You can be my Romeo..

Don't be afraid? What is there to be afraid of, when fear is all that welcomes you and the dark is all you see? Cassie hasn't ever be afraid but until she held possession of love, the kind that hides reality.


3. Unforgettable

'Do you have a girlfriend?' I remember Lily asking Mr Jordon, he shook his head. She turned my way bitting her lip, I laughed shaking my head.

'Lily, you shouldn't be asking that' I laughed, I remember seeing Andy my boyfriend smiling towards me. His smile is so unforgettable.

'Hey Cas?' My sister stood in the doorway, leaning. I swinged my chair around, humming a yeah of some sort. 'Why don't you have a party?' She asked.

'For real?' I asked in excitement. She nodded.

'Only if you clean your mess the next day' She grinned, I stared perhaps she's lying.

'Where you going then?' I asked, she blushed.

'Jake's' She said, I nodded.

'When will you be leaving?' I asked.

'Friday' She said. I nodded, but my mind thought why would she let me? Maybe I've grown or I've matured. No, none. Maybe it's a heart of trust. Maybe so. 'Goodnight' She said, I smiled.

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