We're better off together

Hi my name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me Liz, my life isn't normal see my brother is the one and only louis Tomlinson from one direction. Our parents died in a car crash about a year ago when I was fifteen and louis was seventeen. I had to live in an orphanage because louis couldn't look after me and I had no where else to go. He said when he was old enough he would adopt me. I hate living here. I don't know what's going to happen when we go on tour and louis warns me not to fall for any of the boys. I do and someone else has fallen for me who do I choose.


5. At the park

Finally after the long drive we get to the water park and we can go straight through because we are famous. We all decide to split up so the boys and girls could get changed. After we finished getting changed we all meet at our meeting place. 

Harry's POV 

Omg I can't believe what I saw when Liz walked out in her bikini she looked so hot. She caught me staring and said take a picture it lasts longer then we all start laughing. People keep staring at us because we are a bunch of teens having some fun but who cares. After that Liz picked a ride to go on I was terrified because this was apparently the scariest one in the park. She saw the look on my face and said you don't have to come on but I said I will. 

Nialls POV 

Omg Liz looked so hot no Niall she'll never pick you I said to myself she's dating Harry they love each other but he'll break her heart. 

Liz's POV 

Omg Harry looked so hot without his shirt on. When he told me to pick a ride I picked the scariest one and you should have seen his face he looked like he was going to faint so I told him he didn't have to come on but he said he would.

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