We're better off together

Hi my name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me Liz, my life isn't normal see my brother is the one and only louis Tomlinson from one direction. Our parents died in a car crash about a year ago when I was fifteen and louis was seventeen. I had to live in an orphanage because louis couldn't look after me and I had no where else to go. He said when he was old enough he would adopt me. I hate living here. I don't know what's going to happen when we go on tour and louis warns me not to fall for any of the boys. I do and someone else has fallen for me who do I choose.


3. Home at last I think.....

Liz's POV

When we got home louis showed me to my room and when I walked in it was the most amazing room I had ever seen it was aqua and white. I also had my own bathroom and walk in wardrobe. After I had a look around Lou said why don't we go shopping in a few days I asked why and he said you need some new cloths. Lou it's fine I have enough no Liz I wanna get you some your my little sister I wanna spoil you kay, fine I said.

 Later on that day

After I had finished unpacking I went down to see the boys watching a movie. What you watching Toy story of course yay my favourite movie. When's lunch yeah Niall said I'm hungry what how can you be Harry said to Niall you just had a whole bag of chips and you didn't share, what I don't share said Niall I only share if you are nice. Back to the question I can go make you guys some lunch if you want kay Liz says Zayn. While I'm cooking Harry come in and say what smells so good I'm making pizza what you can cook yeah well that's a plus in my books thanks I guess. Hey Liz Harry asks why you so nervous around me did I do something wrong no no no it's fine Harry. No Liz I wanna know what I've done it's nothing if you really wanna know I like you and turns away and I know you don't like me even if you did which I know you don't Lou wouldn't approve. Liz I know i've only know you for not even a day but I really like you to what say you like me how could you I'm normal and your famous I have one question harry asks me and I say go ahead will you Elizabeth Tomlinson be my girlfriend I look at him shocked and say yes. Now I have the  honour of telling Lou this don't I Liz yeah you do Haz. Later after watching a movie Liz yawns Harry asks Liz you tired yeah come on I'll carry you to bed thanks Haz. 

Harry's POV 

Liz looked tired so I asked her if she wanted me to carry her to bed and she said yes yay. When we go up stairs. Hey Harry what did Lou say he said that I can go out with you and if I hurt you he will break my face. Night love night Haz.


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