Behind the Mask

She used to be normal.
she used to be loved.
she used to be almost perfect and she was beautiful.
But now... she kills. she haunts. her presence brings death.

Mira venya used to be a normal girl until the incident. the incident that changed her life. that changed who she was..... Forever.


2. Questions unanswered

"Madalynn!" officer corban said quite loudly. "oh im sorry i uhh kinda just spaced out. I was thinking about her." "well" said corban. " your gonna have to do a lot of thinking in a minute we have some questions for you." 

"umm okay but first would you like some coffe? icetea? water?." "no thank you" said jennings "we would like some answers okay?" said jennings quite rudely. "okay you can start." i say. 

"first" says corban. "are you positive of the threat that your sister yelled to everyone after the schoool dance?" "yes" i say my voice starting to be shaky. "And you know why she left?"  

"had she acted strange in any way before the dance?" corban asked.

"i really dont know sorry i was not here i was at a friends." 

"are your parents home?" 

"no" i say. 

"do you know where they are" asked jennings 

i knew where they went but dont know why they havnt came back. they went looking for her. I know it all they told me is that they were going out for a long drive but i knew better. 

"im sorry we bothered your morning sleep" said jennings. "but we need to do some investigating"

Corban sighed " i guess there are just too many questions unanswered."

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