Beside You

"I can't Luke."

"Yes you can. It can just be our little secret." He said before crashing his soft lips to mine. He was too amazing. We moved our lips in motion. It was perfect.

As we pulled away I said three meaningful words I thought I would never say to my step brother..."I love you."


6. Bad News And A Kiss

"Okay. So your leaving. For a week. Wait....Luke is going with you right?" I asked. I stopped pacing around the small bedroom. My dad's smile faded.

"No. He's staying here..." He looked over at the closest object to him. He avoided eye contact with me. I started to pace the room again.

"No. No. No! He can't! He has to go with you. Dad. Please!" I begged. I could not be home alone with Luke for a week. It only takes a day to get married. I don't user stand why you need a week.

"Baby girl, he has to stay here. I'm sorry. That's the end of this conversation. Liz and I are leaving. Goodbye. I love you." He walked over to me and kissed me on the head. Then he grabbed his suitcase leaving my room.

As soon as he was nowhere within hearing or seeing distance I fell onto my bed, and started to cry. My face deep in my duvet. I thought that having a step-brother would be fun. Well, not so much. This is why I hate life! Somehow everything that seems good, has someway to ruin my life. Don't think I'm on my period. I'm just very....ugh!

After crying for about 15 minutes. I felt my bed shake. I turned over on my side to see the one and only Luke Hemmings.

"Hey." He said. His voice was just above a whisper. He sat on the side of my bed staring at me with a painful expression. "Are you okay? You look...were you crying?"

"Maybe..." I said looking in those blue eyes. "Luke? Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah. Anything." He loosened up a bit, and leaned back with his hands holding him up.

"What would you do if you liked someone, but they probably don't think of you like that?" I asked him sitting up a little.

", then I guess just forget about them. That's what I've been doing... I mean that's what I've been doing with this girl at school. At my old school." He said.

There was a moment where there was complete silence, and we were both gazing into each others eyes. Then the moment got cut off by Luke's phone ringing. He got cut out of the trance and grabbed his phone.

"Ash? I'm kinda...okay?...Um, Maybe? Okay. Bye." He ended the call, and stood up.

"I have to go to my friends house really quick. I'll be back in 10 minutes. Love yo- I mean, bye." He kissed my cheek and ran off.

Did he just...kiss me? Wait! He almost said he loved me. What's happening? All the dots were connecting little by little. Maybe he was just trying to act like a brother. Is that even what brothers do? I need to figure this out my life was so confusing at the moment. I felt dumb. Numb. And in love. I'm so confused!

Authors Note:

Sorry for the slow update. I've been so confused at the moment. I'm skipping a year of math this year so I've been studying like crazy. I promise to update again soon though. Love you guys!


-Dani <3

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