Matthew Espinosa Love Story (Short)

Matthew falls for this girl and she falls and then something happens find out what.....


2. The Whole Story

Karlie’s P.O.V ~ I had to wake up this morning to go to school. What a pleasure, note the sarcasm. I got dressed and went out of the house. “ Bye mom!” I yelled as I got out. I drove the car and went off to school. When I got there I saw Amber, great the girl I really wanted to talk to. She was the school’s slut and I hated her guts. “ Hey loser, what are you up to?” she asked me. “ Nothing, but who have you hooked up with this weekend?” I asked her. “ That’s none of your business and lets just say, Matthew is mine. “ I don’t give a damn,” I told her. After that I walked away to my locker. I got all the books I needed and then closed it. When I closed my locker my bff, Kate, came over. “ Hey girl, what’s up, want to hangout later?” she asked. Kate was always the girl who would ask too many questions at once so here’s how answered them. “ Hey, nothing just getting annoyed and when don’t we?” I responded back to her interview. “ What are you annoyed about, and don’t lie?’’ she asked, already annoying me. “ We’ll talk about it later, now we have to get to class,” I told her while tugging on her shirt. When we got there, we were actually early. I sat next to Jade, this annoying girl in my class, but I have no choice but to sit next to her. “ Hey,” she said. “ Hey,” I responded back kind of annoyed. “ What’s wrong,” she asked. Just before I could answer Matt and the slut, Amber, walked through the door. They were kissing and making out on a desk. Everyone was saying ew and stuff. Me and Kate just rolled our eyes then the teacher came in the room. “ Good morning class. Amber and Matt please keep your hands to yourselves,” he told us. “ Whatever, Matt mumbled under his breath. We started class and she said we would be doing a project. Matt and Karlie, you two will be partners. What? Is she serious? I mean Matt is cute, but he will just be a jerk the whole time. I walked over to his desk and he smirked. “ Ok babe, so lets get this project done,” he told me. “ First of all I’m not your babe and second, I’m not your slave,” I told him. “ Ok, I’m sorry,” he told me. We started to work on our project and it was kind of awkward. “ Hey,” he said in the middle of no where. “ Yeah,” i asked him. “ I want to know more about you,” he told me. “ Um, like what,” I asked him. “ Like where you’re from and stuff and like why you’re so beautiful,” he said while smirking. I smiled a little. “ You think I’m pretty?’’ I asked him kind of confused. “ Yeah, I mean you’re gorgeous,” he commented back. “Well, thankyou,” I said replying back. “ No problem, so now to the questions. What’s your favorite color,” “ Um, I guess purple, and yours,” I asked him. “ Purple too, favorite animal?” he asked me. “ Um, I’m guessing a cat,” I told him. “ Omg mine too, babe I think we’re meant to be,” he told me. “Um I think not,” I told him. “ I think you mean nah,” he told me. I started laighing so hard. The class was finally over. “Hey, are you still coming over tonight baby?” Amber came up and asked Matt. “Of course babe, I would love to,” he said back before kissing her. I can’t believe he ws hitting on me while he still liked Amber, I mean what the fuck is this? I am so mad, I don’t even want to see him now. “Hey!” Matt said while following me. “ What do you want,” I asked him when he tapped me on the shoulder. “Just wanted to know if you wanted to come to my party this weekend,” he told me. “ I don’t want to be anywhere near you,” I snapped back at him. “What’s your problem?”he asked me. “You!” I said rudely and slammed my locker. “Wait, what did I do? Please tell me Karlie,” he pleaded. “Well wy are you flrting with me when you’re dating Amber?” I asked him. “Who said I was flirting wth you, I just needed help on the project,” he told me. I wanted to cry so badly right there. “You used me?” I asked with tears in my eyes. “Wait no,” he said while trying to grab my hand. I ran off to Kate while she was at my locker. “Oh my gosh Karlie, what's wrong?” she asked because I was crying. “Matt, he used me,” I told her. “Kate we have to go,” her dad called. Her dad doesn’t like me because once I accidently made her stay out until 12 am. “I’ll text you later,” she said while hugging me and kissing me on the cheek. My mom would pick me up in ten minutes. “Hey,” I turned around and saw Matt sitting behind me. “What?” I asked him rudely. “I didn’t mean that back there but Karlie you mean the world to me and I’m sorry,”he told me. “And?” I asked getting annoyed with these excuses. “And I want to go out with you,” he told me. “Look Matt, I like you but you’re just a player and I can’t date you but I can test you,” I told him. “What do you mean,” he asked. “Well we can be i for a little while and I’ll see how you act,” I told him. “So you might date me?” he asked. “Maybe,” I said smirking and walking away. “Wait,” he said while grabbing my waist. “What?” I i turning around. “Are you still coming to my party?” he asked. “Yeah, sure” I told him. “Wait I need your number,” he said while grabbing me and putting me on his lap. I put in my number quickly because I felt uncomfortable on his lap. “What’s wrong?” he asked smirking a little when I tried to get up but he pushed me back down. “This,” I said pointing in between of us both. I got off of him and walked along. “Bye Karlie, see you later,” he said while I walked away. I waved and smiled. I know he’s really cute, but he just wants to get in my pants and that’s not cool. I still didn’t know if I was going to his party yet. When I got home, he kept texting me over and over again. Matt: Hey are still coming? Matt: Please come you’ll be the highlight of the party. After all those messages I deleted them because it was getting annoying. I think I’m going to go though because my best buds are going. I finally got done with dressing and left for the party. When I got there, I met up with my friends and we started talking. “Do you know where Matt is,” I asked them. “Yeah I think he went to his room with this girl,” my friend told me. I went in every room and then I finally made it to his. He was in there with a girl on top of him making out. I know we aren’t together, but I can’t believe he just did that. I stood there until he noticed me. It was probably after 20 minutes. I was crying by the time he noticed me. “Oh Karlie,” he said trying to get up and grab me. I ran out of the house to his backyard. I started crying all my tears out. He came out and sat next to me. “I’m sorry Karlie I just knew you didn’t liked me,” he told me. “Whatever,” I said getting up. He grabbed my wrist and straddled me on his lap. I sat there looking in his eyes. He kissed me and I kissed back after a while. He still was holding my waist. I was about to get up but he pulled me back on him. “Lets go somewhere else,” he told me. I jumped up on him and let him carry me to wherever he was. I think he was drunk and I was a little bit too. We made it to this place and he laid down. I straddled on his waist he moved me round and round. I moaned on him. He felt so right. I wanted to get up, but I couldn’t. We were still kissing. I kind of got up a little because we heard people coming. I helped him up so we could get up and get out of the clear. We went back into the party. “Do you want to go to your place?” he asked me. “Yeah lets go,” I said taking his hand. We went in his blue mustang and he drove to my house. I took him upstairs and laid on my bed. He came in between my legs and kissed me. “Matt,” I moaned when he got to my neck. “Yeah baby. I know you like it,” he told me while moaning too. I giggled and pushed im off. “Hey. What was that for?” he asked. “I don’t want to go to fast. I just want to go slow,” I explained to him. He nodded and got up. “Hey where are you going?” I asked curious. “Back to the party. I mean that was my house. Plus my parents will be home any hour now so I have to go kick those people out,” he explained. I nodded. “Wait I want a kiss,” he told me. I got up and walked over to him. I placed my lips on his mouth and we moved in sync. He grabbed my butt but I pushed him off. “Go bad boy before your parents catch you,” I said while winking. He winked back and headed out the door. Oh that boy. I landed on my bed and went to sleep immediately when I touched it. I was so tired. So that night we sleep together and it all turned out to be a good life for me.
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