Taylor Caniff

This is a story about and girl name Emma and she has a crush on this guy name Taylor Caniff......


9. Chapter 9

Taylor’s P.O.V I learned more about my baby today and boy was i happy. The only bad thing was about her ex and I swear if John ruins our relationship he will get beat up bad as hell. As soon as I got home I saw an unknown number texted me. Unknown #: Hey stay away from Emma I know I made a mistake but she’s still mine so back the fuck away from her.. Me: Look you dumbass John dude Idgaf what you think about me and Emma because you had your chance and now it’s over so have a great life. John: I bet you wish you didn’t say that let’s just say you might not want to take an eye off your pretty little Emma for a while. Me: Wtf?! John: Lol have a great life without her. ~ I ran to Emma’s house and knocked on her door but she didn’t answer. When I ran up to her room I saw John holding her with knife up to her neck. God was I scared. “ Leave her alone!” I yelled. “ Make me, I can always kill her by the next move you make!” he yelled. Right before I knew it he started to kiss Emma on her neck. I wanted to just fucking push him in a ditch after he did that but I knew I couldn’t make a move. Emma was crying her eyes out but then finally she elbowed him in his abs. He let go of her and she ran to me. I told her to back off for a minute while I got to beat John up. After I put him out the house, I made sure Emma was okay and that she didn’t have any bleeds or cuts anywhere and gladly she didn’t. She just had a hickey. I was so glad that she was ok. I cleaned her up and took her to bed. I told her I would stay with her since no one else was home and she said ok. I was just so happy that i had her right beside me and she wasn’t kidnapped. Emma’s P.O.V I heard someone knock on the door and I figured it was Taylor but I was wrong again, it was John. He held me down with a knife and texted Taylor to tell him not to let me out of his sight. When Taylor came I was so happy that I saw safe and I had someone to rescue me and keep me safe. Once I got away from John I went to Taylor and he beat John up. I knew after that I was finally safe and didn’t have to deal with that crap anymore. Taylor stayed with me and I felt safe in his presence. I knew he was the perfect guy. Taylor’s P.O.V I woke up next to Emma, she was so perfect when she slept. I got up and went downstairs to watch Spongebob. I guessed I was singing the theme song too loud because she woke up. “ What are you doing?” she asked. “ Nothing just singing with Spongebob.” I told her. “ Oh, okay what do you want to do today?” “ I don’t care watever you want to do,” I told her. “ Let’s go to Carowinds.” she said. “ Sure, when do you want to go?” “ Whenever you want to,” she told me. “ Okay let’s go when we get ready,” I told her. After 2 hours she was finally ready. It takes girl forever to get ready. When she was finally done, we left. When we were in the car we listened to No New Friends. All the way there she was singing that song. I was so happy to be with a girl like her. We finally got there and we went on a ton of water rides, because Emma likes the water rides. We finally came to my favorite ride which was the Rugrats one. I took her on it and the elephant splashed us. It was so funny when Emma jumped, she looked so cute. The ride finally ended and we were soaked. We were hungry so we went to Chick Fil A to eat. I got the chicken sandwich and she got the chicken nuggets. “ I am so tired,” she complained to me. “ Ready to go home?” I asked her. “ Yeah lets go,” she replied. We got in the car and drove back to my house. She stayed the night with me and I wanted to take her somewhere special tomorrow. We cuddled up and went to sleep . We would have a very busy day tomorrow. -Imma stop here for this story and start on a new one Bye.-
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