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Witch is filled with pain....


5. Chapter 4

*Taylor's pov*

What are they doing here? I sight a little and look down as me and Jake walk up to everyone else as we greeted everyone including Luke and Alison. Luke hugged me like always and said i looked beautiful witch made me blush. We then sat down at a table and talked till a waiter came and took our orders.

Bit later our food came and everyone digged in and so did i, till Alison who was sitting across me started kicking my leg mouthing "fat" over and over again till i once again lost my apetite. I started pushing the food around the plate till i felt someone poke my side. I quckly turned my head to find a worried looking Jake next to me. "Why aren't you eating?" he asked as i sight "im just not hungry.." i mutter as i look down at my food and sight. I heard him sight and mutter a quiet okay.


We were in the car driving home and i was really tierd. We had a great time there except for Alison ya know... Me and Luke talked quiet a bit witch im very happy about. Caue i dont get to talk to him mutch. I sight and layed my head on the window closing my eyes as i slowly driffted off to sleep.

I felt some one shake my softly as i groaned a little and slowly opened my eyes "We're home Taylor" Jake said as i sight and and rubbed my eyes a little and nodded. We got out of the car and walked in the house as i sight and slowly stumble up stairs to my room falling on the bed and closing my eyes "sleep" i mutter as i fall a sleep again. 


I woke to my alarm ringing. I sight as i turned it off and lazily got up. I looked down and saw that i was still in my dress from yesterday. UPS! I walked in the bathroom and striped off steping in the shower. 

I took a quick shower and then steped out of it and stood in front of my mirror looking my self up and down. Ugh... i was so ugly it was so hard to even look at my self in the mirror it made we want to throw up. I quickly blinked away the tears and walked in my room walking straight to the closet picking out a bagy outfit. 

( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=132051339 )

I put on black skinny jeans, black top and i sand color long jumper. I then put on mascar and tiny bit of eyeliner. I put on a necklace and a beanie. I grabbed my school bag and phone as i went down stairs. I frowned lightly as i saw that Jake wasnt home anymore. I went in the hall and put on my brown boots and exited the house, locking it behind me. I went to the bus stop as i waited for the bus to arrive. 

The bus came and i got in it. As i sat down and rested my head on the window i saw that it was raining out side now. I sight as i watched the rain fall from the dark grey sky. 

The stoped and i steped out of it quickly rushing to the big school door. I steped in the school gates getting the usual name calling but that wasnt what hurt me. I saw Emma, Elizabeth and Lily talking and giggling with Alison and her friends. What? Why? whats going on? All those questions were rushing threw my mind. I slowly walked up to them as they all turned to me and Alison made a discusted face at me. But i ignored her i stared at my three friends. "W-why?" was all i managed to get out. They all sight "Look we cant hang out with you anymore cause your pulling us down.... really.. we dont want to lose our boyfriends for you...." Emma said putting her hand on my shoulder as my eyes filled with tears. "And the way you were on Luke yesterday the whole night thats just not right..." WHAT?! I looked at her with wide eyes "W-what?" i asked as Emma rolled her eyes "dont pretedn Aliosn told us everything..." she said. I looked down as i shook Emma's hand off my shoulder and looked up at them again with a tear slowly sliding down my cheek. I looked at Lily who was just staaring at me and then i lookde at Elizabeth who wasnt even lookig at me. I quicky wiped my eyes and took a deep shaky breath "i trusted you thee..... for years..." i whisper the anger and pain growing stronger in me " You have been my only friends.... for ever..." tears started streaming down my face "You were the ones i went to when my dad died!" i said lauder. "And you betraide me! You didnt care about me all those years! you were pretending!" I yelled at them making people croud around us. "Look we were your friends before bu- " I cut her off by shaking my head and turning around as i started to ran to the exit tears falling down my cheeks like a water fall. I keept running the tears making everything blurry as i ran in to someone. I quickly wiped my eyes and looked up to see a worried looking Luke. I looked down and ran past him. I heard him yell my name a few times but that made me run only faster. I ran out of the school and went to the back as i slide down the hard brick wall. I wiped my eyes a little as i took the razor out of my bag and rolled up my jumper sleeve. I slide the razor across my wrist a few times. For not beeing pretty, good enough, for beeing a disapoinment to my dad and brother. And a few more. i put the blade back in my bag wipping the blood in my jeans as i rolled down the sleeve and took out my phone from my pocket as i called Jake. 

He picked up "Hello?" he asked as i tryed to stop sobbing. "Hello Taylor are you ok? Why are you crying?" he asked worrie filling his voice. "P-please... come g-get m-me" i whisper wipping my eyes over and over again. "Where are you?" he asked as i heard him running. "S-school.." i whisper faintly. "Ok! I will be there in few!" he says and hungs up. I put the phone away as i pull my knees up to my chest burrying my face in them. "Why me? what have i done so wrong?" i mutter

After a few minutes i heard a some one calling my name. I quickly looked up and saw Jake looking around. I quickly stod up and ran to him. Running stright in his arms hugging him tightly. He hugged back just as tightly " Taylor whats wrong?" he asked and i told him everything about my "friends"... 

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