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Witch is filled with pain....


4. Chapter 3

I sight as we were walking in yet another shop. Its been like the tenth shop we have already been to and i was tired and hungry. I sight as we walk threw Forever 21. I didn't even bother to look for something as all these clothes are to small for me anyway. I sight and look down shifting the bags in my hands. Elizabeth noticed that i wasn't looking at anything as she poked my shoulder and i looked at her and smiled a little. "Whats up? Why aren't you looking at anything?" she asked as bit my lip and looked down at my feet. "Umm..... i don't thing anything would fit me really..." I mutter as i slowly look up to see her frown. Then a huge grin spread across her face "C'mon" she said grabbing my hand and pulling me threw tracks of clothes. 


"Guys i'm hungry" I whine as we finally walk out of forever 21. They all giggle and they nod "Ok lets go to Mcdonalds" Emma says as we walk to mcdonalds. We walk in and the smell of food quickly filled my nose. I bit my lip as we stand in the line. "wow Taylor you sure you want to eat here?" A girls voice says making me snap my head in the direction of the voice only to see Allison and her crew. I bit my lip and look down. " If i would be you i would try a diet not eat burgers and fries.." she said smirking as i sight and look back up. She looked me up and down and then shook her head and walked away with her stupid crew. I bit my lip as i look down at my stomach all the hunger going away quickly. I sight as the girls started to tell me how she was a bitch and i shouldn't listen to her, but i just shook my head and walked away holding back the tears reminding my self that i'm strong. I walked out of the mall and then started to run home. I got home and slammed the door shut behind me as i threw all the bags around as i yelled at the top of my laungs. I then quickly run up to my room locking the door behind me. Thank god Jake wasn't home. I slide down my door as i take a deep breath and let the tears fall as i look up at the ceiling "I miss you d-daddy...." I whisper my my voice cracking. I bit my lip as i get up and walk in the bathroom taking my razor and sliding it across my wrist three times. I put the razor away as i look at the now bleeding scars. I stood up and washed the fresh cuts. I sight and walked out of the bathroom wiping my tear stained cheeks as i walk over to my closet to change. I took dark blue skinny jeans, black shirt and jumper that's quiet big for me. I put on a beanie and then gabbed my ipod and earbuds. 

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I sight as i walk downstairs and put on my vans and then walked out of the house as i decidet to take a walk in the park across the street. I shivered a little as i walked out of the warm cozy house. I take a deep breath as i walk out of the house locking it behind me as i walk down the front steps then across the street to the park that i have loved for many, many years now. I put in my earbuds putting on my favorite play list. I walked to the other end of the park where there was a huge tree. I went to my favorite spot sitting down under the tree as i sat down resting my back against the tree and closing my eyes enjoying the music blasting threw my earbuds. 


I sat there for about three hours until i decidet i should head home. I went home and saw Jake sitting on the couch watching tv. I bit my lip and smiled as i walked over to him and sat down next to him wrapping my arms around his torso and laying my head on his chest. I heard him chukle "Hey sis" he said wrapping his arms around my shoulders hugging me back. I smiled a little more "Hi.." i whisper closing my eyes softly. I loved my brother so mutch.We were close like really close. Well not as close as i was with my dad but still we were really close. "Whats up?" he asked rubbing my shoulder softly. I shrugged a bit "nothing mutch..." i mutter cuddling more into him. "ok then would you like to explane the bags laying all across the hall?" he asked making me open my eyes as i turned my head and looked up at him. "I was angry..." i lied to him. I hated laying to him but i couldn't tell the truth. He raised an eyebrow at me "About....?" He asked making me sight "Umm....Lily,Elizabeth and Emma pissed me off" i mutter looking down and playing with my sleeves. He chukled a little and kissed my head softly "ok well go get ready..." he says as i forrow my eyebrows together and look up at him. He laughs "Were going to some fancy restaurant with my friends to celebrate one of my mate engagment" he says and i nod slowly. I slowly let go of him and he lets go of me. "When are we going?" i ask him with a small smile. "In about an hour and a half" he smile as i nod and kiss his cheek softly "Ok... i will go get ready then..." i say softly as i stand up and walk upstairs to find all my bags with the new clothes that i bought today. I smile and bit my lip as i slowly walk in the bathroom the smile faiding from my lips as the memories of what happened here a while ago. I sight as i turn on the hot water and slowly strip off. I get in the shower letting the hot water wash away all the pain and worry away. 

I shower and wash my teeth. I then walk out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body. I walk over to my closet and look for something nice to wear. 

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I decidet on a dress that went down to my knees. It had a black top and a baby pink bottom. I put on make up and curled my hair. I put on jewelery. Witch was an baby pink watch and braclets. I pinkish ring and earings annd a necklase with a heart that was half covered with dark material and the other half was baby pink. I slide on my black high heels and then slowly walked over to the full lenght mirror taking a look at my self. I felt really insecure in this dress but i didn't want to look for something else. I took my small bag sliding my phone and some other stuff in it and then slowly made my way out of my room down stairs. I took a deep breath as i slowly made my way down stairs. I stepped off the last step to see my brother in black pants and a white shirt that was put in the pants. His back was facing me but he looked handsome. I bit my lip as he turned around to look at me his black iphone pressed to his ear as his mouth hang low once he saw me. I smiled a little at him as his lips turned in a huge grin. I giggled a little as he ended the phone call. "Wow Taylor you look amazing!" he said giving me a kiss on the cheek as i giggled at him "You don't look so bad your self Jaky" i smiled at him as he groaned and rolled his eyes as i called him Jaky. 

"Ok anyway let go so we wouldn't be late" he said taking his car keys and walking in the hall me following close behind him. Once we reached the front door i took my coat with middle lenght sleeves and put it on so i wouldn't freeze. Once Jake put on his jacket we walked out of the house to his car and got in as he started the car and we drove off to the restaurant. 

The whole way there i tryed to hold my arms so my wrist wouldn't show. I had on braclates but still its better to make sure. 

Once we reached the restaurant we got out of the car and i looked at it. It looked really fancy and beautiful. It had lights everywhere making it stand out in the dark night. We slowly made our way inside as Jake told a man what we were looking for and he told him where his friends where. Jake took off my coat and hang it on the hanger with all the other coats and jackets. Jake hang his jacket and then we made our way to the table. Once we reached it the first thing that cought my eyes were Luke and Allison talking to some other people.... 

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