Beside You

"I can't Luke."

"Yes you can. It can just be our little secret." He said before crashing his soft lips to mine. He was too amazing. We moved our lips in motion. It was perfect.

As we pulled away I said three meaningful words I thought I would never say to my step brother..."I love you."


3. Tomorrows Mistakes

"Hey. I'll call you later." I yelled to my best friend, Sara. She and I are super close and I just love her to death.

I stepped out of the coffee shop and onto the sidewalk. My feet were numb from the constant walking, and the sun was blinding my blue eyes. I kept on trudging down the never ending sidewalk, until my house was only a few yards away from me.

I stepped inside the house, and saw my dad on one knee with a ring in his hand. He was facing towards his girlfriend, Liz. "Liz, would you please marry me, and become Mrs.Charm?" He asked. A tear rolled down her cheek. She shook her head, and hugged him tightly.

"Um, well that just happened." I said. I walked over to the big staircase, and walked up the stairs. On the top floor we had four rooms. The bathroom, my room, a empty bedroom, and my recording studio. I walked into my room, and sat on my bed. My dad can't marry Liz. She....I don't like her. I honestly don't like that.....Bitch.

I got really bored of doing nothing so I grabbed my laptop. I logged in with my password, and went onto YouTube. My brain wandered to the search bar, and looked up my favorite song, Terrible Things.

The song started and I heard a loud annoying noise. I looked through my window, and saw a blue car in the driveway. Wait...why is their a blue car? I don't drive. My dad drives a red jeep, and Liz drives a green pickup. Who's car is this?

I walked downstairs and saw a empty living room. "Dad? Liz? Hello? Is anyone listening to me? Idiots." My voice echoed through the house.

I walked outside and saw them. My dad, Liz, and some.....guy? "Um, hello?" I stepped out the front door, and walked towards the car. The guy looked up. He saw my face, and bit his lip. Oh my, he is so cute.

"Oh, um melody. This is Luke. He's your step-brother." As soon as I heard those words my world froze. He was going to be my step-brother? But... He's so cute. "Melody... Luke will be living with us. He'll be living on the top floor in the empty bedroom." My dad said. He grabbed a suitcase from out of the trunk, and handed it to Luke.

"Thank, Henry." He said in a tone of voice that almost made me burst out laughing. At least I'm not the only one who feels awkward about this situation.

"Welcome son. Now melody help Luke find his room, and show him around. If you two need anything... Liz and I will be in our room." Dad said. He smiled and left Luke and I outside.

There was an awkward moment of silence, but then he spoke up. "So your, it's nice." He scratched the back of him head and looked away from my eyes.

"Um, thanks. Yours is...nice as well." I bit my bottom lip and played with my fingers. "Um, let's go inside. I'll show you around." I waited for his answer, and saw him nod yes in approval.

We walked inside, and his suitcase wheels echoed through the house. We walked up the stairs, and I showed him into his room. He set his suitcase down, and looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes, and somewhere down deep inside I knew tomorrow's mistakes would be interesting.

Authors note:

Hey! Again, I know it's a short chapter, but I had a crazy weekend. I've been stuck at my meet. I hope you did enjoy this chapter though.

Luke Hemmings! OMG! He's finally mentioned! Don't forget to comment, fan, like, favorite, mumble, and share!

Love you all!


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