I'm just done

Hope you enjoy the story of my life...
Witch is filled with pain....


2. Chapter 1

Hello my name is Taylor Hillridge. I am the happies girl alive! I have everything i need. I''m popular i have a lot of friends i have a perfect family everything i ever wanted!

Ok thats not true!

Im not popular,i dont have a lot of friends,and i dont have a perfect family.

I have been bullyied since the second grade and i have only three friends and my mum left me and my older brother for some rich man a month ago,Oh and if your wondering about my dad he died two months ago from cancer. I was really close to him and he always knew how to make me feel better after a wors day at School (witch was everyday). So im still not over his death but my mother is pretty fine without him, with her new "boyfriend". My brother is all i have now and im not complayning about it because he is really sweet and always takes care of me. I sometimes can only wonder how he hasnt left me yet because i'm the worst sister anyone one can ask for! I'm almost never happy i cut my selfe and i have tried to kill my selfe so many times that i have lost count. I'm always depressed and after my dad died all i have been doing is crying,sleeping and umm...cutting.And the best part is that im not even sad that my mum left us! To be honest i'm happy about it.

My three best friend Elizabeth, Emma and Lily have no idea about my depression ,cause like every other bullyed girl im acting happy in School and pretending the words theyr saying dont mean a thing to me.

So anyway thats about it about me. I'm sorry if i sound like a stupid weak girl , but thats who i am...

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