We're better off together

Hi my name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me Liz, my life isn't normal see my brother is the one and only louis Tomlinson from one direction. Our parents died in a car crash about a year ago when I was fifteen and louis was seventeen. I had to live in an orphanage because louis couldn't look after me and I had no where else to go. He said when he was old enough he would adopt me. I hate living here. I don't know what's going to happen when we go on tour and louis warns me not to fall for any of the boys. I do and someone else has fallen for me who do I choose.


2. Reunions

Liz's POV 

I went into the waiting room and I saw him and they boys standing there. I ran over to them and gave Lou a hug then Harry I know his name because I might sorta have a crush on him just a fan crush I know I'd never get a chance with him he's famous and I'm just me. Then Harry said whoese this lovely lady. Me being me I blushed like mad the Lou steped in and helped save the moment and I gave him our secret thanks look.

Lou's POV

This is Elizabeth the one who I said was my sister that I was going to adopt. She is the most amazing sister and my only sister.

Liz- Aww thanks Lou I love you too. 

Liam- Aww you guys are so cute   

Flash back 

I promise ill get you in two years when I'm old enough. 

End of flash back

Lou's POV 

See Liz I promised I would come back for you. I knew you would Lou and that's why I love you. So Liz have you got your stuff yeah ill just go get it. As I was walking away a voice said ill help I knew that voice any where it was Harry so I said yes please. We walked up to my room and got my stuff. Then outta the blue Harry said wow you play guitar like Lou I said yeah this isn't mine though its Lou's Haz then looked he looked at me shocked I'm sorry Harry he then said Liz it's fine then he lent in and kissed me I felt sparks in my stomach. So Haz can you keep a secret yeah he said well this guitar it's Lou's for his birthday does he have it already no Liz he doesn't okay good. Um Haz we better go meet the others they'll think something's wrong. Yeah let's go he said. When we get back to the boys I hide louis present behind my back and say Lou I got you something he then says aww thanks little sis you didn't have to. Then I get it from behind and shout HAPPY B'DAY BIG BRO. He then shouts back YOU REMEMBERED. Then we remembered the boys standing there cluelessly then I explained the whole  story about how he always used to look at it in the shop window. As we started walking out I pull Lou over and say Lou don't tell the others but Harry kissed me but before I could finish he burst out in anger "I'm going to kill him I told him not to" look Lou it's fine I enjoyed it Liz it's not he'll break your heart and so will the others. One the way home there was an akward silence in the car. 

Harry's POV

Wow she's pretty I wonder if she likes me. Come on Harry every girl likes you and she called you Haz. I wonder what Lou would say if I dated her. Maybe ill kiss her and see what happens.  

Niall's POV

Wow she's pretty I wonder if she likes me. Come on Niall you see the way she looks at Harry she   obvious likes him better . I wonder what Lou would say if I dated her. Maybe ill kiss her and see what happens.  



Just to let you know I'm a huge directioner so I have nothing against any of the boys I love them all its just part of the story  



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