The Big 3

Nico is done with life, Jason's hiding, and Percy's confused. Let's see what happens.


1. Chapter 1

(Not a good beginning I'm sorry I can do better)

Nico was done. He picked up his sword. He didn't even care what people thought anymore. He aimed it directly at his own chest. Just as he was about to pull the sword to him, a certain blonde boy walked in wanted to borrow something or other

Jason took the sword and yelled and swore at him for a while then stopped himself, noticing he wasn't helping.

"Nico, I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell. Come here." Jason held out his arms. Nico hesitantly stepped forward. Jason pulled him into a tight hug. "I'm going through a rough spot actually. That's what I came in here for." Jason nuzzled his nose in Nico's hair. "I'm confused. I'm having dreams."

"Well you're a demigod, you're going to have dreams." Nico was comfortable even though he didn't want to be.

"No I mean like dreams. Ever had one of those dreams before? How old are you? Fourteen?" Jason asked.

"Yes I am fourteen and yes I know what kind of dreams you're talking about. Who's in them?" Nico now remembered what being warm felt like.

"You and Percy." Jason whispered in his friend's ear, biting it gently. They heard a commotion outside and pulled apart to see what it was. Only then did Nico remember that Piper existed and her boyfriend just told him he'd been having dreams.

When they got on the deck they found Percy and Annabeth going at it. They were yelling and screaming at each other loudly.

"Should we do something?" Hazel whispered to Leo.

"Hell no it's just getting good!" He replied. "Where's the popcorn?" No one could understand what they were saying because both were trying to tell over the other one, but next thing they knew Annabeth slapped Percy across the face.

"Oh so that's how you're going to make it? I guess I should tell you that I'm in love-"

"Well good for her I don't care what you do just get the fuck out of here."

"Let me finish! I'm in love with a guy! Two guys actually!" Percy yelled. He threw his hands up. "There I said it! I actually said it! Take that you little bitch!"

Annabeth scowled. "Go ahead and have fun with your boyfriends Seaweed Brain, you'll come around sometime. Until then it's over." Annabeth turned and walked away.

"Good then!" Percy yelled at her, then noticed that everyone was on deck watching. He looked down at his feet, "I guess you heard that."

"Yes. At least you're not the only one." Jason smiled and Nico glared at him.

"How's Piper doing Jason?" Nico did some quick thinking.

"She's doing pretty well I think, for us breaking up earlier today." Jason reached for Nico's hand but the younger boy pulled it away. "She said it was long overdue and the feeling was gone and we agreed it was best to end it, I confessed to her and she told me she was happy I trusted her and I should go have fun."

"What did you confess?" Percy asked.

"That I'm bi." Jason smiled. "There that's two out of the closet and two more wanting to come out but to scared."

"Two?" Nico asked. "Who else is there?"

"Well he wouldn't want me to say would he? Do you want me blabbing about your secret?" Jason asked Nico.

"If you do I swear-"

"My point exactly. Can I at least tell Percy? It'll help you more than hurt you I promise." Jason begged Nico to tell. Percy just kind of stood there having no idea what was going on. Nico bit his lip with anxiety. After thinking a bit he nodded. "Thank you. Nico is-" Jason leaned over and whispered the rest in Percy's ear. His face brightened up when he heard.

"Is that true?" Percy seemed more excited than he should have been. Nico nodded. Percy smiled and hugged him. He pecked Nico's cheek gently. Nico blushed brightly.

"So you love Nico, and who's the other guy?" Jason asked. He really hoped it was him but he doubted it.

Percy laughed and let go of Nico. "You, idiot."

"Really? Because uhm I like you a lot." Jason blushed, remembering the powerful thrusts of the son of a sea god, and the hot, skilled tongue of the ghost king. "You and Nico actually."

Percy smirked. "We just need to know who Nico likes then I can put my idea into action."

"Like I would tell you." Nico looked at him with a mix of anger and sadness I his eyes.

"Please." Percy begged. "Jason said he already knows, but he won't tell me!" Percy got on his knees and grabbed Nico's cold hands over dramatically.

"Fine. I guess it won't hurt me anymore." Nico let Percy kiss his hands carefully. "You're one of them, Jason knew that, and one more. I started liking him after Cupid so he doesn't know." He looked at the blonde boy, "Jason."

"Perfect, my plan is going to work." Percy got up and grabbed the two's hands. He dragged them down to his room and locked the door. "Let's have some fun shall we?"

Jason understood, but Nico was left in the dark having no idea what he meant.

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