex) death eater Draco Malfoy also retire and gets the spot of Head Boy which is terrible news for Hermione since she got the spot of Head Girl. When they arrive at Hogwarts they soon find out they have to share a common room which not only upset Draco and Hermione but makes Ron seriously jealous, even though he broke up with Hermione to go back to Lavendar Brown. When one of them develop feeling for the other will i tend in smile and love or tears and hate. Rumors start to go around that the Dark Lord ay rise again which puts fear into everyone. Will Draco and Hermione be able to express their feeling for each other or will the fear or being seen with a death eater during this time of panic ruin anything the could possibly have ….


3. Chapter 2

Hermiones POV: We all sat down in the cabin with Ginny next to me and a empty seat next to her with Harry in front of me and Ron in front of his sister. Me and Ginny had just finished out conversation about how I had gotten head girl this year and we were both wondering who the head boy was going to be. As we finished out conversation we heard Harry and Ron talking about Quittich and how Harry was the team captain of Gryfindor this year. After about 5 minuets Luna and Neville came into the cabin, Luna sitting next to Ginny and Neville sitting next to Ron. Once I said my hellos to the both of them I stop listening to all of the conversations going on around and started thinking about what had happened over the break with Ron, not that I wanted to but I just couldn’t stop thinking about what happen and how stupid I was to not see it coming. ~~~~~FLASHBACK ~~~~~ (Still Hermiones POV ) I was at the burrow with the Molly, Arthur, George, Ginny, Ron and Harry, I wanted to spend some with Ron because we haven’t really been alone or able to hang out together in what seemed like forever. At the start of their relationship it was great, we would do lots of things together, like go to muggle movies, the zoo and many more things but it all seemed to stop after about 2-3 weeks after we shared their first kiss, he had become more distant and we had not spend as much time together as we use to… actually we didn’t spend time alone together at all. I decide to go look fro Ron but he was no where in the house. “You looking for Ron?” I heard a voice ask me from behind, I turned to see George looking at me, I replied by simply nodding. “I saw him in the fireplace using Floo power to go somewhere, I think I heard him say Diagon Alley” “Thanks George, seeya later” He nodded goodbye to me before walking away up the stair. I grabbed my bag, walked over to the fireplace, grabbed a hand full of floo power and spoke clear “DIAGON ALLEY”. Within seconds I was in Diagon Alley, I walked down the streets and turned into a small cafe to grab a coffee, but when I walked in I was not pleased, I was completely shocked, more mad then I thought was even possible, “RONALD WEASLY WHAT ON EART DO YOU K YOU ARE DOING!!” My yelling made Ron look up from the girl he was snogging and revealed the familiar yet unpleasing face of Lavendar Brown. ~~~~END OF FLASHBACK~~~~~ ~~~BACK ON THE TRAIN~~ (Still Hermiones POV) With these thoughts running and replying in my head I couldn’t stand to be in the same cabin with the guy who broke my heart and stood up, not meaning to, but made everyone look “Are you ok Mione” I heard to voice of my best friend asking me. “Yeah I’m fine Ginny, Im just going to go for a walk” I told her, and everyone else who was listening to the reason I stood. “Ok” I heard not knowing who had said it because my mind was such a blur right now. I slid open the door to our cabin and walked out of it, I went down the narrow train compartments with my head down and my hands playing with the golden badge on my robes that read ‘HEAD GIRL’ . I continued to walk until I bashed into a wall, wait since when were walls fleshy, with this I looked up to see the face of the platinum haired boy Draco Malfoy. “Sorry” I mumbled under my breath and he nodded in reply and was about to walk off again when I saw some gold shine on his robes. “Your Head Boy!” “Your Head Girl!” We said at the same time. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no I thought over and over in my head and sped walked back to my cabin and sat, gaining a few strange looks from people and shot a ‘Don’t even get me started’ look at them. I had finally started to relax after about 10 minuets until I heard a knock on our cabin door and a first year was standing there with a note in his hand and passed the note to me. “Oh no, this cant be happening” I said to myself as I looked at the note. Dear Miss Granger, I would like to con graduate you on you new role as head girl. Could you please collect you luggage and tell your friends you will see them when you all arrive at Hogwarts and make you way to the last cabin of the train, this is the head boy/girl cabin for the rest of the ride to school. Have a nice ride and see you when you arrive at Hogwarts. ~Yours truly Professor Minerva McGonagall. THANK YOU IF YOU ARE READING THIS STORY, I KNOW IT HAS NOT HAD MANY READS BUT THOSE WHO HAVE READ IT THANK YOU. I WILL TRY TO UPDATE MORE OFTEN. PLEASE COMMENT YOUR OPIONS OF HOW YOU LIKE THE STORY SO FAR I LOVE TO HEAR OPIONS. XX JESS XX
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