A strange lady and a happy gentleman

Olivia is strange, well in her eyes she is, maybe you will agree. And Peter is a happy gentlemen. Does strange and happy is a great mixture? Probably, why not ? Let see how the happiness and romance blossoms trough the chapters.


3. My everyday

"Ugly!" I yelled back. "I dunno what to do with this piece of ***t..." Literally, it really looked like poop.

" throw it." Ron says down to earth.

" What? It would be a waste of money!" Peter responds. He finally looks at my poop.

" why, this is a very modern piece, why is it ugly?" He asks. He doesn't looks very impressed by my pessimism.

"Because." I respond.

"Your stupid" He says while giggling. I look at him trying to look angry but with them, its impossible. My comedy ends too quickly and we all burst into laughter!

"It really is a piece of ***t!" Peter says while laughing. " you have the permission to throw it away! " and we all are crying of laughter.

See, my day has just been illuminated by these two! I love 'em.

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