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"Destiny..." He whispered His face came closer to mine And I looked into his gorgeous eyes. I really wanted to kiss him but i was so afraid. Afraid he would leave me. So scared he would break my heart. "I can't .. I'm sorry" i looked down to my feet. his hands touched my face. i looked up again. "Just forget the world" His voice sounded soft. And then his lips crashed on mine. It felt so amazing and all my worries disappeared for a moment.


1. chapter 1

It has been a year. A years since i made the biggest mistake of my life. A year.. since i wanted to give up. But i'm still here. Luckily not as broken as i was before. I didn't want to kill or hurt myself anymore. Still I wasn't fully recovered. I am afraid of the most important thing in this world .... love.

I walked in to school with my big oversized sweater on to hide my ugly body from all the people who walked around in this hell hole called school. I already felt anxious about this all.

i really hate attention. If i could Disappear i would. I opened my locker and picked out my english book and walked to my first class i sat down in the last row and made myself so small as possible.

just before the teacher started talking my best friend Emiley walked into the room and sat down next to me. " hey Destiny don't look so sad." her voiced sounded happy. We were really diffrent from eachother. She was this happy girl who loved fashion with all her heart. she was also a lot more confident than me. "I'm not sad." i said while faking a smile.

"have you seen this new student ? he is really handsome! Maybe you will finally get a boyfriend!!!" she cheered and laughed the biggest smile. Emily already had a boyfriend. His name was Derek and he was really nice.

i never had a boyfriend. i have been rejected a lot of times it just makes me sad thinking about it. i fell in love way to many times. when you are broken you love each boy who gives you a change and who is nice to you thats why i fell in love two times with two of my best guy friends. and they both said the same thing.

" i"m sorry but i only like you as a friend"

it had really hurt me that the people who saved me from doing things to myself and helped me trough things. could never like or even love me. now i never talk to them anymore. they dind't need me or just thought i was annoying.

"hellooo? are you listening?" the sound of Emilys voice woke me up from my daydream. "yeah i am i just don't think he will like me. why would he?" "because you are amazing and sweet and beautiful" she smiled at me again. why was she so positive? "yeah sure..." i tried hard not to sound sarcastic.

the next 30 minutes of this lesson i thought about other boys that i had liked. there was this one boy who talked to me a lot. i told him everything and i didn't even know why i did it. then i started to like him cause he was nice but when i told him that i liked him.. something bad happened. And it wasn't even his fault.


i walked into class and i saw his best friend. he looked at me with an evil smirk on his face. and i knew something was wrong.

"so Destiny i heard you like jack?" cole said

"no i don't.." i said softly

"well he told me you did" the rest of the boys started laughing at me.

i knew i just had to let it slide and ignore it but i already felt depressed so this was hurting more then it should.

they kept saying things about it even mean things and in last lesson i couldn't hold it anymore. and at that moment i said the sentece i shouldn't had said.

" you are all so mean. you make feel worthless and make me wish i was dead. maybe i'm better of dead"

i ran to the bathroom and cried. it was my fault this happened i should just kept my mouth shut.

end of flashback*

I didn't want to think about it anymore but its so hard to let go of the past.

* A/n i hoped you like the first chapter if i made a lot of spelling mistakes i am sorry you can always comment byezzz

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