A strange lady and a happy gentleman

Olivia is strange, well in her eyes she is, maybe you will agree. And Peter is a happy gentlemen. Does strange and happy is a great mixture? Probably, why not ? Let see how the happiness and romance blossoms trough the chapters.


2. My clan

I think I probably spent 2 hours, staring at my "artwork", letting my thoughts wande. I decided that I would restart another sculpture, but I was still looking for some inspiration. This time, I wanted my artwork to be "organised". I came early this morning to the studio (I am an early bird) , so it was probably around 9:30. Ronald and Peter should arrive in the minute.

Let me explain to you our story (of Ronald, Pter and me) while we wait for their arrival. We part the rent of the studio in equal parts and try to pay it because honestly, we arr poor. We kinda live like bohemian, because we totally live out of art. Mostly, our money comes in whent we sell an artwork, wich was probably, once in 2 weeks. But sometimes we have to tighten up our belts because we need to skip dinner if we want to buy some more paint. But very honestly, I love my life because I was an artist, I had a big, wide and beautiful studio just for Peter, Ron and me and mostly, I have my family. And I was happy like that.

My only two friends are Peter and Ron. I actually met them here in the studio because we were all looking for a New York studio to work in and we decided to share it. Now, they are pratically my family, my mom and dad died when I was very young and I lived in uncountable families of reception. But I was okay, now I had another family. But don't imagine that Peter and Ron are homosexual and together. No, only Ronald is gay. He is single and dreams of finding true love. He paints about true love, draws about true love and sculps about true love. He is a little bit annoying, but I wouldn't change him for any money in the world. Ron is like my big brother, he introduced me to the business part of the art world. He is the drawer of the "clan". I like to call my family the "clan" because technicaly, we are not a real family so I think "clan" is the appropriate word. Ron is small but very thin, like all of us. He always wears pants too big for him, sneakers stained with paint and a well-fitted t-shirt. Sometimes, he wears a denim jacket. He has tousled hair and wears many piercing. Obviously, as stated, his style looks weird and downright ugly. But I assure you, the ugliest garment looks stylish on him. He is quite quiet and doesn't talk a lot. He is vegetarian, maybe that is a reason for him being so thin.

Now Peter, is very different. He is tall and very strong. He has very dark hair, like his eyes. He actually is metizo, his mother is Native American and his father is Hawaiian. Don't ask me how his parents met, I just don't understand. Peter is full of joy and is very optimistic. No matter what happens in his life, he will choose to live the most beautiful side of his misfortune, and honestly, I don't know how he does that. He is a little bit weird like me and sometimes too sponteneous.

But Peter is my anchor. Without him, my balance is unbalance. He is my sun, he is the radius that illuminates me because without him, I would probably rot in the depths of my pessimism. When I met him, I found my center. Ron is also very important in our clan and in my exsistence because he is like the icing on top of the cake. Without icing, a cake is not a cake, right?

"Good morning!" Yelled Peter as he entered the studio.

Ron asked me, "So how is your piece of clay?"

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