Beside You

"I can't Luke."

"Yes you can. It can just be our little secret." He said before crashing his soft lips to mine. He was too amazing. We moved our lips in motion. It was perfect.

As we pulled away I said three meaningful words I thought I would never say to my step brother..."I love you."


5. My Wounded Mind

No! No, I can't be! I can't be falling for my soon to be step-brother! Luke took my hand, and intertwined our fingers. My body suddenly turned cold at his touch. "Melody? Are you ok Love?" I turned to see a worried expression upon Luke's face. I stared into his eyes. They were shinning brighter than the stars gleaming above us.

"Yeah." I bit my lip, and pulled my hand away from our intertwined fingers. Why am I falling underneath his spell

"Melody? Why are you being so distant?" Luke looked at me but I looked away I couldn't believe myself. I'm such a slut! Falling for Luke. My step-brother.

"I'm not being distant! Okay?!" I yelled. I stood up and took my skateboard with me. I rode my skateboard in the dark of he night. Tears streamed down my face. I'm such a loser!

I couldn't even see. Tears covered my eyes from sight. I stopped my skateboard, and walked over to a nearby bench. I sat down, and just cried. Clearly the universe agreed with me because right at that moment it started to pour. The rain soaked my clothing. I sobbed some more. I couldn't stop this feeling inside. Images of Luke popped into my head. His perfect smile. When he bit his lip. Everything. Just thinking about him made me want to curl up into a ball, and burst into a big mess. A mess containing unicorns, rainbows, candy, and those cartoony hearts and stars. But then reality hit me harder than a a boulder. I kept trying to get this feeling away, but my heart kept fighting for its disire.

Footsteps echoed behind me, and I turned around. Right behind me stood Madison. "Melody? Aww. Come here." She opened her arms and sat down. I accepted her hug. She wrapped me in her arms. Madison was my best friend, but she was also like a older sister. Well...a sister who is three days older.

"Madison...Dads getting married, and...I like my step-brother." I sobbed into her shoulder.

"Ok...what?!" She asked quite suprised. You see, I've never been in love, and for my first love to be my's just bad luck.

Ashton's POV

"Ok boys... Any song ideas?" I asked Calum, Micheal, and Luke. After no more than a millisecond, Luke quickly raised his hand.

"Yeah, how about...'When I close my eyes and try to sleep, I fall apart and find it hard to breath. The only reason. The only reason. Even though my dizzy head is numb, I swear my heart is never giving up. The only reason the only reason." Luke said. It was perfect... But where is all this heart felt feelings coming from?

"I...I, love it!" Michael yelled. His voice echoed through the whole house.

"Luke, where are you getting all this? Your all shy and sad all of a sudden. Why?" Calum asked Luke.

Luke twitched at his words. "No where." Then he walked out of the room.

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