A strange lady and a happy gentleman

Olivia is strange, well in her eyes she is, maybe you will agree. And Peter is a happy gentlemen. Does strange and happy is a great mixture? Probably, why not ? Let see how the happiness and romance blossoms trough the chapters.


1. "My waves of lost artist"

The sun was beaming trough the wide windows and it lit up the grand studio. Suprisingly, i was feeling optimistic today. Perhaps this good feeling was due to the double frapuccino that i drank this morning. I do not usualy drink those type of coffee every morning. A black and regular coffee will definetly do a great job as well.

My big sculpture was sitting in a corner of the art studio. My optimistic mood turned into desolation. My sculpture was complete desolation, it just looked like a big piece of clay. Not a, an artistic, an artistic... I cant even remember! My ideas just gone heap. I was too engrossed in the music that filled the room and in my beautiful clay. I couldn't even tell what was my inspiration, my idea. Well, i call these moments ( these moments of complete lost in your artistic soul ) "my waves of lost artist". I think i just scared you, i am a quite strange . I do not know what will i do with this amount of clay. Maybe sell it? Is it possible to sell an used piece of clay?

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