Behind the Mask

She used to be normal.
she used to be loved.
she used to be almost perfect and she was beautiful.
But now... she kills. she haunts. her presence brings death.

Mira venya used to be a normal girl until the incident. the incident that changed her life. that changed who she was..... Forever.


1. HIstory

I awake with a jolt suddenly aware of the loud sound coming from the living room in my house. I sit up in my bed wiping sleep from eyes, annoyed at whoever would be knocking at my door at eight in the morning. I halfway walk, halfway stagger through the hallway to the living room door. I peek through the window not surprised at what i see. Two fully dressed cops stand on the opposite side of my door. I know what they're here for i know why they came. Yet i am afraid to approach them. i slide the chain lock down and lay my hand on the doorknob and turn it slowly letting the door creak open.

"hello we are from the San Francisco sheriffs department and we are her to see if you could explain what happened to your sister three weeks ago. I am officer corban ." says the  tall male cop. "And i am officer jennings." says the girl a stern tone leading off her voice. "come in sit down" i say


My name is madalynn Venya sister of mira Venya shes 16 im 15. my sister disappeared three weeks ago at the highschool prom. I was there i know what happened. My sister was not very popular she was teased by everyone. Referred to as the straight A geek. she decided to go to the prom knowing that she would be going alone. i was with my best friend vicki larson. she got to the prom. When it came time to choose the queen and king of the prom. people started yelling her name. she walked upon the gym stage as a massive bucket of hot muddy water poured upon her and her beautiful  dress. she ran away that night.  When she ran out of the gymnasium doors she screamed how everyone would die if  she ever saw them again and i havent seen her since.

All i know is that sweet not anger filled girl i once knew as my sister was long gone she had to of changed. the side i knew of her is now most likley History.

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