You can be my Romeo..

Don't be afraid? What is there to be afraid of, when fear is all that welcomes you and the dark is all you see? Cassie hasn't ever be afraid but until she held possession of love, the kind that hides reality.


2. A lie to obtain

                                                                          POV:\ Cassie

It's a world of wonder, a world of terror, a world of crime but our worst crime has always been,  lying. Not all lies, are white but not all are black. But not all lies, are from words. Giving someone a false, love. Putting on a pretty face and putting your problems a side. Chewing back the words, leaving them unsaid. But forgetting is a lie. A lie, so powerful. But that lie can make you feel something other then empties and pain.

My lie, is a mask to obtains, the people around me. A lie to hide and forget so much but so little. I'm Cassidy, but Cassie is what I'm known for. Maybe because of the day, I decided to be different or the day I decided to change everything about me. I'm not all pretty as they all say, I have ugly secrets. I'm not kind ,I just have a false personality. If you want to know me, then you have to see my walls falling. Till then, know me as Cassie.

I was peacefully sleeping, under neath the warmth of my sheets and half of my face buried into my pillow. But peace never lasts. My alarm begin to shout beside me, my attempts failed. The final trail of turning it off, I was fully awake. I walked to the bathroom, and switched on the lights. It was like seeing the light for the every first, it forced me to close them.

I scrolled through my drawers for a pair of singlets, in hopes for a black one. I pulled one out and threw to my bed, then I searched for black jeans, wasn't hard. As I was already wearing my Bra and Briefs, I wore my chose of clothes.

'Cassie' My sister Lizzie popped her out, as I was getting my flats on.

'Yes' I replied.

'I won't be home tonight, you can have a friend or two over.' She said, I already knew where she was off.

'I'm staying at Lily's' She nods. I through books and pens into my bag pack, and putted on the strip. I ran down stairs to my sister, so she could give me a ride. She was the school's nurse and was a bartender at some bar in the city.

'Thanks' I said as I got out of the car. While I walked within search for either my Boyfriend or best friend, either came in sight. I walked to my next class, to be the only student. After a minute a was followed by someone dressed in work suit.

'Were we attended to dress up, today I asked?' I asked, pulling my singlet. He laughed, it made me feel all gooey inside.

'No, I'm your teacher' He said.

'You seem pretty young to be a teacher' I said, more of a question then a statement.

'I just Graduate from Uni' He said, I nodded letting it all in. 'What's your name?' He asked.

'Cassie' I said lending on both of my hands. 'You?' I asked

'Tyler' He said, he's being smiling since he walked in. 'But in school hours, Mr Jordon' As he finished saying that, a few other people came in.

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