We're better off together

Hi my name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me Liz, my life isn't normal see my brother is the one and only louis Tomlinson from one direction. Our parents died in a car crash about a year ago when I was fifteen and louis was seventeen. I had to live in an orphanage because louis couldn't look after me and I had no where else to go. He said when he was old enough he would adopt me. I hate living here. I don't know what's going to happen when we go on tour and louis warns me not to fall for any of the boys. I do and someone else has fallen for me who do I choose.


4. Fun park

Liz's POV

Next morning I wake up and go into the kitchen and see no ones up so I go and see if Lou's in his room. When I get to louis room I see that he is asleep so I climb into bed don't judge he is my brother then he starts to stir. Hey Lou sorry did I wake you up nah it's fine Liz. 

Lou's POV

I feel someone get into bed and I think it's one of the boys don't know why it would be so I roll over and see it's Liz and the she asks if I woke her up how cute I love her so much. Liz what do you wanna do today the girls are coming over so you can meet them. 

Liz's POV 

Lou asks me what I wanna do today then I say can we go to the theme park. Then he says sure. And yay I can't wait to meet Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle from what you and the guys have said they seem nice but what if they don't like me. Liz I'm sure they will love you your sweet and funny, thanks Lou your the best. Let's go and find the others so that we can get ready.

When we get down stairs we see that the boys are up already. Hey boys says Lou were going to the water park go and ring your girlfriends. Later on we meet back in the kitchen so we can start packing for the day. 

Harry's POV 

When we are packing I ask Liz if she wants to help me pack a lunch for us all and she agrees. After finally finishing packing the picnic we bring out all the food to the car and help everyone bring out the things we need for our day out to the car. 


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