Beside You

"I can't Luke."

"Yes you can. It can just be our little secret." He said before crashing his soft lips to mine. He was too amazing. We moved our lips in motion. It was perfect.

As we pulled away I said three meaningful words I thought I would never say to my step brother..."I love you."


4. Show Me

"Um, so let me show you around." I said interrupting our awkward silence. He coughed and nodded his head. He came close to the door, and opened it without force at all. "Ok so here's my room... Um, then there's the bathroom. Oh, and my secret room...the studio." I said pointing to each of the blank looking walls.

"Ok. Sense this is going to be really awkward, do you wanna go skate? I've always wanted to try to skate on one skateboard with another person." He poked my stomach, and I just stood there. No emotion. No laugh. No nothing.

"No. Just no." I said blankly. It took about ten seconds before I burst out into laughter. "Luke, take a joke." I said pointing him in the stoma- more like abs. No. It was a six-pack.

"I love your laugh. I mean. what did you say?" He bit his lip, and turned away from me. His back was facing me, and it bothered me. I don't know why, but it did.

I laughed and grabbed my skateboard. "Let's go Hemmings." I then walked out the door. I heard foot steps behind me. I turned to see a smiling Luke. "Ok you get on first. Then you'll need to help me on." I set the skateboard down on the pavement. Like walked on, and held out his hand for me. I quickly excepted it, and got on my green skateboard.

I then started to roll us down the street. The wind in my face, and my hat blowing in the breeze. Luke put his hands on my waist and pulled himself closer to me. He stood there in this position....until we hit a curb and flew into the air.

After we landed on the grass, I found myself on top of Luke. Starring into his crystal blue eyes. "Um...Luke?" I said, but it turned out to be more if a question.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Why did you come to live with us?" I asked. I mean he could have stayed with his dad. Or he could have just stayed at a friends house. But he chose to come and live with us.

"Well...your really close to were my friend Ashton lives. He lives about five minutes away. Oh, and also I thought it would be amazing to get away from my dad. That's why." I was really curious about why he wanted to get away from his dad, but I decided to just leave the topic alone.

"Oh..." I rolled off of him, and laid on my back looking at the stars. They all shined so bright, and there was millions of them. In that moment I fell something. Something I couldn't quite put my finger on... I think I am in love with my step-brother.

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