Taylor Caniff

This is a story about and girl name Emma and she has a crush on this guy name Taylor Caniff......


1. The Start

Emma: Hi, I am Emma and I love to play soccer and softball. I’ve been playing since I was three. I have two dogs, one named Maisy and the other named Natalie. I have two sisters one who is 16 and the other is 5. There names are Kacey and Madison. They both are annoying. I also have a baby brother named Tanner and he is my life. Well that is me and kik me sometime: Emma 1654. Also I am a blonde. And since Paige said I don’t put her in my bios well here she is and yeah she is my best buddy. Stay fierce! Taylor: I am the captain of the baseball team and I love my team. I am single and have a crush on this girl. She takes my heart away. Anyway I have a brother named Max and a sister named Talia. I am chill and cool bye. Her name also is Emma, hopefully she doesn’t read this. Zach is the main. Zach: My best friend is Taylor we’ve been friends since we were in diapers. I miss my hometown Texas but now I moved here, not telling you I don’t want any stalkers. I play baseball and love to hang with my teammates. They help me through everything. Well that is it, bye. Paige: I am Emma’s bff and she probably didn’t put me in her bio bc she is the opposite brain of an elephant and forgets everything. Well yeah I am single and the only child. I like this kid but I ain’t telling who. Peace!
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